The Welsh


What a bunch of sheep shagging, fucked up accented, 2 time grand slam 6 nations robbing, Tom Jones bashing cunts! Why why why Delilah? Why fucking, cunting not!!!

You’re all a load of ignorant sheep banging in the valleys vile village idiotic CUNTS!

To sum up my conclusion, you’re all a bunch of cunting, cunted cuntworthy fucking CUNTS!

Nominated by: Billy

(…and you speak a dead language as well! Ed. )

9 thoughts on “The Welsh

  1. Truly a nation of inbreds with a gene pool so shallow that evolution can never take place and a race whose family trees have no branches. Go anywhere in the Welsh wastes and you will not find a bunch of morose embittered cunts as the population there. Each village with its compliment of 4 churches and a single pub is home to a scowling, surly bunch of halfwits whose sole pleasure is a witch burning or the local equivalent of the leisure centre ( a lone sheep tied to a fence post)

  2. a) Sheep are only on the menu when your sister’s busy fucking your brother.
    b) Clans are Scottish and Irish both a long way from Wales – you stupid twat.
    c) The language is British unlike the half-cocked froggy-German blydsinn called English.
    d) Fuck-off back to Germany you Saxon cunts and start bitching about the Dutch.

  3. “..Sheep are only on the menu when your sister’s busy fucking your brother…”

    Such practice which confirms my original opinion as to how the Welsh are so bloody inbred in the first place.

    The Welsh Poet RS Thomas hit the nail on the head with “to live in Wales”.

  4. I visited Wales a few years back (shame on me ) but I must say the Welsh are the most unwelcoming, bitter, bad mannered, ignorant, racist, biggotted bunch of cunts I’ve ever come across. their accent can’t be real for fucksake, it sounds fucking ridiculous or do they just put it on to take the piss out of themselves ?

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