Amateur Aid Workers

British man Alan Henning, currently held hostage by Isis

Stupid, selfish, holier-than-though do-gooders who end up having their heads cut off in the Middle East need an apocalyptic cunting.

Constant warnings from organisations and governments for people not from these places who end up sticking their fucking noses in to stay the fuck away just aren’t enough for these pricks.

While their friends and family are wringing their hands daily over the stress of the announcement Jihadi John is standing over their loved ones headless corpses on Youtube, the likes of these ridiculous cunts who have spent their earlier years back-packing through Inuit country to find themselves feel duty bound to sit next to legless bomb victims and present a furrowed brow as if that will change the world. Worst thing is when the last sentence on the news report is ‘He leaves behind a wife and 4 children under 10’!!!

Fucking stay at home and be a responsible adult you fucking selfish super cunts!!!

Nominated by: Cunt O’MaCunto

24 thoughts on “Amateur Aid Workers

  1. Drug Mules on death row

    These cunts are in the same bag as the Amateaur Aid Worker. Why is it, that when someone shoves their arse with Heroin and then gets caught, or some fuckwit backpacker is busted with 75 Kg of Ice in China and will now face death row – that we need to now feel for them, or our money is spent to get them out of the shit?

    Fuck them.

  2. Too right. Then the same cunts who constantly bemoan the military, want some poor fuckers to risk their lives rescuing the stupid cunt. Fuck em.

  3. Roll these cunts up in the same body bag as “Do Gooders”, a vintage Dioclese post if memory serves. Want to spread ebola, the black death or tertiary syphilis at wild fire speed? Let in these amateur tossers who tread where the pros (quite sensibly) decline to go. It can cost vast sums orf money to get the jaspers out orf the shite. Also HMG and the yanks (quite sensibly) decline to pay ransom for the ego tripping torture tourists.
    But then where would the ghoul community be without the youtube video? By the way think it is awfully bad form that the actual moment orf beheading – car wash orf blood, eyes rolling up, jihaddi john’s erection – is taken down so soon after posting.

    • Clearly your memory is better than mine Sir Limply – but I’ll take your word for it as the jet lag is completely fucking me at the moment. Perhaps I should give it a good cunting?…

  4. Lets be frank. Most of the world is a pox ridden shithole. Tis why every cunt wants to live in the ‘West’. As for ebola and all the hysterics, more folk die of flu. As long as the endemic stays with the ‘Dark Folk’ who gives a shit?

  5. Its a typical issue with the Western world. Notice how the Russians and the Chinese refrain from buggering about when it comes to meddling with international affairs. (Unless of course there is a profit to be made in it, as evidenced by the “investment” the Chinese are making in Africa… )
    The trouble with the UK in particular, is that there is a belief that we are still the dirigent of the developing world, fueled by guilt over the exploitation of the 3rd world in the days of our “glorious empire” and an overdose of Christianity to boot. Not to mention our meddling in the middle east, which led to the growth of Al_Quaeda and ISIL.
    The only real answer is to take the passports off these crusaders for their own good.

  6. Guilt? Call me a disabled toilet and I may feel many things but guilt is certainly not one orf them. Speak as an old India hand. Done me time in the shite hole orf the world. Memories orf the brown skinned bretheren lining up with their arses ready to be buggered by the British. Top hole sir isn’tit. Corrupt cunts.
    Anyway they have the Russians now as the new imperialists. Whole cuntry crawling with the russkies. Flogging their crap armaments and nuclear Armageddon power stations. Good luck India. Thank the Christ we are down wind of the melt down.

      • Used to work as a designer for an advertising agency, had a number of charities as our clients. The format of the ad material was always based on wringing money out of the population by making them feel guilty that they had a great life when the 3rd world had bugger all.
        It doesn’t work as well now, simply because the UK is sliding slowly into 3rd world conditions ( food banks etc), people are also more hard-arsed these days.
        As far as Muslim extremists like ISIL go, they all deserve an epidemic of Ebola

      • Interesting line orf work Lez. Used to do a spot orf seminar work for certain charities in me military capacity. Help For Heroes, Red Cross ect. Help them hone their campaigns to screw the familiar £3 donation out orf punters. In that line most orf the regular donors had a military connection. Many is the time I have sat in on calls listening to some spotty student tosser trying to tease the old elusive out orf some old war widow gasping with emphysema or the worried mother orf a lad currently serving. They try and help, by God they do, sometimes in tears that they cannot afford more, desperately trying to work out a way to raid their pension or benefit.
        There is a massive disconnect between the agencies and the people that fund their salaries and organisations. This endless recession has put the screws on the average punter so there is no money left, no disposable, available to go into the collecting tin. Yet still the roundabout orf appeals goes on oblivious to the reality that people can no longer afford to give. “Give just three pounds to save a child’s sight. Thank you.”

        Same old fucking script. In fact I originally wrote some orf it. Fuck orf. Thank you.

  7. True, Lez. It doesn’t work these days… There is enough shit and trouble for people who live here… People have to wait over a month to see a GP. They have to put up with Little Hitler/God’s Gift medical centre receptionists. Job Centres treat anyone who has lost their job like they are criminals on probation. And there are cunts like Geldof and all these other do-gooding twats telling people to dig deep for ebola?! Fuck that…

  8. Terry Richardson is a cunt…
    This so-called top photographer is a creep, a pervo, a predator and a right dirty bastard…

  9. Terry Richardson is a perv of the highest magnitude Norman. I’d forgive him that if it were not for the fact that his work is so bland and tasteless, beating even that uber-cunt Martin Parr for talentless shite.

  10. Richardson is also such an ugly cunt… He looks like a weirdo (like a creepier version of DJ, Steve Wright), and he wouldn’t have hope in hell of a fuck or BJ if these young models didn’t feel obliged to oblige him in order to make it in the industry…

  11. And yet Richardson seems untouchable… There have been more than enough complaints about him for it all to be taken seriously. But it appears that the fashion world (and the law) aren’t bothered… Richardson is the Jimmy Savile of the fashion industry: too well connected, plenty of people to cover for him, and fingers in lots of pies (quite literally, the dirty fucker!)….

  12. O’ Connor is such a twat… Sang the praises of the IRA for years. Not been musically relevant for years either (if ever!). Yet she gets on the Band Aid download (it is not a single/record/45) because she crawls around Geldof’s arse… She has always thrived on controversy instead of relying on talent. Among her many pearls was when she said, ‘Hitler wasn’t a bad person. He was just a very fucked up person.’ Plenty of people are fucked up. But they don’t murder en masse, you silly twisted Catholic bald cunt…

    I remember she was on a TV show in 1990. I was there with the Happy Mondays (I used to help them with the amps and all that). O’Connor was being a self righteous, miserable and pompous pain in the arse. Shaun Ryder told her she needed a good shagging to cheer herself up and that she was on a permanent period… Good to see she hasn’t changed…

  13. David Lo Pan is a cunt!! I mean, 2000 years and he can’t find one girl with green eyes?!

    Fucking lackadaisical cunt.

    • Indeed. I have been out with four green eyed girls in my time… Although I must say I have a weakness for brown eyed ladies…

  14. This is true, when did the Taliban ever sign up to the so called Geneva convention? When did any Muslim extremist ever show pity or compassion to any captured serviceman, civilians, journalists, aid workers or indeed anyone who fails to subscribe to their perverted dark ages beliefs?
    The killing of one of these religious psychopaths gives me no cause to shed any tears.

  15. I laugh my tits off every time one of these do gooding shitcunts gets killed or held fuck em in the eye!

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