British comedy


The British Comedy Awards – a bigger bunch of unfunny cunts would be hard to find anywhere.

Steve Coogan…lol..fuck off ballbag.

The whole shit shower of them, blowing smoke up each others holes. fuck me, I can’t remember when any single one of them came out with a funny line.

Nominated by : DanB

If you’re looking for a totally unfunny shitbag cunt to front an even bigger load of shitbag cunts, then you really don’t need to look further than Johnathan Woss on the British Comedy Awards.

Nominated by: Jack Dee

Alan Carr “I want to shit fuck your shitting brains out”; Sachsgate : “Andrew I’m so sorry for being a cunt”; Wossy biting the hand that feeds him by calling Channel 4 “a bunch of cunts”

This is funny?

Nominated by: John Smith’s Bitter

13 thoughts on “British comedy

  1. Bring back the stocks,,,,joke not funny,,,a day in them,woss ist in line,,,Russell brand 2nd in queue ,oh worry is there isn’t enough rotten fruit.

  2. indeed – even the cans that do the canned laughter have to be whipped to laugh at these cunts

  3. Ross Noble and Sarah Millican are the two unfunniest Cunts to disgrace Tyneside. I cheerfully nominate these for their extreme cuntishness

  4. Miranda – fat, posh cunt falling over. Lee Mack – utter, witless, craicless cunt.
    Ross! Utter, utter, unfunny overpaid, failing to engage with his interviewees, utter,utter, fully automatic, belt fed, gas operated, flying cunt!! Words cannot express how much I loathe this cunt.

  5. Been around long enough to have seen some of the true British Greats – Fred Emney, The Weston Brothers, Max Miller ect. As for this present bunch of overpaid cunts, what a fucking shower. Many of them originally failed actors and proving it by stinking out dire tv comedies usually vomited out by Agent/Producers Avalon, an American entertainment cunt company. Cunted originally I believe by Dioclese.

    Sour joke is these humourless cunts are supposed to be standard bearers for alternative/new wave/ stand-up comedy and have immediately become mainstream. More ossified than the old cunts they despise like Bernard Manning or Roy “Chubby” Brown.

    According to the likes of Woss or Alan Carr it is edgy funny to spice up your patter with “cunt cunt cunt” repeatedly. That must make our very own Fred West the funniest man on the planet. Well cunters, be proud, once again we got there first. Time surely for “The Cunt of the Year” awards.

    • I tried a “cunt of the year” award over at mine a couple of years back – 2010 it was – but with limited success so I didn’t do it again.

      However I am now inspired to try again, so I’ll bang one out tonight (if you’ll forgive the expression)

      • OK – I’ve added a temporary link on this blog’s home page and set up a page over on mine for CotY2013

        Hopefully linking across to my blog for the vote won’t upset the other ISAC administrators as I’m only a guest over here and I don’t want to tread on any toes…

  6. The Apollo. Respect to those who have been injured, But why could the whole thing not have fallen in entirely when a double bill of Michael Macintire and James Whitehall was playing. Unfunny annoying cunts.

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