Al Gore

Al Gore the Bore has got a new climate change film coming out….the sequel. More of the same landfill sized lies but twice done. Not that many of us will be settling down to a family sized box of popcorn to watch it. But you can bet it will be spoon-fed, forced indoctrination for all school children. Anyway, enough publicity for that.

The real reason for this cunting is he is also suggesting Brexit, the rise of populism and nationalism is down to climate change. Yup, listen up Brexiteers, farting cows and your 4X4s are to blame for your stupidity in voting to leave the great benefactor and saviour of the universe, the E.U.

He says, a Syrian drought which caused Syrian people on the move to clash with the refugees from the Iraqi war was the problem. This, then led to the Arab Spring which then led to the Syrian war and the refugee crisis to plague Europe.


I thought it was Dubya and B.Liar who started the Iraqi War. Then George Sore-ass and the globalists who manufacturered the Arab Spring and finally the U.S fancied a spot of regime change in Syria, wanting Assad out of the frame, to stick on in the eye, to Vlad the Indestructible. To add to that, up popped the peaceful religion’s inter-faction fighting and general hatred of each other, along with everyone’s favourites, Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

That doesn’t much sound like climate change to me. Sounds like good old warmongers, stirring up a hornets nest of religious fanatics in that region, after bombing the fuck out of their homelands. After all, Saddam and Gaddafi had no drought in their countries, nor were they religious. Finally, the whole  region is a desert anyway  – desert equals drought.

So Gorey has managed to turn a man made, unnatural disaster, i.e. war, which his political friends in the main, were responsible for and now blame it on man made climate change. Talk about ‘fake news’ .

Lastly, he and the U.S miltary, believes much of North Africa and the Middle East is in danger of becoing uninhabitable. No shit Sherlock, if the globalist political class keep interfering there, changing governments like underpants and feeding rancid regimes, while letting terrorists terrorise the region, what do you expect? It’s got nothing to do with it being hot and sunny there. It has always been hot and sunny!

So Mr Bore your solution is what exactly? Invite, them all over to Europe for a long stay, all expenses paid holiday, so they can “Carry on up the Jihadi” here?

In case of any doubt, don’t forget Al Bore is a fully paid up, card carrying, globalist cunt.  ‘Nuff said.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

Al Gore [3]

Al Gore is a lying, multiple mansion owning, Convenient bullshit peddling, the sky is falling, ten cheese burger eating, Damian Thorn incarnate, belching fat carbon footprint cunt.

Nominated by Anonymous