Sky News [2]

Someone needs to cunt sky news…

Today one of their headlines state:

‘Could Brexit harm UKs beaches?’

These hyperbolic cunts have a headline everyday looking at the horrendous ways brexit could fuck up every aspect of our lives.

They are employing the scatter gun tactic with the aim that if they pick enough everyday subjects that eventually they will hit a bulls eye… They want their viewership to say ‘Brexit has gone too far, skeggy might have northerners shit filled nappies and syringies in the sand, but I am not letting Brexit take it away from me’.

If todays headline doesn’t get you to say enough is enough, they will try again tomorrow with something else more ridiculous than the last… Cunts

Nominated by BandWagonCunter

Sam Delaney


Sam Delaney is left wing cunt who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow.

He was bitching on Sky News this morning in their paper review about the great massdebate this evening. Sam reckons that UKIP shouldn’t be on there because they don’t have any MPs and Farage isn’t in the Commons but apparently it was alright for the Greens to be there.

Well, Sam, you pig ignorant cunt who the fuck are Carswell and Reckless then? Well, according to Sam, they only crossed the floor and weren’t properly elected, so we’ll ignore their by-elections then shall we? And while we’re on the subject of the Greens, Natalie fucking Bennett – an incompetent Aussie who doesn’t even know what her own policies are – isn’t in the Commons either. Let’s count their MPs shall we Sam? I make it UKIP 2, Greens 1. Oh’ hang on – we’ll ignore that!

Delaney is typical of the loony left in Labour. He ignores the facts when debating his case just like Milipede will likely do tonight. Strangely, I agree with him that if Plaid and the SNP are included then the Ulster parties should be there too. Jesus, I’m agreeing with a bloke who’s total left wing cunt of cunts!

What the fuck is this useless twat doing on Sky News in the mornings anyway? Perhaps it’s to make Eamonn Holmes look intelligent? Just asking…

Nominated by: Dioclese

Sky News

Picture by Mark Richards-Brenda Leyland, troll who has alledgedly attacked the McCanns on Twitter.

If ever there was a bunch of cunts who deserve a proper good cunting, it’s the cunts at Sky News.

Ever vigilant for the opportunity to make up a good story out of fuck all, Sky sent it’s ace reporter Martin Brunt scouring the pages of the Leicester Mercury for a non-story and he came up with a housewife who, like tens of thousands of others, doesn’t like the McCanns. Unable to tell an internet troll from a hole in his arse, Brunt proceeded to handbag the poor cow on her doorstep on national TV.

Having been publically vilified for doing not a lot, she committed suicide the next day.

Well done, Sky News. Hope you’re feeling really proud of yourselves. It’s just a shame you don’t turn your efforts towards some real investigative reporting. Can I perhaps suggest the McCanns, their lucrative charity and what actually happened to their daughter?

Nominated by: Dioclese
A cunt who doesn’t want to end up dead in a hotel room tommorrow.

Sky News Sunrise


Eaomon Holmes? Overpaid, uninteresting, fat, smug annoying Irish cunt. Now relying on SKYPE for the latest reports. He and the news team all useless cunts.

Charlotte Hawkins however would benefit from a very good seeing to just to get her mind right, perhaps straws can be drawn as to who can go first.

The loser can get that worn leather look razorback Jaquie Baltreao. Another annoying prize cunt.

Nominated by : Bloke in Holland