IsACunt Redesign!


This is a Parish Notice. Shut up and listen.
The Grumpy Old Twat and TheEye are going to be screwing with website things today. And possibly tomorrow.
There will be downtime. It’s what we call in the industry Random Shit Is Happening Come Back Later.
A new site will emerge; constructed from tinfoil, sticky tape and the tormented souls of the dead.


11 thoughts on “IsACunt Redesign!

  1. btw “Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!”

    FIRST! (self cunted, natch).

  2. To be fair you pair of cunts have done a Stirling job, well done you fuckers
    This is indeed a much improved site; shame that us cunters will drag it back into the gutter!!

  3. Oy fuckers where’s the table of most recommended cunts got to?
    My cunting of that ubercunt Brodie Clarke was the first to get to 100 and fucking miles in front of the second cunt. Get it back on the website you cunts.

    • GrumpyOldTwat and TheEye are going to make things shiny tomorrow.

      I’ve just spoken to him and we’ve realised we’re actually both too fucking pissed to do any designy bollocks right now.

      Hopefully sober tomorrow afternoon and we’ll do some hung-over efforts. Hitting 100, though, was damn good cunting.

  4. I’d like to nominate my boss. She’s a self-serving, bigotted, poorly-educated, fat nepotist of a stupid motherfucker cunt.

  5. I nominate PC Simon Harwood for being found NOT FUCKING GUILTY of the manslaughter of Ian Tomlinson. What the fucking fuck????

    And by the way – how come Grumpy Old Twat is working here? I thought he was “Retired”? ‘Bout time he put in an appearance at Old Righties gaff…

    And I second banned as being a cunt – he stops blogging for just long enough to make me think he’s quit. THEN the bastard starts up again, just after I’ve moved his bookmark down the list……CUNT!

  6. Aye and where the fuck is the table of most recommended Cunts you Cunts. About time you lazy fucking cunts caught up with the outstanding cuntings. Stop knocking one out over the womens beach volleyball you pair of dirty bastards and sort out your site, cunts.
    That’s you fucking told.

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