Cilla Black [2]

Cilla 2

Reports of scarse scrubber and Livverpoool luvvy Cilla Black being completely deaf. Explains much. Add to that completely tone deaf. Never found our Cilla a lorra lorra laffs. Back in her heyday me old mellow valve wireless could never do much with her excoriating upper register. Bugger knows how the old cow has managed to build a vastly lucrative career on a two note range, one sharp and one flat, while almost single handedly destroying any fond memories of the Livverpoool sound.

Only saving grace is she is now too knackered to appear ont telly any more with those crap Livverpoool lafia alleged comedians like Jimmy Tarbuck who are now mostly dead or awaiting a trial date for having been caught with a hand oop ar kids arse. Little home remedy tip. If afflicted by a build up orf ear wax try playing “You’re my World” full blast. That’ll clear it.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

8 thoughts on “Cilla Black [2]

    • Particularly loved the way that when they made a TV biopic about her, the actress was rated higher than the real thing in the singing stakes…

  1. She’s now become a full-time fag-hag to the likes of Paul O’Grady and Dale Winton.
    Mind you, O’Grady is known for wanting to find a home for sick, unwanted dogs…

  2. I doubt even O’Grady could find a home for that old dog, kindest thing would be to put it out of our collective misery.

  3. I nominate Alex Salmond, former First Minister of Scuntland:

    Instead of cunting his barren wife he cunted Scuntland instead and when the cunt didn’t get the result he wanted he fucked off and left another proper cunt in charge.

  4. Nude fakes of Cilla? It’s as bad as those sick cunts who do fakes of Angela Merkel… There are some weird cunts out there…

    Cilla is a professional Scouser (a la Tarby, Doddy and all those other cunts who won’t set foot in the fucking place!) and she is the only person who can sing flat and sharp at the same time..

    Darts needs a massive cunting… When I was a lad it was a man’s game: with fellahs just drinking beer and playing darts… Now even this has been americanized and turned into a tacky spectacle… All these cunts in fancy dress with the ridiculous stunts and other bullshit… The darts fan is now one of the biggest breed of cunts… And darts player, Peter Wright, is a gargantuan “look at me!” tosspot…

  5. Pretty much like what fooball is turning into, with its overpaid primadonnas and greedy club owners

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