14 thoughts on “Peter Dawson

  1. Dan, who the fuck is this cunt? Seems a right royal cunt and deserves burning, But looking at his face it seems someone has already been handy with the blow touch.

  2. Classic establishment “you suck my cock I’ll suck yours” type of cunt. Standing ready with his hands deep in his pockets to blackball any cunt “not one orf us”.
    Despise the whole fake “members only” nose in the air superiority and the farts and fags atmosphere of their fucking clubhouses. Pathetic wankers flogging each other dodgy timeshares and fraudulent stock market tips all floating on turds of British class distinction at its worst.
    And before you ask, yes I have been black balled and proud and no, I don’t give a fuck.

    But the whole septic lick arse
    golf club scene run by its arriviste little Hitlers does, in me humble, deserve a rigerous counting.

  3. Reminds me of the bosses where I work. Jumped up little brown nosed cunts who had fuck all and not one GCE between them who sucked cocks just to claim the I’m better than you attitude. Bunch of fucking low life cunts.

  4. I played 18 holes and scored 47. It was at the Duck and Donkey crazy golf course in Skeggy. Beat that you toffee-nosed fannies.

  5. The smug cunt looked down his nose at the idea of The Open returning to Northern Ireland….not capable of hosting it, couldn’t bring in the revenue etc….until the USPGA started mentioning playing at Royal Portrush. Then the wonky faced fucker couldn’t get an announcement made quick enough.

  6. Rory McIlroy is a cunt…. Instead of giving that tennis bird one, he prefers to prod a ball around a field with a stick… And those Santander bank ads are puke inducing too…

    Also parading his trophy around Old Trafford on Saturday… It’s a football ground, not a fucking golf club! Yet another plastic paddy “lifelong Man U fan” cunt…

    The greatest McIlroy in the history of sport was the great Sammy McIlroy:


  7. David Cameron is an arse-faced cunt. The cunt is now talking out of his arse in stereo (high shrill notes from the arse-hole in his face, with sub-woofing from his slack bum hole).

    His latest arse-talk (a nice day for hyphens) is that Britain is to resume bombing Iraq and sending weapons to random “hello snack bar” criers. War is peace, bum-holes are vaginas, etc.

    This cunt Cameron has three policies:

    1. Dispossess the indigenous population (of property, pensions, healthcare, education, family, and freedom).

    2. Flood Britain with wogs and Eastern Block criminals so the filth in parliament, with their portfolios of buy-to-let slums, can pack in the illegal immigrants 10 to a room at £100 each per week (paid for by housing benefit – our tax money) to make even more £millions to put into their tax evasion scams.

    3. Be a puppet of the New World Order psychopaths (using our money to do their bidding) so he gets as big pay off after leaving office like the demonic cunt Blair.

    The UK is a collection of small islands on the fringe of western Europe. We are £1,400,000,000,000 in debt (£1.4 trillion) and have to pay £60 billion a year in debt interest. Most people in full-time work are worse off than they were 10 years ago, and most people under 30 have no hope of buying a home or having a decent pension (and can’t even afford to breed).

    Why the fuck does the arse-faced cunt Cameron not concentrate on the problems and welfare of the UK, instead of farting shit-talk out of his mouth/arse-hole about how we must kill people, who are no threat to us, 1000s of miles away? (I think I answered above)

    Anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes with any MP knows the overriding concern of MPs is self-enrichment. Every last one of the evil cunts would burn a million babies alive for a free meal.

  8. Golf. A stupid cunty “sport” played by stuck up cunts who think they’re better than the rest of us just because they can afford the ludicrously expensive fees charged by their local golf club.

    And golf clubs! What a bastion of all-round cuntitude these are! Just look at the ridiculously complex rules dreamt up by idiots over the last dregs in the claret drug whilst sat on antique furniture, while the club’s denizens moan about how the country’s gone to the dogs since the “poorer sort” got the vote. And the most cunty thing about golf clubs is the sheer waste of land they represent; in the midst of a housing crisis only the most out-of-touch Tory cunt (or “Tory”) could think having acres upon acres of land reserved for a few dozen in-bred toffs or wannabe tycoons in their beemers to hit a little white ball around a field with a stick is a good idea, while the country is crying out for more housing. Golf clubs represent little more than a waste of land, land that could be better served as public open spaces, children’s playing fields, new factories and industrial estates, new housing, anything but for a load of cunts to knock a little white ball around with a stick.

    And golf the “sport” – what a stupid idea! Only the Scots could have invented such a brainless, dull, stupid, soul-destroying pastime as golf. How people can pay top dollar to watch a load of middle-aged yanks or oirishmen lose their little white ball in the long grass is beyond me. But at least the cunts who play golf are being kept busy; people who play golf are probably from the same gene pool as bankers and politicians, and while they’re playing their stupid little “sport” they aren’t fucking up the world for the rest of us…

    I take it all back – we need more golf clubs now!

    (That last sentence was sarcasm, you daft cunts.)

  9. I’ve lost all interest in golf (not that I ever really had any…) since, when I was a kid, I was out walking on the local GC with my Dad, and got bawled out by some old… fuck only knows… a monstrous THING in a tweedy skirt, apparently I’d kicked “its” ball out of the way… As my Dad said, we were walking in the rough, so the thing must have been a fairly crap shot. I still wonder if it was a so-called “Lady golfer”, or maybe just a rather unpleasant-looking tv… (Lady golfers normally seem to wear trizers like Rupert the Bear’s).
    And didn’t that red-head splosher, formerly married to the paedo-Andrew, live on the edge of a golf course? Did that make her the 20th hole, or the 21st…

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