Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian is a pointless, talentless, waste-of-fucking-space cunt. Why the fuck do otherwise decent websites report the cuntish goings-on of this stupid cunt as if they are news? What sort of pondlife is interested in this shit?

She’s an ugly cunt too.

Nominated by: Cunt’s Mate Cunt

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    Stephen Kinnock

    Eurocunt gravy train riding son of welsh windbag wanker Neil Kinnock. This ugly slaphead cunt is spawned out of the Eton for Eurocunts, the College of Europe via Cambridge me dears. Married to the Danish Prime Minister – they apparantly met at the College of Eurocunts in Belgium. Now being parachuted into the very safe Labour seat of Aberavon. Welsh labour cunts are accustomed to incestuous buggery and sheep shagging so a spot of political incest is perfectly normal. Whilst we are at it let’s follow the trail of vomit back to the parents, Lady for fucks sake Kinnock, Baroness of Holyhead and the original ginger haired celtic cunt and running boy for the EU, (are yer awllright – oh fuck I’ve just lost the election) total tosser Neil K.

    The whole fucking family has dedicated itself to bumming orf the eurocunt gravy train. Fucking shower.

  2. Never heard of this Kardashian filly but do recall during me wartime service in Cairo there was a particularly foul knocking shop presided over by a madam name orf Jelly Lips Kardasian – a nom de guerre that was not inspired by her cake hole you will understand. Not a tight pussy agreed but able to accomodate most orf the Eighth Army at a session. Origin of The Full Monty I believe.

  3. Kardashian is a frigging skank. The epitome of the “famous for nothing” brigade.
    Kayne West is a fucking cunt too!

  4. “Fashion designer, actress, model and of course amateur porn star” What a resume of her career
    Nah! Just a spoiled and bored rich daddy’s girl with the morals of a cat on heat.

  5. You bitch I cant stand your guts… you have no life you are fat and ugly pointless wasteful asshole your daddy and you is gonna die with the devil old nigger your so disgusting your a looser you need to go get a job lesbian old woman!! Black bitch go clean your dirty asshole with your dirty smelly hair in it go have your mommy lick it up for you! Crack head weed bitch

  6. Kardashian is a trollop. No doubt about it. No argument. Her husband, West, looks like a bull-dog chewing a wasp. Probably something more satisfying and less traumatic than kissing the Kardashian thing.

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