Gary Barlow

Gary Fucking Barlow, Cunt. Once a shite singer in a group of wankers called Fuck That (or something similar) now the chief toady and arse licking Cunt in charge of the Burger Van at the Queens Jubilee Concert for fucks sake.

Like the fucking Queen gives a shit about the square headed jug lugged slimy turdcunt Barlow and his wanky crooners.


16 thoughts on “Gary Barlow

  1. Another bunch of cunts has surfaced – the organisers of the Dedication of the Bomber Command Memorial.

    They are total cunts because they do not understand that the guest list should be as follows:

    1. All surviving members of Bomber Command, without exception
    2. Immediate relatives of those who died serving Bomber Command
    3. HRH Prince Philip – who fought in the war and is the only Royal to show proper respect to them
    4. One representative for the fund raising committee, plus Robin Gibb’s widow to recognise his efforts in getting the Memorial (poor sod)
    5. That’s it – no wanker politicians, current top brass or other assorted cunts should be allowed, except to lie prostrate around the corner, so the old boys can kick them on the way home.

    Carers and a number of top Harley St Doctors should be on standby if any of these old boys need help, free of charge.

    The cunts who say space is limited should be sacked for being cunts – the ‘Elf and Safety cunts can fuck off – the old sods didn’t have any of that crap when they flew in their bombers, and they don’t need it now.

    The organisers and their political masters are total, total cunts and should be dropped from the remaining bombers from a great height.

    Cunts, all of them.

    Big Al

  2. From Hurling Dervish

    Jeremy Hunt (insert obvious genitalia reference here) has got away with being a lying, taking it up the arse from Murdoch, nose burowed in that fat ugly cunt, Jeremy Clarkson’s mate Camerons arse cheeks, backhander taking, fucking Alan B’Stard prototype Tory, pocket lining at the public’s expense general fucking turd clinging to the toilet bowl of life, caught red handed but refuses to fuck off and die, all round septic spam baked king utter cunt of cunts.
    Someone fucking slot this jizz stain.
    Politicians as a general rule of thumb are utter, utter cunts with Tories and Labour vying for pole position at the top of the food chain. Fuck!

  3. That monumental CUNT Alan Tithead will be the next to get his arselickin honour in the New Year.


  5. Barlow is also a Tory Cameron butt crack licker of the highest order. Donating to the toffs. And a tax avoiding jug eared cunt to boot.
    Stiil, I’d rather be this generations equivalent of the Beatles, rather than Herman’s fucking Hermits.
    Tuneless driveling cunt.

  6. Barlow increased his cuntidity ranking when he became another Cowell arsecrack washer. B.C. (before Cowell) he was junior cunt, now moving up the ranks..

  7. derek a lying full of shit douchebag scouse cunt, also a splattery spitty shower you with slavours when he talks type of cunt , when the barber asks how he would like his hair he says make it so it compliments my cunt scouse puss

    • eddie jordan now he is a cunt why the fuck do the bbc employ the little irish twat!! he never achieved fuck all but the f1 arse lickers pay this cunt to travel around the globe. who dresses this little shit?? stevie wonder me thinks! man does this cunt talk shit or what??

  8. Shit Stain Barlow has actually Almost redefined the word CUNT, taking it to a whole new level of Cuntishness. Not content with being Chief Cunt and Shit-Cunt songwriter in a Queer-Boy-Cunt-Band, his fucking Cuntish face keeps reappearing, ….. in recent years as Simon-“Queen of Cunts”-Cowell’s Chief Arse Crack Licker.
    And….to add insult to injury,.this Cunt has an OBE,….. surely it would have been so more appropriate to have made him a CBE? ( CUNT of the British Empire).
    BARLOW!,….. The Queen Fucking Hate’s you and all the Shitty Cunt Fuck-Monkey songs you write!
    Fuck Off back up Cowell’s Anus where you belong.

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