Chuka Umunna (3)

Chuka Umunna needs a cunting. OK, he surprised me by crawling out of his leader’s arse and siding with the government over this thing with the Russkies. However, I found his statement to be somewhat hypocritical. Here’s what he said:

“Have read the comments of the Leader of the Opposition’s spokesperson. Mr Milne’s comments do not represent the views of the majority of our voters, members or MPs. We’ll get abuse for saying so but where British lives have been put at risk it is important to be clear about this.”

Yes, all very polite and full of morality. However, Chuka is making himself something of a hypocrite by saying Milne’s comments do represent the views of the majority of British voters. Chuka is a fervent remainer, and he frequently makes comments that do not represent the view of the majority of British voters. It made me wonder whether he ACTUALLY felt that way about Milne’s comments, or whether they just, yet again, an attempt at making himself a little more popular than he actually is.

Let’s face it, ol’Chuk, or “Britain’s Obama” as he once to style himself, causing much ridicule from other politicians and voters in general. He soon dropped that one. Still, he still has pretensions of becoming the first black leader of the Labour party, and the first black Prime Minister.. And considering he faces opposition from the likes of the Abbottopotamus, Chi Unwarah and David Lammy, he’ll probably achieve the first part of his ambition. The second one, I think he’ll find somewhat more difficult if not impossible.

The problem he has is, he’s deeply unlikeable. He has this habit of sticking his nose in the air, like a toff. And it does him no favours that he’s an arrogant cunt, who thinks a lot more of himself than anyone else does. He also seems to think he’s academically and intellectually superior to the voting British person, and generally looks down at us through his nose and feels pity that we cannot be all be a god like figure, like him.

Now as I said. It’s nice that’s he’s deigned to get right down of his high horse, and side with us. But I just can’t forget him making comments over the past 21 months that do not “represent the views of the majority of British voters”, over Brexit. Umanna seems to sense a way to knife his leader in the back. Ultimately, he’ll fail and end up in a Gulag for his backstabbing. Chuka Umman opportunist cunt of the year, please step forward.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Chuka Umunna (2)

I would like to nominate Chuka U-moaner for a well deserved cunting.

On Thursday night, he attempted to lead a 49 MP revolt against Brexit, to table amendments to the Queen’s Speech,  which resulted in Cor-blimey canning 3 of his Shadow Cabinet. Fortunately, he failed to push through a ‘soft’ Brexit. i.e NO BREXIT.

This is the same MP who for two years sat on the backbenches after he resigned as Shadow Business Secretary in 2015 due to differences with Cor-blimey. Yet, after Labour’s better than expected performance in the General Election he offered to put himself forward for a Shadow Cabinet post. He was not taken up on his offer.

So let me get this right. Did he pull this stunt as revenge for not being offered a post? Or did he plan to act as a Trojan Horse if he was appointed?

A liar.. er… trade and a student of the B.Liar Academy of Political Skulduggery and Weasel Words he has been trained well. That remoaning, fantasist (never of the real world), Rowling woman would be proud of his work, most worthy of the darker elements of Hogwarts.

This ‘crime’ scene bears the grubby fingerprints of Teflon Tone, The Prince of Darkness and  A. Scumball all over  it. The Unholy Trinity is never far  from the action where  either  anti-Brexit attacks or sabotaging the Labour Party are concerned. It would seem they are gearing up to commit fresh attrocities against Brexit.

I know this is not a popular view here – defending Cor-blimey – but at least he did not cave into his mutineers and took decisive action against the rebels in his Shadow Cabinet. He is respecting the will of the people on the Brexit issue (at least) and I suspect, upholding his own deeply held anti-E.U beliefs.

At this rate, what with Mavis May wobbling and folding to E.U demands like a cheap suit while surrounded by the sniping Lib Dumb and SNP, lackey, brown nosers of the EU,   Cor-blimey may turn out to be the only political leader who would actually see Brexit through to its democratic conclusion – a genuine exit.

These are most strange times we live in.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

Chuka Umunna


Supercilious devoutly onmessage slaphead Labour Shadow Business Secretary largely self promoted as the British Obama (paleeese). Been making the news regarding his reported disparaging comments about UKIP supporters being “disconnected because they were not computer literate”. Fine to be ageist and bigotist then.

Well me dears, Chuka encounters his Kama. Rather delicious irony that he has now been trolled by a wave of “computer illiterate” UKIP silver surfers. Chuka old heart, you are aware that a lot of people out there do not like you – not because you are of mixed race, not because you are an arrogant metro sexual twat but because you are a cunt.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke