Dennis Rodman


At 6’ 8”, I nominate ex-American Netball player, Dennis Rodman, as the world’s tallest cunt.

This waste of a penis reckons he can save the world from World War III by inserting his thick head up the arse of another cunt, the Supreme Leader of North Korea; Kim Jong [C]Un[t].

How is Rodman going to save us? Well, on or about, January 8th, (the little fat cunt’s 31st birthday) he’s going to organise a netball match in Ping-y-Pong between some of his fellow has-beens and the Korean Netball team. Quite how this is going to save us has gone right over my head; but I have a constructive alternative.

Two of the biggest cunts in the world will be in the same place, at the same time, watching netball in Ping-y-Pong. So, President Obama (I’m getting greedy: a third cunt), why don’t you give your drone controllers a break from killing women and children, Google where Korea is and send one over to Ping-y-Pong.

Then, you can get rid of two turds with one drone – geddit?

Nominated by : Bolton Boy

1 thought on “Dennis Rodman

  1. Fuck me, out of left field come the new dynamic duo of cuntishness in the form of Ian Duncan Smith and his clueless sidekick Esther McVey. They just fucked any chance the Tories had of getting re elected. Is it too late to change my nom for CoTY? these too will walk it,

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