The Chinese


The Chinese are rude miserable cunts who come here, set up fucking rancid takeaways and soak up the benefits of our society whilst putting nothing back in.

“Vely, vely good mr Clamoron” For fucks sake.

The Chinese prop up North Korea, a desperate shithole of mad slitty eyed gooks who eat thier own people and stick most of then in death camps. Led by a fat yellow ugly evil little stunted cunt who was educated in Switzerland.The Chinese cunts use North Korea as a dog to bark at the west.

And stupid cunts in the west still buy tons of crappy shit from the chinky bastards!!

Nominated by: Hurling Dervish

3 thoughts on “The Chinese

  1. Resubmitting this cunting before it is completely out of date. Play the game dear hearts.

    George Fuckwit Osborne again!!! Red mist rises. Steamed up me damn monacle. Or is it red toxic commie discharge from the nuclear power stations the chinks are going to be building with the frogs all over our fair land. The frogs and the chinks! Unfucking believable. And this is the country that pionered safe(ish) nuclear energy!

    Osborne is so desparate to take frog and chink cock up his arse that he is borrowing the money to pay the chinks to build the power stations from the same chinks at extortionate rates. Has also guaranteed to pay the frogs a premium fixed price for the electricity generated irrespective of market prices falling in the medium to long term when economies of scale kick in. Bugger me butler and sod me servants. Screwed us both ways.

    Only an ex-public school boy like Osborne could accomodate so much cock up his arse simultaneously – yank cock, kraut cock, frog cock, chink cock, jap cock, indian cock, korean cock, saudi cock – the list is endless. Fucking United Nations up there.

    Osborne you tratorious tosser, you have sold out all that remains of our once great nation. Go choke on all the johnny foreigner spunk up your orifices. You shameful cunt.

  2. G’day mate! Goodonya Cobber! I totally agree! Poor old Britain!…. She’s REALLY going to be in the shit!….LIKE A FAGGOTS FINGER! 🙁 My commiserations,…Cunnova Man! 🙁

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