8 thoughts on “Russell Brand [3]

  1. Not this cunt again. I can’t be arsed to cunt the cunt again but Top Marks to Houdini for splendid cuntification. If I may be permitted to quote.
    unfunny, needs fucking chinning,
    preferably by me, fucking horrible cunt of a nasal Essex
    whiny voiced, untalented gold plated and
    diamond encrusted cunt of the first order cunt

    See Andy Marr: jug eared cunt. Cunted into paying for a bastard sprog that isn’t even yours
    socially inadequate, pimpled, single, slightly seedy, bald, cauliflower-nosed, young men sitting in their mother’s basements and ranting”. Better journalism than anything you ever came up with, you cunt.

  2. The ultimate fucking nightmare BBC panel – Marcus Brigstocke, Jeremy “IRA-cocksucker” Hardy, Mark Steel, and Sandy Toksvig. Chaired by Stephen Fry and with a musical interlude by Billy Bragg.

    Beat that cunters.

  3. Wow do i hate this cunt??!!!! he looks like a fucked up nigella lawson with aids. He is as funny as bollock rot. A mad haired unfunny mad faced cunty cunt cunt. A cunt of almost mythical proportions.

  4. I would like to cut this cunt’s face off. The filthy fucking heroin addicted piece of shit. He probably has AIDS the dirty cunt.

  5. so unfunny middle class lovin safe funnin, comic cuntin, not worth fuckin not so funny, safe safe, sexless feeling, he is so gay, useless cocksuckin, no cock stirring not suckin my cockin, not suckin his. no sex please were middle class safe fuckin sex hating fuck em.

  6. I am a moaning fuckwith and say that Russell Brand is the worst electric jug kettle I’ve ever bought. Another thing, that bloke who advertises them looks like h’es doing an impression of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow – only just got out of bed!

  7. I’m sorry, but who the FUCK is this prick? I never ever heard of a RUSSELL BRAND until a year ago or so when I was roughly avoid the showbiz section of the daily mail…. what made him so special in showbiz???, rather than being an absolute cunt (which sadly seems to attract showbiz cunts) ??? What a cunt!

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