BBC [10]

The BBC are a bunch of lefty cunts

Nominated by HeadsonPoles

The entire BBC are a bunch of biased, left wing cunts. How else do you explain lefty bullshit, ‘comedy’, like Mock the Week? However, I do find most, no, actually, ALL the breakfast team to be a bunch of braindead, pc, red as fuck, smug, drivel spouting cunts. Particularly the bird with the longish hair. I forget her name. The one who hosts that load of donkey bollocks at 10am on Sunday mornings.
But yeah, ole Charlie is the cunt of cunts.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

7 thoughts on “BBC [10]

  1. Anti-BBC cunts are the worst. Mosly retarded cunts who watch the X-Factor and read The Sun.

  2. Strange. I always thought pro-BBC cunts were mostly retarded cunts who also watched the X-Factor and read The Sun. I guess your comment kind of shows that 😉

  3. From HurlingDervish.

    Hope I’m not being too much of a cunt, but can I nominate those two fucking bow legged, swivel eyed pricks Greg Wallace and John ‘g’day mate’ Torrode for a cunting please. If ever there were two pocket lining deserving cunts….

  4. The BBC are having cut backs, so now all they fucking do is show old repeats on each channel,BUT still charge the same fee !!!NOW how the fuck can anyone call that value for money( Beyond me why anyone pay’s them at all) people who pay them in my humble opinion must be deluded or scared old age pensioners who are scared shitless in case the DETECTOR VAN comes round ????

  5. BBC is a fucking bag of shit.

    I’ve heard it’s a contractual obligation to be a cunt to work for that outfit.

    99% of BBC employees are arrogant, overpaid, PC, lefty fucking twats.

    Absolute cunts the lot of them.

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