Warwick Davis


Why is this bumptious little midget cunt popping up everywhere presenting game shows and the like? Biggest part orf the deformed dwarf is his ego. Oh yes, his arse might skim the pavement and he clearly has no discernable talent other than he’s the perfect size to clean the shite and sanitary pads out orf a blocked khazi from the inside but this does not stop the little cunt giving it more rabbit than Sainsburys. The tiny tosser reckons himself more than somewhat and no other cunt has the moxi to break pc taboo and tell this little cunt to fuck orf and go back to his day job in a dwarf tossing circus.

Calls himself “an actor who just happens to be short” when he means “a midget who just happens to think he’s an actor”. A three star cunt. Married to another midget and guess what? All his kids are deformed midgets as well. Nice one daddy. Think he’s worth another two stars for that. Five star cunt.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Fuck me! The desperate TV Johnnies have revived Celebrity Squares! What the fuck for? It was total shite the first time round! But no – wait a mo! It’s got worse…

There’s some hopeless short-arsed cunt fronting it!

Isn’t this the same cunt that played Marvin the Paranoid Android? He was much better at that…

Nominated by: Dioclese

10 thoughts on “Warwick Davis

  1. Still, that idiot abroad bloke made me laugh when he said doing a trip with Davis was like travelling around with Henry the Hoover.

  2. Is this a wage saving initiative? Does employing a PORG entitle them to pay half the salary?

  3. The human dwarf: Not so much “little people”, but annoying “little shits”. These grotesque pint-size people are a menace on Britain’s High Streets, especially during busy shopping Saturdays. Twice I have been knocked off balance and fell into the gutter because of them.

    These abnormal small stature pygmies can suddenly appear out of nowhere and bump into you. Not accidentally as normal near passing shoppers might, but deliberately. Dwarfs will always pass “under” your held and heavy shopping bag as a short cut, and never duck slightly when they do. Result of which they head butt the bottom of your carried bag and cause a happening waiting for an accident.

    These ugly vertically challenged little shits are only good for disguise as freak characters in the TV or Film entertainment. Where they are mostly to be seen. For example, Oompa-Loompa midgets on Willy Wonka horror films, Teletubby dwarfs on La-La Land monster films and plastic robots on ET Aliens fantasy films. Hollywood America have the best freak disguise dwarfs. Their little midget shits appear on movies as fairy-gay Smurfs, phone-home ETs or superhero artoo-detoo Droids.

    Of course the most famous little shit dwarf in the UK is Warwick Davis. Can be seen appearing on TV as a freak prop on many daft and superficial game shows. He is such a weird looking natural that artificial make-up disguises for his character appearances are never needed.

  4. Aw don’t be too harsh on those little midget cunts. They come in handy for allsorts of things like painting skirting boards, getting under floorboards for those little rewiring jobs and you can lift them up to change light bulbs and also to see if there’s any room on the top deck of a bus. The list is endless plus they make great pets

  5. Besides, they can be trained to go down rabbit holes when the ferret is feeling a bit under the weather. Fitted with a head cam, they are invaluable to a pervert who fancies some upskirt shots, Superb accessories for parking in parent and child parking slots and surely somwhere there are illegal dwarf fighting events that they can be entered for.

  6. I’ll forgive the little cunt for many things simply because he was Willow, but he does look like the kind of prick who has James Cordens number on speed-dial.

  7. Someone should put this pint sized freak in a wheelie bin, seal the lid and throw it off the nearest cliff – the cunt

  8. The little shit is giving Piers Morgan his life story tonight. One and a half cunts for the price of one. Admittedly I did love Willow as a kid, but the vast majority of this short-arse’s kudos is due to the fact he is a dwarf. He is obviously a shrewd self-promoter but once you’ve been on Family Fortunes is fairly obvious that you ain’t very busy…

    Bet he’s gutted he didn’t get into Game of Thrones. Now Peter Dinklage on the other hand… I’d happily have a flagon of mead with him!

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