Lord Sugar


Time to recunt Lord Sugar

Cunt is seeing trying a back peddle now saying he is quitting the labour party.

Because they didn’t win? Realised the only cunt possibly bigger than any cunt in the party could be you – who would be responsible for the contribution its demise in the first place.

Fuck off you obnoxious tiring cunt.

Nominated by: King Cunt

7 thoughts on “Lord Sugar

  1. Lordie Alan Sugar always reminds me of two songs: ‘Money Makes The World Go Around’ sung by Cabaret actress Liza Minnelli and ‘Money Money Money’ sung by pop group ABBA.

    Make of that what you will.

    Alan Sugar makes nothing and creates nothing. He just sells other peoples stuff. A clever, but greedy cunt ideas sales middleman that knows there is money to be made off the back of real hard working innovators creators. His weakness is coveting too many pies, but give him credit he knows when it is time to quit, and move on when his exploitation of a particular band wagon results in spectacular personal money loss.

    Take, for instance, his wanting a piece of the action (money) in Premier League Football. (He was chairman and money making entrepreneur for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club from 1991 to 2001. He said: “For the good of the game – a game that entertains so many people – a game that people look forward to, that’s part of their lives, there needs to be some very, very big actions taken. Football needs a dose of hard business reality.” So he unveiled a five-point plan – a business blueprint to save English football! What he didn’t know you can’t use a football club’s star players to special brand them to change how footballers go about earning their dosh or change how they actually play their football. All the Tottenham fans wanted was an injection investment of Alan Sugar money to buy the best players to give them success. Little did they know Alan Sugar was there only to take of any success, not give to achieve it.

    Another thing. In 2005, Lordie Sugar debuted as Donald Trump’s British counterpart in BBC’s edition of The Apprentice reality series.

    What is not known Donald Trump syndicated HIS American Apprentice creation to the BBC for Sugar cash. Therefore Lordie Sugar found a way to join yet another successful band wagon, re-brand it in his image and take money off the back of Trump’s idea.

    I don’t know how he got into the House of Lords, maybe off the back of his knighthood for business enterprise, that and being pally with Gordon Brown, with an agenda to help businesses and entrepreneurs cut through the government red tape of license and permits which often personally hampered him to free reign in any band wagon business he joined to take and make money.

    Want a cunt.

    • The only song I hear when I see ‘Lord’ Sugar is, ‘I’m A Wanker’ by Chubby Brown.

  2. Lord Sugar…. Horrible, rapacious, unethical, parasitic, bullshitting, slimy, backstabbing, Tottingham cunt…

  3. I was in the consumer electronics servicing trade for many years. One shop I worked in had a skip out back that was referred to as the “Amstrad Depository” due to it being full of written off Amstrad VCRs, TVs and music systems (can’t call them Hi-Fi’s, tinny as fuck).

  4. Like Mr Bastard I worked in the electronics industry, in my case from ’62 to 2002. I saw the barrow boy coming, and by fuck he is always and always will be a barrow boy. He sold himself as an “Electronics Expert” in one episode of the apprentice. If he could recite Ohms law I’ll eat the end of my knob! Very clever man though, hides his exploitative derivative bullying behind a welter of “experts” who are really just arse lickers. Doh!

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