Kim Kardashian (3)

I don’t know much about this tart other than she’s a yank with a comically fat arse, who’s incredibly needy and constantly seeking attention. Apparently, she showed off her daughters’ latest painting which created a shit storm as people accused her of faking as it was too good for a young child. According to Sky News, lardass hit back at with “Please stop embarrassing yourselves with the negativity and allow every child to be GREAT!!!” – Although presumably, not nearly as fucking great as her ‘awesome’ child

…… She also said “”Don’t play with me when it comes to my children!!!”…. Go fuck yourself lardy, if you don’t want your children being part of the conversation then stop bragging about her and boring me with her shit art work.

Nominated by: Sideline Sid 

36 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian (3)

  1. Kim the attention vampire at it again, a Woman whose sole talent is having arse cheeks which emit a thunderclap as she walks.
    She is reported to be divorcing from publicity shy Kanye West, rumour is her arse is to be split straght down the middle! (I imagine that starfish has had more customers through it than the Humber Bridge! 😀).
    On other news I have tweaked my fkin back, and am going back to bed.

      • Could give her to the proud boys, a tall tree, short rope, a burning cross, and that freak of a father/mother/ whatever the fuck it is, the same, rid the scourge of the planet, a good start

  2. Fortunately this clans activities are nowhere near my periphery 👍
    However, if they take after their devious cunt of a father, the sneaky twat Lawyer friend of OJ Simpson, who smuggled the incriminating bag containing bloodstained clothes worn by the murderous simian, away from the place Simpson was “holed up” after the event, then file under CUNTS👎

  3. Imagine Kim The Quim mud wrestling Katie “The Vag” Price, both of them trying to out-bitch each other for the most attention!

    No, nor me!

    • Don’t allow them within a metre of each other. Their cunts will collide and the resulting void will swallow the Solar System..

  4. I honestly thought ‘Meet the Kardashians’ or whatever the ducks it’s called, was a Star Trek spin off show for years before I actually saw a picture of these twats, turns out I was right about it being about some sort of alien looking species. And that painting likes a lot like a Bob Ross to me.

    • Kims married to a little black fella, but hes gone doolaly.
      She gives me a tingle in my winky!
      No way that kids painted that!
      No oppossable thumbs.

    • The answer is simple: if the kid truly did do it then it has talent and this will not have been its first effort, ergo there should be a considerable portfolio of earlier scribblin’s that Quim could post in support/proof of her niglet’s gift. We wait with held breath (mainly on account of the reek emanating from her wogsocket!

  5. That’s a Bob Ross painting and even he was shite, about as realistic as us ever being out of lockdown.

    Is that kid really called North West ?

    • Morning 3D,
      Yep Kim gave all the kids madcap names.
      I thought Bob Ross was great!
      But for some reason always have his name in my head as Bob Todd.
      Who was the bloke on the Benny Hill Show.

    • Bob Ross was a wonderful man, the more you get to know of him, the more you like him, did an awful lot of good he did, sorely missed!

  6. If that spoonfed ridiculously named brat painted that, I’ll show my arse in the middle of Deansgate. Photoshopping is not painting, you fucking cunts. Even can chimp can press a fucking button or two and get a picture these days.

    And Kim Slagdashian is not a Yank. Cracks on she is, but she is pure dooshka trash. A manky euromutt from some ex-USSR shithole. Worst thing that could have happened was the collapse of the Soviet Union. Because of it the west is now crammed with hordes of ex-iron curtain filth. Oh, and taking that Berlin wall down was a mistake and all. That fucker should have stayed up until the end of time.

  7. With a name like North West I fucking doubt she painted it, probably a bit of tracing paper and a fucking join the dots picture.

    Kunty Kardash is a right old fucking tart with her junk in da trunk (sorry booty). She’s also filed for divorce from Kunty West.

    I still pork her out of spite and spray my jizz all over her face mind you!

    • Wonder if, when she grows up, the spawn of Crazy Kayne and Fatarse Kim will call her kid Granada?

      Then they can say ‘From the North West, this is Granada.’

  8. No way the lil bitch drew that oil painting her mommy got a professional artist to do it an paid a fee to not take credit for it

    Also congratulations to Kim and Kayne’s divorce! a marriage built on lies, fame and money satan claims his toll on these kardashians cunts

    How is this Kayne rapper so rich his muzak is literal fucking shite! Who actually buys his putrid rap music?! Oh right I forgot about the thousand dollar shoes this cunt hawked and the stupid fucks who bought it. I can’t wait for Kim big ass to lay waste to another phony as fuck marriage

  9. Aside from their father, at least the Kar-Trashians are still their original gender under their fake tits and arses, unlike the rest of the practically the entire elite of Transvestitutes (yes you Michael Obama, Manlinda Gates, Jacinda can-still-get-a Hardon et al).

  10. It’s not really Kim’s tits and arse I mind (at all), but her ubiquitous face. It seems a third of the women in the western world now have that look of ‘vacuous po-faced trout-lipped cunt’.

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