9 thoughts on “Alan Davies

    • He’s married you cunt. How can he be a “poofter”? He does go over the top on Qi at times with his over the top cuntness.

  1. This Volkswagen cunt is right on the fucking money, outing Alan Davies as the complete and utter cunt that he is. The cunt sits there, right-hand man (or should I say backdoor man?) to that other crooked nosed ex-con cunt, Stephen Fry, all imbecilic expressions and nancy boy voices without barely a skerrick of fucking wit, just coasting along like the talentless cunt that he his. Thank you Volkswagen for reminding us all how cuntish Davies is.

  2. He also bit off a homeless man’s ear.
    He’s a nasty piece of work and not at like the cuddly, Essex twat-next-door character he likes to cultivate on tv.
    I worked with him once too and I can tell you he is a complete cunt.

  3. No he’s not. Alan is adorable, fantastic at comedy, a good actor and was totes right about LFC. As for ‘the tramp’ he was smartly dressed, hanging around the groucho club at 2am hurtling abuse and asking for trouble. Alan apologised at the time. Get your cunting facts straight!

    • Oh look….libby is a cunt as well. Mind you, a cunt only DESPERATE for reaction, but a cunt none the less. Did I say an idiot imbecilic cunt? Well I should have.

    • fantastic at comedy?? what comedy is that the only thinks thats comedic about this arse bandit is his stupid hair

  4. I once queued for an hour outside Thames Studios with tickets to see His Smugness Fry and this cunt. Only to get right to the gate and be told that twenty of of us still waiting (with numbered tickets) couldn’t get in because twenty of Cunt Davies mates had turned up and he’d demanded they get in. The talentless little maggot (cunt).

  5. Ive never seen this cunt say anything funny ever…..what sort of cunts pay to see this permed short tongued Jonothan Creeking cunt anyway…..I too worked with him and he was always on the bog reading The Guardian…….CUNT

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