Hippies [2]


I fucking hate hippies. When they take/steal/eat/drink/smoke something that is your’s and you complain to them it’s all “Hey! Don’t be such a breadhead, man!” and “All possession is theft!” and other such bullshit. Then they do the “Hey, it’s only a ten pound note/ a phone bill/ a pack of cigs/ a bottle of beer (and so on…). It isn’t a living thing or real life, dude!”

Then they try the “If it means that much to you, I’ll replace it…” With their whiny emotional blackmail voice in full effect: Hoping that you will say “It’s alright, forget it..” Well, bollocks to that. I came across many of these cunts in my college days (and the bastards never get their round in at the pub!).

Never ever trust a hippy!

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

8 thoughts on “Hippies [2]

  1. Not much different to the benefit tourists who thanks to the EU policies have come flooding into the UK to take advantage of ours swiftly collapsing Social welfare system.

  2. Hippies are tie-dye wearing, work dodging, weed poncing cunts. They should all be put into a hole in the ground and pissed on by anyone who’s ever paid National Insurance…Cunts.

  3. 1967 eh. Memories of crap food, tie dyed loons and hippie shit in me fields. Shagged a few hippie fillies in me time. Summer orf Luv and all. NSU was all the rage then…..non specific urethritus. Took a few years on antibiotics to clear it up as I recall.

    • As yes! The Isle of Wight Festival. Arthur Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Baez. Happy daze!

  4. Not only should they be pissed on, they should be shat on while you’re at it. And they should also get a good fisting at the same time. Pure cunts.

  5. The Archbishop of Canterbury (Justin Welby) is demanding the UK have an ‘open door’ policy for Iraq wogs. No way bot-man!

    This unholy depraved cunt, Welby, with his cock-breath, lips mashed up from 25-a-day cock sucking, and with shit dribbling out of his slack arse-hole ( expanded by double fisting shirt-lifters) is a beast from hell.

    The evil cunt Justin Welby probably wants first dibs on the infant rag-head boys, before MPs and BBC workers can have a poke. The evil sodomite Welby is a minion of Satan. He won’t have to live next door to the wogs – they will be housed among the common people – as he lives in a palace with a harem of rent boys.

    urges Britain to open doors to persecuted Iraqi Christians
    The Most Rev Justin Welby

  6. Fucking hippies, spreading peace as if it was a marmite sandwich. Bugger peace, hippies and marmite sandwiches. Me, I’d burn the lot of them, mix their ashes with marmite and spread it thickly on a piece of toast. Arse.

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