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If I may nominate this BT ad: The face of a cunt!

Hate the fucking jasper in this picture. Why is this cunt staring out of me newspaper at me every sodding day? No idea who the cunt is. Do not care who the cunt is. Only know that the bugger is the personification of a cunt. Little arse lick on the bottom lip. Obviously lower ranks with very little between the ears but accustomed to taking a few big ones up the arse.

In fact recall me old mess sergeant in Burma peddling a little squaddie with a very similar piece of bum at a shilling a poke.

Cunt’s been saluting me arse for weeks now in me khazi. More satisfaction and cheaper than Andrex.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

( This is Gareth Bale. Plays for Spurs but rumoured to be trousering millions to fuck off to Real Madrid. BT confirm he will remain their anchor man even if he takes the move. Ironically, BT won’t be showing him on the pitch if he moves, because the rights to the Spanish League are owned by Sky Sports. How fucking delicious is that? Ed. )

9 thoughts on “BT Sport

  1. Cliff Richard is a cunt (well at least his arse-hole is for gay knobs).

    An his dad Cliff Michelmore (yes – the old cunt is still alive) is even worse.

    Both frequenters of the infamous Elm Guest House (a boy-bumming club).

  2. Would come as no surprise to find out that Cliffy was of the Saville Persuasion. With hits such as Bachelor Boy, Poor Boy and The Young Ones…
    A far bigger Cunt however, is that Condescending, arrogant wanker Jeremy Paxman, whose latest joke is voluntary Euthanasia for the elderly.

    • Yorkie – Cliffy thing yet to be substantiated tho’ it has to be said. Let’s wait and see.

      Paxman reference interesting – I’ll look into that. Euthanasia is something I don’t condone as it’s murder by another name. However, I fully support assisted dying for anyone (not just the elderly) and have expressed my views on the matter at some length over on my blog.

      • I fully support assisted dying, after watching two close relatives die of terminal cancer. What I do object to, is the Liverpool pathway method and arrogant cunts like Paxman, whose tasteless humour thinly disguises his contempt for senior citizens.

      • I agree. My mother died of cancer exactly 12 months ago. While my dad wasted away in 2008. To see both of them suffer was heartbreaking. Paxman thinks he’s clever and that he’s the man. But he’s just a cunt: who is about as funny as Etihad City winning the league title…

  3. Paul Scholes is a cunt….

    Loved him as a player, but Scholes as a pundit is a knobend… Undermining the manager (Louis Van Gaal) after the first home game is the sign of a cunt.

    Just because LVG sacked you off (and that useless cunt, Phil Neville) the United training staff. Don’t be a bitter (ginger) cunt, Scholesy…

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