England’s Cricket Team


What a fucking disgrace the England cricket team are. Overpaid useless bunch of cunts! They are like spoilt kids. Sack the fucking lot of them and develop a team that actually wants to play for their country.

Useless bunch of cunts!

Nominated by: Jeremy Clarkson

5 thoughts on “England’s Cricket Team

  1. Cook is an arrogant but crap cunt. As for Panesar and kP, well total tit of useless cunty cunts

  2. Does anyone even care about cricket anyway? Game for public school boys and old men, no chants, no pitch invasions, nobody wears a team shirt and no pork pie at half time…

  3. Could I nominate Al Murray, the “pub landlord”? The worst comedian to ever be allowed to bore us with his working class pretensions. Less funny than Ross Noble, Sarah Millican and Harry Hill. Just a boring cunt!

  4. Last English player to cut the mustard was old Doug “Bodyline” Jardine. Pathological hatred of all things aussie (well done that man). Introduced “Bodyline” to the game in the ’32-’33 Test if memory serves. Bowl to the man, not the wicket. Aussies did not like it up ’em. Slaughtered the fuckers. Way to play the game donchaknow.

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