Kehinde Andrews

Kehinde Andrews deserves a cunting. If you don’t know who this little cunt is, he’s a professor in ‘Black Studies’ at the University of Birmingham who has made his entire career off of demonising this country and the overwhelming majority of largely good people in it for being ‘waycist’. Just as an example, here’s his latest race baiting shit on the equally cuntish BBC Three (try not to smash your screen)

And on top of this, he has also written several articles for (surprise surprise) the Groaniad and has made several appearances on the BBC. But of course, despite his vehemently anti British sentiment he loves receiving all the perks of living here and all the money he is able to make here from his vile, racist rhetoric. So, Kehinde Andrews – either be grateful for the opportunities you have received here, or fuck off and go back to Nigeria – because you sure as hell wouldn’t have gotten those opportunities in that shithole. Cunt.

Nominated by Opinionated Cunt