Bono [11]


I think it’s time to give Bono a good cunting again….

For a start there’s his ‘Britain should remain in the EU’ shite… Like it’s anything to do with a tax dodging Irish cunt who lives in the South of France, Malibu and Paddywood (the posh part of Dublin)…

Then there he is bleating about the environment, yet he charters a jumbo jet to fly his hat to him… A whole 747 travelling thousands of miles and burning fuel for a fucking hat!

Not to mention him hounding an ex-U2 crew member and dragging her through the courts over a pair of trousers and another hat… Seriously, he more or less ruined this woman over a pair of his smelly old keks and one of those ‘Look at me! I’m a prick!’ stetsons he wears…He is a kilimanjaro sized cunt…

Bono’s wife is a fucking bellend too…

Nominated by: Norman

Bono [10]


Now, we all think Bono is a cunt…
We all say Bono is a cunt…
We all know Bono is a cunt…

But this ubercunt has done the impossible: Bono is now an even bigger cunt than he was before… Hard to believe, I know… But he has now stuck his champagne socialist hooter into the Britan in/out of the EU debate….

All I can say is it is none of your business, Bono…. You fucking Irish bastard of a cunt…

Nominated by: Norman

Bono [9]


Going for a record 9th cunting of Bono…

At U2’s gig in Paris, the sanctimonious, grief-jacking paddy cunts naturally introduced Eagles of Death Metal to play on stage with them.

Referring to the massacre at Eagles of Death Metal’s last Paris gig, Bono said: “We must also think of the terrorists’ families … I know it is hard right now.” He said the attackers’ families had also been robbed of their loved ones, by “an ideology that is a perversion of the beautiful religion of Islam”. Yeah, that’s right, you total fucking cunt, let’s not forget the poor, suffering terrorists. Any any cunt who describes Islam as “beautiful” is not only wholly ignorant of the Koran, but also deserves the full Mussolini treatment immediately.

I think this breathtaking comment far exceeds any previous episodes of cuntitude from Bono and I recommend this cunting to fellow cunters.

Nominated by: Fred West

Cunt of the Year 2015

Diane-Abbott-Quotes-5 copy

Well the votes are in and the panel of adjudicators has carefully considered all the candidates for the prestigious title of “Cunt of the Year 2015”.

It was a close run thing and we were tempted to award the title to Islam after adding together all the votes for the religion, jihadists, Islamic State leaders and extremists but we thought that would be unfair because if we did that, then the title would have gone to the Conservative Party. Interestingly, however, David Cameron did not receive a single vote!

The Royal cunt was Prince Charles. Entertainment went unsurprisingly to Bono. Special mention must be made for Chris Spivey who was disqualified for only pretending to be a cunt and for ‘too much effort’.

In fact the title was a dead heat between Dianne Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn who received equal votes. In the end we decided that Abbott should get the award as the real cunts were the people who voted for Corbyn rather than the man himself…

So congratulations to Dianne Abbott who receives the award of a bar of COTY soap which, if the rumours are to be believed, she is desperately in need of.

Bono [8]

"I've got loadsamoney !!!"

“I’ve got loadsamoney !!! All tax free…”

That cuntpig fucktard Bono desperately needs cunting for a record eighth time.
( Happy to oblige… Ed.)

Over the weekend the cunt predictably waded into the so-called “refugee crisis” by lecturing his Italian audience on the subject: “We don’t know what the answer to the refugee crisis in Europe and Africa is, but we know that if we don’t figure it out, then Europe, which is a beautiful idea, will be no more. So we have to figure it out, whatever it is.”

How about you shut the fuck up until you have something more insightful to say, you speccy cunt? Or even better, how about you do something to draw attention to the atrocity of massive, systematic tax evasion and avoidance which robs the exchequer of much needed funds? Didn’t think so – you wouldn’t want to shit on your own doorstep, would you? Fucking hypocritical cunt.

I’d also like to cunt every single person who has ever bought a U2 record or a ticket to see U2 live. And furthermore I’d like to cunt the cunt who owns the glasses shop whose only two customers are Bono and Yoko Ono.

Nominated by: Fred West