Warwick Davis


Why is this bumptious little midget cunt popping up everywhere presenting game shows and the like? Biggest part orf the deformed dwarf is his ego. Oh yes, his arse might skim the pavement and he clearly has no discernable talent other than he’s the perfect size to clean the shite and sanitary pads out orf a blocked khazi from the inside but this does not stop the little cunt giving it more rabbit than Sainsburys. The tiny tosser reckons himself more than somewhat and no other cunt has the moxi to break pc taboo and tell this little cunt to fuck orf and go back to his day job in a dwarf tossing circus.

Calls himself “an actor who just happens to be short” when he means “a midget who just happens to think he’s an actor”. A three star cunt. Married to another midget and guess what? All his kids are deformed midgets as well. Nice one daddy. Think he’s worth another two stars for that. Five star cunt.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Fuck me! The desperate TV Johnnies have revived Celebrity Squares! What the fuck for? It was total shite the first time round! But no – wait a mo! It’s got worse…

There’s some hopeless short-arsed cunt fronting it!

Isn’t this the same cunt that played Marvin the Paranoid Android? He was much better at that…

Nominated by: Dioclese