Social Justice Warriors


Social Justice Warriors on Tumblr. This unfortunate band of rabid ultra-liberal douchebags came to my attention because a former school friend turned into one in a transformation as hideous as watching Jeff Goldblum turn into a giant house-fly monster in the movie The Fly, except this was a transformation into a giant self righteous cunt.

Basically this batch of belching cunts claim to be internet activists raging against the injustices of rascism, homophobia, transphobia etc. etc. etc. Which might sound fine but let me explain why in this case it’s not fine, not by a CUNTry mile.

Rather than trying to make people more accepting and understanding my reaching out to people and stating their case calmly in a way that’s going to get people on their side (like a real activist would) these little fuckflakes spew hate at anyone who doesn’t agree precisely with their ridiculous shit opinions or is a straight white male. Basically if you’re a straight white male you’re too ‘privileged’ to ever possible understand or sympathise with the terrible ‘oppression’ these special little snowflakes suffer at the hands of the EVIL ‘patriarchy’. In fact even if you’re a gay while male you’re also too much of a mainstream member of society for these people and therefore another evil minion of the ‘patriarchy’.

So how can I be enough of a special case, social outsider for these fucking people [sic: cunts] you might ask? Well you have to identify as some obscure, made up sexual orientation like being Demisexual (whatever the fuck that means), being trans, or genderfluid or genderqueer helps too, as does being a man hating feminist, a vegan, or Otherkin (Otherkin needs it’s own paragraph to explain, so here goes):

People who are “Otherkin” are people who believe that in their souls there are actually animals or some kind of mythical creature. I shit you not. Not only do they believe that but it’s important that the rest of society should recognise them for it and make them feel accepted, presumably by patting them on the head or something. These people’s sense of entitlement to express their identities extends to barking at customers at work, which obviously doesn’t go down well, so they bitch on their shite cunty little blogs about what a heinous injustice it is that their employer won’t let them express the fact they think they’re a fucking ‘direwolf’, or some such dorky thing, to customers. Which raises the question; are these cunts really this socially inept? Or are they just liars who are making up these fictional injustices to bleat about?

I’m going to try to put the breaks on this rant, I just fucking hate these cunts so much it’s hard to stop but to summurise why these cunts are such gaping cunts: they don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves, they assert their identities in fucking bullet points, like only a true cunt would do and try to one up each other in the ‘who’s the most oppressed special little flower olympics’, they use special conditions as excuses for their inadequacies, they don’t really give a fuck about anyone else, they just want the whole world to bend over backwards to make concessions to them because they’re smug, self righteous, bitter little cunts with victim complexes, they’re fucking hypocrites as well, the cunty little shitcunts.

Basically if you had an actual cunt within a cunt, within a cunt, within a cunt that went on infinitely, cunts within cunts forever, it wouldn’t be half as cunty a fucking cunt as these Tumblr social justice warrior cunts are, the fucking cunts.

Don’t take my word for it though, check out these cunts in action, leaking their contemptuous, nonsense cuntjuice out across the internet:

Nominated by : Redvers Whitehead

( I checked it out and love this quote – “Calling out hypocrisy and false information of the unoppressed masses”. What a load of fucking bollocks! Ed. )