Dave the Internet Troll


I do apologise for our David’s behaviour. He really is an utter cunt. Takes after his father unfortunately.

David’s never been the sharpest tool in the shed. He’s always been what you would call a “problem child” very rude and disobedient from a very young age with a very strange obsession with disabled toilets. He’s never sparkled in the love department either having only one boyfriend as far as I can remember. That was a disaster as well. I remember the first time he brought Benjamin home and they went straight to David’s room. I could over hear their love talk quite clearly. Benjamin said “ooh Davy, I want you to show me something 8″ long, rock hard and full of spunk !

So Dave pulled a sock out from under his bed. It had been there for fucking months, I should know, its me what has to change his soiled sheets every week.

Nominated by: Dave’s Mum

20 thoughts on “Dave the Internet Troll

  1. Well said.

    He is lower than the pond scum that travel on the bus. Calling him a cunt is far too good for him.

  2. Poor Dave (for it is he) is the lowest form of wretched humanity. Substitute ‘disabled toilet’ for wit and you gain insight into a very troubled mind. And let’s be frank, the lad has an IQ which would worry a moron. Sad, pathetic and forever alone, poor Dave is doomed and destined to forever inhabit the disabled toilet of his tortured and diseased mind. Arse.

  3. I dunno. Dave provided the community with an insight into the mind of a 14 year old troll, for his persistence in irritating the shit out of everyone, he deserves being cunted to death

  4. The sad little bellend probably only did it so he could get a good cunting… Anyone who was as persistent and prolific at trolling as he was must really crave attention… Very predictable though (all the usual social media buzzwords: ‘vile’ etc. And the superiority kick was laughable). And threatening to tell the dibble was also a joke and very foolish on his part (Nobody – and I mean nobody – likes a copper’s nark!) The little fucker should have been drowned at birth…

  5. I heard Meghan Trainor on the radio today and found myself having a good old chuckle. If only she knew she’s the most cunted person ever. Quite a privilege doncha think, even if it is for all the wrong reasons.

  6. I have to admire Dave, he had the courage of his convictions, and took up opposition against those he despised. He could have chosen anyone, like the jihadists who kill or behead people that have opposing opinions to them, the russians who are secretly overthrowing the ukranians (and possibly shot down a Maylasian aircraft) , the turkish government who have just arrested some journalists as spies, the people who decided to impose sharia law in the east end of London (the list goes on), but no, he righteously decides that taking on people who post slightly controversial views of people in public view is the best use of his mighty intellect and heightened sense of moral justice. Not only that, but he bottled it when the tables were turned. What a fucking cunt!

  7. No sense of moral justice, just a spotty, lonely schoolboy who has failed to graduate from wank mags and has most likely been banned off every LAN party, filling in the days to satisfy his overwhelming ennui

      • I’m going to bleat about how the mods on this swamp have decided to change my comments!

        I have proven once again my utter pathetic nature on this site and that I am a cretin that lives in the shadows here.

  8. A happy new year to Dave who seems to have had a change of name to Ken having discovered that Dave can’t post comments. Nice try Dave/Ken but you forgot to change your IP address so we know it’s you…

    Just another cunt with an iPad – except this one is in Romford.

  9. Dave/Ken/Tosspot is now known all over the web as a grass, a squealer, a coppers nark. Actually letting it be known that he claimed to blab to the dibble over a website (whether the little fuckwit did it or not!) was a bloody stupid thing to do… Nobody likes a grass…. Marked….

  10. A member of the dark web? Someone who obviously uses multiple names to spout his keyboard warrior crap (real fearless web overlord shit, that!), and (the fly on top of the dog turd) Romford? It is so laughable…. Romford, eh? Next time any Mcr reds (or blues for that matter) are down for a game in the smoke, we could have a little fun with this spunk stained troll… See how he likes it…

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