The Left

Here we go again. The leftists, especially Labour leftists, are dire need of a nomination.

Boris has contracted the Kung Flu, most of us, even those who don’t like him, would wish him well, and wish him a speedy recovery. That’s because we’re normal, rational and above all, decent people. Not the subhuman filth who inhabit the Left though, particularly the Corbyn Crowd. Since it was announced that Boris was infected, those despicable creatures have been behaving in exactly the same way they reacted on hearing the news of Thatcher’s death. As they’re leader, Corbyn could have brought a swift end to this, by telling them to stop, because it was not what he wanted. But he didn’t. Which just proves that his mealy mouthed words on learning Boris was sick were just that, WORDS!

Cheering, dancing, shouts of ‘hope he dies’. Nothing demonstrates how morally and intellectually bankrupt the left are than when someone they hate either falls ill or dies. Their behaviour has been despicable. It has, in my opinion, proven once and for all that they are not the kind, tolerant, all inclusive, peace loving people they bragging they are. This news has shown that they are nasty, evil, intolerant bigots, with a obsession with bringing Communism to the UK.

If you dare to express an opinion that differs in any way from the theirs, they will launch a vicious hate campaigned against you. You will be verbally abused on line, they will threaten you and your family, including your family, regardless of how old your children are. Worse still, they will dox you. They put your contact details and home and work addresses on the internet, in the hope that some deluded Lefty will come to your home and cause damage.

Now, I must say right now, not all Lefties are of this ilk. And I am not nominating them. But a growing number are. These ‘people’ barely qualify for the description of ‘human’. They are the very thing that they often accuse others of being. They are bigots, they are intolerant. It’s ‘If you’re not with us, you’re against us’ In short, the left are Fascists, Nazis. And damn them to hell for it.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw