Ed Miliband [5]

Ed Wallace Miliband

Ed Milipede is a cunt. First of all, for bragging that he’s bringing back socialism. Who told the cunt there was a demand for it? What lying sack of rat vomit looked Milibong in the eye and said ‘boss, we’ve been out on the streets, and what the entire population of the UK told us was, we want socialism. Well, the ones who spoke English did anyway’.

There’s also the fact that the cunt took to the stage to do his ‘I’m one of you poor plebs’ act…whilst wearing a fucking £750 tailor made suit. Actually, he should be cunted just for giving Chuka ‘Britain’s Obama’ Umunna a place on the front bench. Britain’s Obama. Not unless he’s talking about Cyril Obama, a toilet attendant from Barnsley.

Being a politician, Militwat is expected to talk shite, but this cunt really goes above and beyond with it. He almost makes Clegg look honest.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

5 thoughts on “Ed Miliband [5]

  1. He’s a greasy looking gypo cunt. This politician is overdue for a burning. A greasy cunt like him should burn well.

  2. Yes all of that is very true but the question is : what do you do about politician cunts like Sillyband? The answer is, as always, give ’em a good cunting. In this case, he should have a London double-decker bus shoved up his arse. A good kick in the kunt wouldn’t go astray either.

  3. Millipede or the cunt Cameron. That’s our choice?! Would you like the electric chair or firing squad pleb? Democracy my arse. That said Millicunt cant be worse than Cameron. It’s impossible. Gadaffi or Pol pot would do a better job than that evil bastard. If no one voted, none of these cunts would have any legitimacy to govern. Fuck the lot of em.

    Can you imagine Wallace on the world stage? Putting his hand up, like he’s still at school stuttering ‘Bister speaker, bister speaker’ in that grating, wanky nasal way of his while Putin and Bollock Obomba ignore the cunt. Shame screaming Lord Sutch died, I’d love to have seen him turn up at a G8 meeting taking the piss.

    Whatever happened to the Natural Law Party? I remember their Party political broadcasts where they would leap forward, cross legged. Flying Yoga cunts. No policies except Yogic flying. Now defunct I fear. If the loonies and the weirdo’s had of joined forces in the early 90’s they might have spared us 10 years of Tony B-liar. Cunts!

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