Social Services chiefs


Social service chiefs and in particular Haringey and Southampton council deserve a very vicious cunting. Their incompetence, stupidity and lack of action has now resulted in the deaths of the children they were supposed to protect.

They have failed to learn the lessons that the cases of Victoria Climbie and Baby P highlighted, despite evidence that child abuse was going on, they failed to take action, failed to intervene and as a result 3 more kids are dead.

No surprises that both of these are labour controlled, with the usual reticence to get involved with anything that might invoke the usual lefty do-gooders, protesting against the “human rights” of the parents.

If that were not bad enough, the ludicrous judicial system in this country will doubtless impose pathetic penalties on the offenders, before springing them early with new identities to protect them from a (thoroughly deserved) beating at the hand of the public, all of course at the taxpayers expense.

They and the worthless parents deserve burning.

Nominated by: Lez