Garth Crooks


Can you believe Garth Crooks hasn’t been cunted before?

The arse-licking, knows fuck all but thinks he does, black version of Kermit the frog cunt. I despise this dickhead even more than Adrian Chiles!

He appears not only totally unaware of how fucking ridiculous he is but also to be under the mistaken impression that he is an ‘expert’.

Someone should just tell him ‘Look Garth, you’ve had a good run, made a shed load out of talking shit and being black, now be a good chap, STFU and piss off back to Jamaica, and take Funkazi (wife) with you.

He was top scorer at Stoke on his debut season though. 6. In a fucking year. I shit you not.

Nominated by: London Cunt & Termujin

4 thoughts on “Garth Crooks

    • Fuck. I think Gristle has been at the dodger’s eyeballs. An exclusive diet of dark meat is not good for old Gristle’s ticker. Try him on a few veggies and wholemeal rice. I noticed in the previous photo that one of his feathers was ruffled. Please groom him carefully and ‘chuck’ him under the chin occasionally. Vultures are people too.

  1. Hooray! Thanks for cunting this cunt. Crookes is cunt of epic proportions who should have been drowned at birth.

  2. His eye balls are rolled up like a sick cow because the cunt is having a fucken epileptic fit. The cunt should be Tasered. That’ll put him right. And don’t forget to give him a good punch in the cunt while we’re at it.

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