Football pundits


Please, no more wimmin talking utter shit about football tactics as though they understand it and genuinely enjoy the game.

It’s bad enough having to listen to Mark fucking Lawrenson whining on, but please, no more split-arses on sports shows.

They’ll be having gays on next. The black ticket is usually taken up by semi-retard Garth Crooks, fuck me, if ever there was a reason to deport blacks, he’s it. If he’s ‘busy’, they’ll wheel in either Ruud ‘I’ll shag it’ Gullet or John ‘ that goal against Brazil was the only fucking one’ Barnes, both equally defective in the brain department.

Andy Gray is a cunt of the highest order, btw. And Richard Keys.

Nominated by: Termujin

5 thoughts on “Football pundits

  1. I say fuck football pundits – oh you already have the photo. Hey ho, on to the merry oh what:

    Stalinist union cunts

    Blimey. Bugger me butler. Back in the seventies again driving me mustard yellow Maxi without a seat belt. Suddenly up pop the old commie cunt undead. Old commie cunts never die – they just smell that way. The Unite Stalinist stooges twitch in to life again to march to another epic fuckup. Grangemouth. You taste death just by saying it, like Paschendale or Stalingrad.

    Whilst in the depths classic commie corruption knots and genders. These cunts spend their lives cheating, lieing and conniving in solidarity with the working class while covertly promoting their own expenses, pensions, wives and boyfriends at the expense of the poor punters that pay their dues.

    So what about Unite, the union that has released this Cold War virus?

    Led by Red Len McCuntsky of Liverpool Militant Tendency fame. Used its block vote to elect Ed Minicunt for the grateful sons of toil. Embroiled in vote rigging allegations in favour of McCuntsky’s close friend Carrie Murphy over the parliamentary seat of Falkirk near Grangemouth. In the mix a cunt name of Jimmy Dean (thought he died in a car crash in Hollywood). This Rebel Without a Cock was head union apparatchic at the Grangemouth plant (resigned) and is chairman of Falkirk Labour Party. Sweetness and light.

    Corrupt commie cunts.

  2. Mark Chapman needs cunted too. He has made Match of the Day 2 even more of a snore fest. The ‘safe pair of hands’ because Colin Murray was too edgy for fucks sakes.
    Christ he is appalling, and to think he shot that cunt John Lennon when he was younger.

  3. Can’t agree more Great Khan. Like your namesake I would like to leave great pyramids of skulls and lay waste to the land. Interestingly your Y chromosome is persistent in most places of Persia (15% in some parts of the Levant). Lucky cunt are you.

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