Black Lives Matter UK


Black Lives Matter UK are cunts.

Imagine saving for years for that holiday of a lifetime, or just putting up with a shit job all year, looking forward to a week away from it all, to remember what life is all about. Then, a couple of yards away from the airport that is the start of your holiday, you are stopped in your tracks, and your holiday is ruined because some pathetic student and dolescum types are having their five minutes of glory.

Any sympathy that people may have mistakenly had with their non cause has evaporated with only the BBC to trumpet the cunts cause, which is bullshit. Radio four had it as it’s lead article on the PM show, with the usual bollocks stats and figures but no story. Next time the cunts do it, and they said there will be more protests (yawn), let’s see how many crusties we can jump over in a challenger tank, Eddy Kidd style……

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter demonstrations. We’ve seen them in the US, now we have them in the UK. First London, and recently it infested my beloved Manchester. Believe it or not, I don’t have anything against most black people. I actually have several black friends. And relatives. I do, however, have a huge problem with those black people who consider themselves superior to all others, and there are a lot of them. In the US, Al Sharpton is one of the most prominent. Here in the UK, Erinma Bell is one. Now I’ve met that woman, and believe me when I say that I have NEVER met a more arrogant, stuck up, RACIST, self superior person. And Sharpton is one of the biggest racists on planet Earth.

I Object to the very phrase; ‘black lives matter’. It is inherently racist, and suggests that the lives of black people are somehow more important than the lives of others. They are not. One of my American uncles was a journalist. Back in 2008 he did a piece on the shootings of black men by white and Hispanic police officers. During his research, he was shocked to find that more white and latino men were killed by cops than black men. That’s a fact that has NEVER been mentioned in the media.

Nor has the fact that the black community makes up around 15% of the US population, yet a disproportionate number of crimes are committed by black males. Or the fact that in a lot of the cases, the officers were subjected to extreme abuse and provocation. That’s not to excuse the officers, or to suggest that the dead men deserved it

In my opinion, the media have never used those facts, for the genuine fear of the backlash they would attract. The problem is, those facts add context to an issue that for too long, the media, particularly the likes of the BBC, have been allowed to paint a false picture of. In the case of the BBC, it’s more because they’re a bunch of PC left wing idiots, but there is a genuine risk that if media outlets told the truth, instead of painting the death of every black male as an execution by corrupt, racist, white police officers, there would be violence from the black community. Remember a few years ago, when an inquest in London cleared those firearms officers of any wrong doing when they shot dead a known gangster, who it turned out was armed? What happened? Riots in a number of cities.

There have never been any riots from the Caucasian/Hispanic communities whenever a white American or Mexican male was fatally shot by the police. No ‘White Lives Matter’ or ‘Latino Lives Matter’ protests. Although, they’d be met by counter protests by blacks, shouting them down as racist. President Obama has NEVER criticised the police for shooting dead a 17 year old white kid during a traffic stop, because he refused to obey the officer’s commands. As happened a couple of years ago.

Don’t get me wrong me here, I’m not claiming that the police are completely blameless. The two most recent deaths of black men in the US were a complete disgrace. Both were unarmed at the time they were killed. And in the case of the guy who was shot in the car, his missus and daughter were in the car at the time. From the angle at which he was shot, I’m amazed his daughter wasn’t hit. HOWEVER, we’re talking about a minority of police officers, who are clearly not fit to wear the uniform. And it’s not that they’re racist, it’s that they’re completely incompetent.

Black lives matter. So do White lives, Chinese lives, Asian lives, Hispanic lives, etc. ALL lives matter. And it’s about time that the PC brigade grew a pair and told all these protesters were told that, although these deaths should not have happened, black lives are NOT more important than others. Of course, if they did that, there’d be riots. And plenty of racism. And believe me, black people are some of the biggest racists around.

It’s about time that balance was restored here, and the TRUTH told.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw