Mohammed Khubaib


I’d like to cunt Mohammed Khubaib – guilty of sex offences on little girls.

He raped the 14-year-old girl in August 2007 by forcing her to perform oral sex on him after she was given alcohol and then “rewarded” with £5, the court heard. He has have also been convicted of no less than nine trafficking offences in relation to under-age girls who you were deliberately plying with vodka so that you could take advantage of them, knowing they “craved vodka” so you could exploit them sexually. says Judge Peter Rook.

Hold a sec. Mr Rook but since when do little girls crave vodka? More proof that these judges are nonces as well, the shit some of these judges say is unbelievable “His conviction brings the total number of people to be convicted under Operation Erle to 10, of which five are of Pakistani origin.” And there you have it, Islamic cunts love abusing children but don’t worry, Allah and Mohammad says its perfectly fine and normal behavior.

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7 thoughts on “Mohammed Khubaib

  1. As far as I’m concerned Khubaib is an alien life form excrement turd that ascended from the muslim sewer. Flush the cunt back down the toilet.

  2. Hypochondriacs deserve a good cunting.

    I am not talking about those messed up hypochondriacs that need psychiatric examination. I am talking about them fucking feckless depressives with irrelevant superficial little ailments that clog up GP surgeries and hospital A&E departments.

    Oh darling child son has a slight cough and bit of a fever temperature, I must see a doctor NOW. Doc…I’m so down and feel depressed and anxious…please help me. Oh…my tummy is rumbling and it hurts a bit – I may have a cancer tumour, I must rush to A&E NOW. Got a bee sting? Got an ankle sprain? Had a little accident and cut your finger requiring a dab of disinfectant and a plaster? Oh dear I must see a doctor NOW. I paid my national insurance, why should I pay 25p for a pack of supermarket aspirin to cure my head cold…I’m going to visit the doctor at the surgery and get some free prescription medicine.

    Wishful thinking…If I was a NHS doctor I would tell these cunt hypochondriacs to stop wasting tax payers money and fuck off. There is nothing wrong with you.

    On those rare occasions I myself get a cough, muscle aches, a stuffed or running nose I know it is cold or flu symptoms. No big deal. It’s all down to the vagrancies of the British weather, my life style or maybe germs from other people in the air and on surfaces. Cheap doses of lemon/ honey and/or a 3p paracetamol/aspirin tablet will quickly cure me. I am a chef by trade, but having such symptoms won’t stop me going to work either. (No worries people, I know what needs to be done to stop me or others cross contaminating any food in my kitchen work place).

  3. I am at my wit’s end to fathom how or why this thread has been derailed so soon in it’s short life when it is so relevent, so powerful and so not about hypochondriacs.

    • That’s Is a Cunt for you , derailing threads and posts faster then any website out there we take great pride in that but we shouldn’t though, and Entopy did when he muttered on about Hypochondriacs clearly someones had a bad time at the hospital.

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