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Nick Clegg is a gargantuan cunt… He is now moaning about how Gideon Osborne’s latest plans won’t work…

If it wasn’t for Clegg dropping his keks and giving the Conservatives his arse, the twat Osborne (and the rest of them) wouldn’t be in a position to make any such plans…

Clegg still believes he (and the disgusting Lib Dems) are still a political party in their own right… The little fucker got into bed with the Tories just so he could be Deputy Prime Minister for a bit…

Any integrity and standing the Lib Dems had (not that they had much anyway!) is shot to fuck, and Clegg is a collaborating, self serving, deluded little cunt…

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. Clegg makes Farage look good…That’s how bad Clegg is…

    Griefjackers (or Grief Monkeys) are cunts… The tragic death of Australian batsman, Phil Hughes, prompted the latest lemming like bout of griefjacking… Cunts en masse actually buying cricket bats just to put them outside as a ‘tribute’ (or be an exhibitionist tosser on social media). The predicament of Fabrice Muamba (who is still with us) also prompted griefjacking on a sickening scale (Even though he wasn’t dead!). Ever since the demise of Lady Di griefjacking has become part of the national psyche… Some celebrity or sportsperson (any celebrity or sportsperson!) passes away and the online freaks and Twitter Twats act like it is Jack Kennedy 1963 all over again… Even JFK didn’t get the outpouring of ‘tributes’ and griefjacking that poor Phil Hughes has had…

    • It seems grief has become a sport now, with people competing to be the most grief stricken, whilst simultaneously creating the most ridiculous tribute to the object of their grief. One thing that always annoys me, and it’s mostly sportsmen who do this, is when they score a goal or a run, and then they look up to sky and point. ‘That one’s for you’. Dicks.

      • Like that bluenose cunt, Frank Lampard… My old lady died of cancer, but I don’t point to the sky like some mawkish, deranged prick…

    • I blame Twitter (again) – Twitter has faciliated grief contests for attention-whores: “look how deeply grief-stricken I can appear to be in 140 characters or less”.

      Of course, the uber cunt Stephen Fry is the master of this. The only grief-stricken tweet I am anxious to read is the one announcing that Fry has topped himself.

    • The same when Lynda bellingham curled her toes up. You’d think the fucking queen had died. She was off the radar for ages then all of a sudden she snuffs it and its headline news stating how great an actress she was and what a wonderful person. Then her husband makes some bullshit speach. He says the public reaction to her death has taken him by surprise: “I knew she was loved. I just never realised how much. There’s never been such a response since lady Di died “. FUCK OFF !

      • What he meant was: “I didn’t realise Twitter was full of so many grief tourists who write any old crap about people they didn’t actually know or care about…”

        There’s worse to come though. Acknowledging “public requests” (ie a Facebook / Twitter / tabloid campaign or some such bullshit), Oxo are repeating their Linda B adverts on Xmas Day. They should be cunted for that.

      • Although I’m sorry for her death, I wish her husband would fuck off. For a week after she died, he was in the Daily Mail every day telling everyone how grief stricken he was. Last week he was there again, telling us how he was thinking of fucking off to Dubai because he couldn’t bear the thought of Christmas without her.

        Mate, you’re not the only person to lose a loved one. Yes it’s difficult. Telling the whole fucking world won’t make it easier. Although the money the DM paid per story might help.

  2. Excellent cunting Norman. I actually find Vince Cable to be even worse than Clegg. When the Tories and Lib Dems were negotiating to form a coalition back in 2010, it was Cable who led the Lib Dems in those negotiations. And the squinty eyed, nasal whine voiced, cock has done nothing but whinge ever since. He once even boasted about being able to destroy the coalition with his ‘nuclear option’, though he didn’t mention what it actually was. Not that it mattered, because it turned out to be a lie.

    The one incident that, for me at least, showed what a bunch lying, duplicitous, back stabbing, opportunistic cock suckers the Lib Dems are, was the agreement on boundary change. Since Blair made changes to constituency boundaries, Labour have had an unfair advantage in that they need less votes than the Tories to win an election.

    The Tories sought to redress this imbalance by changing the boundaries. Not being a majority government though, they required the support of the Lib Dems. So, an agreement was made in which the Lib Dems would support boundary change in return for the Tories supporting a referendum on AV. The Tories agreed to this. Their mistake was in agreeing to the Lib Dems demand for the referendum to be held as soon as possible.

    As we all know, the vast majority of us voters duly told Clegg where to shove AV. So, possibly in a fit of pique, but mostly because they’re cunts, the Lib Dems then reneged on the agreement to support boundary change. Not only that, but Clegg actually had the audacity to blame their treachery on the Tories, for failing to support the Limp Dicks on an issue that wasn’t even part of the agreement.

    Happily, it’s looking like the Lib Dems will be all but wiped out at the general election. Unhappily, we’re faced with the prospect of a Labour government in coalition with SNP. I’ve always considered the SNP to be anti-English and, therefore, racist. Particularly that fat, smug, grinning bell end, Salmond. I dunno, politics is fucked.

  3. I wonder what David Lloyd George would think of Clegg (and Cable)?
    The SNP are anti-English. They’ll probably team up with Sinn Fein….

    • That wouldn’t surprise me. Still, if they have a joint Christmas party, they could always get Sinn Fein’s new recruit, Sinead O’Connor, to provide the entertainment. Taken her a while to join the Adams family. I remember that slag professing her provo leanings back in the early nineties.

  4. Cirque du soleil. What a bunch of pointless cunts they are. Founded by a French street mime artist, need I say more about the absolute cuntitude that oozes from every pore of their being.

    Someone really needs to tell them that circus acts died out and became about as interesting as the world championship paint drying finale around the same time that the Atari game consoles appeared on the market.

    The latest offering from this bunch of complete losers is in fact called ‘Kooza’, ironic really because phonetically speaking this is the Danish word for CUNT!

    Check out the pretentious bollocks on the website “combining two circus traditions – acrobatic performance and clowning”.

    These just happen to be two of my least favourite things on the planet. Way up there with being shot at by ragheads and gastric flu.

    Anyone, and I mean anyone who thinks that performing feats of juggling or other circus bullshit in a public place should be beaten to death with their juggling clubs or fucking unicycle.

    You know who you are……CUNTS!!!!

    • Unfortunately not the only overpaid French Canadian flying cunts out there. So many about because “cirque” is promoted as a unique Quebecois art form and lavished with dollars. Circus universities for God’s sake. For sheer pretentious twaddle Cirque Eloise take some beating. For fuck’s sake bring on the clowns:

      And remember that French Canadians hate the English.

      • Mind you if you get that far the filly in the red dress is worth a spot orf entente cordial.

      • Sorry Sir Limpy, I only scanned through it as the pretentiousness of it made me want to stick my fist through the monitor.

        Circus should have died a death along with TB and rickets.

      • They should put these planks on the same bill as circus tigers: that haven’t been well fed for a week,,,

      • The thing is both TB and rickets are making a comeback in the UK, so maybe there’s a place for the circus now after all.

        And let’s not even talk about freak shows; with the Tories (and their cunt enablers I the LibDems) pursuing their vendetta against the disabled there may be a time when the only career open to disabled folk will be earning two bits a gander in a sideshow…

        Tory cunts.

  5. Clegg was born with a major life threatening disease, Absentia Columna Vertebralis (ACV). This condition has led to Clegg being likened to a furless capybara with HIV/AIDS (although this comparison is opposed by the League for the Advancement of Furless Capybaras), as well as Leukemia and other illnesses that make you weak and feeble. The lack of backbone causes Nick Clegg to quiver and shake like a pathetic little child about to be molested by his or her “Uncle” Barry. This quivering also has psychological effects; Clegg’s lack of back support lends him great empathy for those in need of support, and so he supports anything even if he doesn’t believe in it. For example Clegg betrayed his small band of supporters by being a complete and total twat and leeching from the Conservatives.

    One advantage of lacking a spine means Clegg can hide in very confined spaces. Clegg also suffers from another birth defect in which he appears to be wrinkly scrotum with a phallus located on his head earning him the nick names: Dick Clegg, Dickhead Clegg, Nick the Dick.

    • p.s. Yes Dick Clegg also sleeps with David every night. Once upon a time back in his Student days he bedded 35 men selected using STV out of 1000 possible candidates.

      “Go put the kettle on, Clegg.”
      – David Cameron

  6. With panto season upon us, who better to cunt than Christopher Biggins?

    I mean what the actual fuck is this fat cunt actually famous for? Bit-part in Porridge, bit-part in I Claudius, bit-part (non-speaking) in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Can anyone remember anything else? Thought not. Now the cunt is wheeled out like a fucking “national treasure” (previously cunted) at every opportunity, famous for being famous rather than for any actual artistic endeavour. Absolutely the worst kind of luvvie who seems to be at parties more often than he’s actually working. Hang the cunt.

  7. Biggins always reminded me of a bigger Timmy Mallet (another OTT cunt!)…
    On the subject of pantomime, I saw something in townthe other day… It was a poster advertising a panto in Manchester. The said pantomime stars both Warwick Davis and Priscilla Presley… Fucking hell… Elvis couldn’t have left her much in his will…

  8. Has Russell Brand been cunted recently?He has been getting on my tit ends with his childish rants and typical adoption of a far left agenda just when his career goes down the shit pan.I`d also like to nominate all the cunts in my university and across the country who look up to this wankstain as some sort of modern day Gandhi:He is not he is just a pox infested unfunny faded actor who`s political views are akin to those of a brain damaged Noam Chomsky (who is also a massive cunt)

  9. More Clegg cunting.
    Just read in Mail’s Ashcroft pout at Cameron that after the 2010 election Clegg was trying to play off Cameron and Brown to see who he’d go in coalition with. Cameron apparently asked David Davis* (who lost to Cameron in the tory leadership) for advice. Davis told Cameron under no circumstances give in on Proportional Representation (PR), saying “better to be out of power for 5 years than the rest of our lives”. PR has always been a Lib-Dem manifesto red line, but what did Clegg do – the cunt settled for an AV (which ain’t PR) referendum.
    And so Clegg fucked the country and his party for 15 minutes of troughing at the top table. And he’s a europhile cunt to boot.
    Nick Clegg, come on down, this another one of your many cuntings.

    *Actually Davis deserves a cunting for this as well. The strange thing is there’s nothing about this (the PR reference, not the cunting) in any of the other dailies or tv news, unlike #piggate. Well they cunts get the politicians and MSM they deserve.

    I’ll have to work on a good cunting for FPTP.

    • Clegg was priceless at the Limp Dump conference : Having lost the election because “he failed to fill the middle ground” he thing they should fight the next one by “trying to fill the middle ground”

      Also seems to think that they will come bouncing back to fill the Labour vacuum.

      Let’s play fantasy politics, eh Nick?

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