Black Sabbath


Black Sabbath are cunts… Well at least two of them are…

Don’t get me wrong. The self titled debut, Paranoid and Black Sabbath Volume 4 are great.

But it has come to Ozzy and Bill Ward bitching and slanging in a way that resembles a Guardian comments column… Maybe Bill has some sort of case? Maybe Ozzy is having his strings pulled by the revolting Sharon Osbourne? It’s just sad to see a band of their stature and men of their age doing something similar to what happened when Robbie Williams got sacked (the first time!) from Take That…

Nominated by: Norman

5 thoughts on “Black Sabbath

  1. Why don’t these OAP Black Sabbath twats retire or semi-retire gracefully and let their music creations do the all the talking? I may be wrong, but I suspect any recent bickering between Ozzy and Bill was really about sharing future royalty earnings.

    • Tony Iommi is a shit hot guitarist particularly given that he lost the end of two of his fingers in an accident. Last I heard he was dying of leukaemia but seems to be hanging on. Their last album – 13 – was particularly good probably because Iommi thought it would be his last and played his bollocks off!

      • 13 was a good album, I agree… I saw the Dio era Sabbath the last time they toured before Ronnie’s death…. They were excellent, but they had to tour under the name Heaven & Hell because Sharon Osbourne spat her dummy out about them using the name Black Sabbath… I think it’s fair to say that,like her dad, Sharon Arden is a cunt…

      • If anything needs retiring, its Sharon Osbourne, preferably with a bullet through her empty head.

  2. I’m tempted to see Sabbath on their ‘The End’ tour… Seen the Dio-era line-up but never the Ozzy fronted Sabbath.. Mind you, this might not be the last tour… Iommi is now recovering from his terrible illness (nice one, Tony) and Ozzy might do another tour to pay for his divorce from the horrible Sharon….

    Got my tickets for Bad Company too… Rodgers is still ‘the voice…’

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