Dead Pool [16]


* * * * WE HAVE A WINNER! * * * *
Congratulations to The Grim Cunter who successfully predicted that from shirt lifting Limp Dump Jeremy Thorpe would be shuffling off the old mortal whilst I was sojourning in Nuzzieland! Sorry for the delay in posting the new pool, but a holiday is a holiday and those of you who know me will know that the PC stays at home when I’m away.

Well done Cunter, old son. Good to have a fresh face on the winners podium.

So the slate has been wiped clean and everyone gets to pick a new ‘dead cunt walking’ as we move on to The Dead Pool 16. Here’s the rules :

1. Nominate who you think is next on the way out.
You can have a maximum of five cunts each. Leave names in the Comments.

2. You win if your Cunt dies first.
Then the slate is wiped clean and we start again. Of course, you can always be a cunt and steal someone else’s dead cunt candidate from the last Dead Pool.

Any cunt who tries to cheat by nominating the World’s Oldest Man or Woman is a cunt and will be ignored. Any anonymous cunt who can’t be bothered to make up a name for themselves will also be ignored. Oh, and the usual “Our Blog Our Rules” thing applies.

89 thoughts on “Dead Pool [16]

  1. I head old Demis was a bit of a sex symbol in the 70s (?!?)… I suppose it was the Herb Alpert syndrome… As Gene Hunt said:’ Women love it (Alpert). It reminds them of being poked behind a substation in Torremolinos.” The same thing probably applied to female holidaymakers in Corfu and the music of Demis… It’s a pretty good epitaph actually….

    • It was the voice and lush arrangements that the fillies loved, not the fat grease ball cunt himself Norman. The whole romantic Greek Island thing long before Mama Mia. Got the nation going to Greek restaurants and drinking cheap supermarket retsina and stuffed vine leaves then waking up with a hangover that is unique to that donkey piss.
      Was known as “The Phenomenon” in his day. A phenomenal fat Greek cunt. Was cunted by yours truly many romantic Greek moons ago. Had assumed he had already departed to Hades and actually the cunt was a lot younger than I thought he was (68). Here is the classic scene and ultimate piss take from Abigail’s Party:

      • In that clip Alison Steadman reminds me of a woman in our street who got my dad to fix her car… While the old man was outside under the bonnet, I was inside giving our then neighbour a quick repair job…. She was a proper goer, but she wasn’t into Demis…. She was actually a Rod Stewart fan..

  2. Looks like Brian Blessed might be worth a punt if any cunters haven’t used up their quota of five.

  3. Louis Jordan (Gigi ect) c’est morte. Bugger this spell check. Had monsewer le cuntair as a regular over a good few pools. Buggair.

  4. Here’s mine:

    1: Clive James
    2: Warren Mitchell
    3: Denis Nordern
    4: Denis Healey
    5: Doris Day

    • You had William Schatner for a good few pools I think Fred. No longer fancy him as a running mate for Nimoy?

      • Never had Shatner, Sir Limply.

        Mind you, I’ve heard some rumours about Kate Moss that almost tempted me to nominate her in place of Doris Day.

      • Oi, Fred West, I wanted Denis Healey back … and we did actually start negotiating a Healey/Doris Day Cold War-style hostage swap upthread.

        Looks like I miss out again, so it’s going to be:

        Fidel Castro
        Ruth Rendell
        Stephen Hawking
        Dick Van Dyke
        Mel Brooks

  5. Loved the original Star Trek when I was a lad… Fuck that Next Generation and Deep Space Nine shite… No Kirk,Spock or Bones, no show….

    Another five:

    Tommy Docherty (wish he was still United manager though)
    Chuck Berry
    Queen Elizabeth II
    Sepp Blatter (hopefully dead before 2022… The bent bastard!)
    Gene Hackman

  6. Felt a twinge of sadness there, having metaphorically grown up with Star tTek
    Cunt O.Macunto had Nimoy, I thought I’d picked William Shatbag Kirk, bit I had not…
    So If it isn’t treading on anyone’s cunts. I would choose:

    Gracie Fields
    Patrick McNee
    BB King
    Chuck Berry
    Jihadi John (Mohammed Emwazi) (Inshallah I hope)

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