Vaccine ‘racism’ and Other Assorted Crap

A cunting for the low uptake of the vaccine in BAME people.

First we were told that COVID was disproportionately lethal to Black and Asian people.

Some grievance merchants said it was due to structural racism in the NHS.

Turns out it is down to the ability of dark skin to make vitamin D at North European latitudes.

With this in mind you’d think black and Asian people would be gagging to get a vaccine, but according to GP’s surgeries across the UK, uptake in the ‘communities’ is very low.

Turns out they think the vaccine is made with all sorts of animal bits that are haram or have microchips in them.

I don’t want to hear self-pitying crap about ‘structural racism’ in ten months time when the South African and Brazilian variants have ripped through Bradford and Brixton.

You were told.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime.

47 thoughts on “Vaccine ‘racism’ and Other Assorted Crap

  1. Not just low on vitamin D. Mostly down to backward culture and failing to take common sense measures to avoid infection, in and out of each other’s houses, etc. And greater proportion working in frontline services, allegedly.

    Bottom line: whitey to blame.

    • More virulent in faecal matter apparently, Ruff-think about that one😉
      Fucking dirty peaceful cunts and Africunts👎

      • If the fuckers are kicking up a fuss, tell the lazy Oogas to buy some mushrooms as they’re loaded with Vitamin D.

        No Ruffers, not those mushrooms.

      • TfL checked all the London Underground offices and stations for signs of covid. Found none, but did find faecal matter over most surfaces. It’s the muzzer staff wiping their arses with their hands.

  2. If the mutated forms did euphonise a massive percentage of black and Asian communities in Western Europe and in particular in the United Kingdom, then that can only be a good thing👍
    Nature has a way of cleansing the shit from her surface😀👍

    • Three cheers for covid!!
      They think its got pig in it,
      And is haram as in the Muslim faith pigs are seen as unclean.
      A spokesman for the pig community said
      “Thats a bit rich coming from a fuckin paki!!”

  3. Same thing happened in Indonesia with Chink vaccines, but this time they did contain gelatin extract whereas the 3 approved UK ones don’t. Fucking idiots, take whichever comes first should you choose to have it. Ian Dury and my close friend would have taken the polio jab had it been around then. These ungrateful arsewipes can’t make any decisions for themselves anyhow, it’s always “I’ll speak to the imam.” I wonder if they take MMR and shingles jabs? They do contain pork gelatin I believe.

  4. As well as an inability to make Vitamin D, dark-key skin also has an inability to repel water…indeed, it actually absorbs water…just like a sponge,it is…sink like The fucking Titanic hitting an iceberg if out of their depth.

    This is why you never see Sooties at public swimming-baths,rivers,lakes or the sea-side….further evidence of their “sinkability” is provided in historical accounts of them disappearing under the water at the speed of a concrete-block when chucked over the side of slave ships….ungrateful bastards..being removed from their mud-huts,head-hunting neighbours and the possibility of a visit from Lenny Fucking-Henry to get free passage to a job and fried-chiggun’d expect them to show some appreciation…but No, the fuckers would rather drown than have a job.

    Nobody should be forced to have the jab…just as long as it is made clear to them that they will no longer be eligible for NHS treatment and will be quarantined if found to be contagious. I don’t believe that the vaccine contains “chips” and if vaccine speeds up the finish of this whole disastrous affair,I’m perfectly happy to be a “Sheeple”.

    • This vaccine, doesnt contain chips or pork,
      Does it have any nutritional value?

      Morning Dick👍

    • wasn’t there a somalian who drowned in Manchester and, according to her mother, the water was racist or something. Surprised the cunts come over the channel.

      • That racist is the river Irewell lord C.
        It stood as a BNP candidate in the local by-elections.
        When asked about its views on race by Hope Not Hate it remained tight-lipped.
        Case closed.

    • Yes. Vaccines have been around for ages and have been a great help. Polio, for example.

      Are to think the boffins and every government in the world, many if whom hate each other, are in on some microchipping death zombie mind control vaccine?

      I too agree that nobody should be forced to have the vaccine. But I’d refuse these cunts access to NHS covid treatment if they catch it and need an intensive care unit. What are you worrying about? It’s all made up nonsense by the baby blood drinkers. It’s just a little cold. Take a Lemsip and fuck off.

      • Dick what’s your opinion about the 5Gay towers and corona vaccines?! Have you taken it? I hope you at least wait until all options are exhausted and thought over throughly

        Personally I have tried some traditional chinese medicine to build up and strengthen immunity. Some western capitalist pig doctors will say chinese medicine doesn’t work. Well I say Bok yung chung goy! to them which from mandarin translates as Go fuck yourself cunts Have a good one old chap take care

      • I’ll take the vaccine,TS…not that I think that I need it. I never catch anything and even if I did catch this,I’m guessing that it wouldn’t do me much hurt. I just want things (the Pubs and race-courses,if I’m honest) back up and running.. the more people that get jabbed,the quicker it’ll happen,hopefully.

        Bushmills is all the medicine I need. 🙂 .

      • Be honest Dick. You just want your pub passport for Northumberland and Durham. All incoming grockels will be banned.

      • Cumbria n’all,Bertie. I was down at Kirby Lonsdale the other day…it was fucking awful driving through just looking at all the shut ale-house….fucking criminal.

  5. As long as the undesirables from ‘da commooonidies’ stay in those very places then it will be come the most effective Darwinian purge of these neolithic half-wits.

    I am sick to the gills of hearing about this fucking ‘white privilege’. This is just a feeble excuse concocted by guilty, white, soy-eating, liberal-types who really should get a proper job instead of pontificating bollocks. Then again, I wouldn’t trust one of these cunts of the back of a cement mixer or on the end of a broom.

  6. There are Very high rates of infection amongst ultra Orthodox Jews who along with their fellow Abrahamic “friends” think that: they are superior to gentiles and infidels, that their imaginary, psychopathic, jealous “god” will impose its will, thereby making human intervention irrelevant and that the laws and customs of the civilised countries they choose to live in can be ignored as their primitive practices are more important. Variants of Abrahamic religions are extremely destructive and their adherents are supremely ignorant CUNTS.

    • Add to that:
      Usually fucking ugly cunts, too👍
      They add nothing positive to the gene pool👎

      • Nowt against jews personally,
        Anyway I thought Israel had a quite successful innoculation program in place?
        I know theyre considering ‘covid passports’ and getting slagged off the leftwaffe for not helping Palestine.

  7. Behind all these lies about racism will be a subtext for a handout.
    Watch all the worrisome problems evaporate when these Dark Types start getting paid to have the vaccine.
    A sack of slimy rats.

  8. The trouble is it doesn’t matter how many dead peacefuls there are, they will still be voting for Suckdick in the election.

  9. Anything that depletes the number of carpet fliers must be good so tell them it contains pork scratching and beer. Hey presto a huge drop in honest Abduls.
    You could also say it contains a gene to make you whiter. The dark keys will reject it as there’s nothing they like more than waving their arms around like psychotic windmills and saying “bangin”, whatever that means.

  10. Take the vaccine? Don’t take the vaccine? Black? White? Male? Female? Alphabet? Over 18? Fucking make your own minds up, cunts. Just don’t try blaming others for the consequences one way or the other. It is just part of the responsibility that comes with being grown up. Now fuck off.

      • Thanks, Unkle. Some cunts just have to moan about something. At least they have a fucking choice, even if it is a crap one!

  11. What is even more surprising about the low uptake nu yjr BAMERS is that it is free. They are usually very fancy free – that is, if it is free, then they fancy it.

    I suppose the dark keys finding it harder to absorb Vitamin D is behind the campaign for free Vitamin D tablets.

    Perhaps they should be forced to take white man’s magic or relocate to their original homes?

    • Its funny but I have no problems manufacturing vitamin D in my body,
      Im bursting with it!
      Like a walking bottle of orange juice I am.
      Its confirmed what I suspected all along….
      We are the master race!

    • White man’s magic involves working hard and striving to make your living environment better.

      We did this to most of Africa and then left.

      It took the locals about five minutes after our backs were turned to make the entire continent into a third world shithole again.

  12. Not just fun-kees and parking stanleys that don’t trust the “special brew”.

    Exclusive footage from the recent Liberal Democrat Conference, where outside guest speaker, Little Mathew Handicock, had his vaccine rebuked by them.

    I must say, Layla Moran does wear a head-feather, rather well👍

  13. Not giving a fuck about the uptake of vaccines amongst the cultural enrichers. Their choice, it may turn you batty, may be made from pork scratchings up to them to believe what they like. Their health their lives? Not loosing much sleep that’s for sure.

    • Pure as the driven snow.

      It’s white snow for white people, don’t want any darkie types spoiling it.

  14. The thing is, if these thick cunts don’t have the vaccine, it will prolong it for normal people who’ve had the vaccine. The Government Scientists will use any excuse to keep lockdown ongoing and these morons are giving it to them. Fuck human rights, it should be compulsory. If you don’t have it, no holidays abroad, no entry to pubs and clubs, no concerts or sporting events. Draconian I know but it’s the only way out of this shit show. Also to BAME’s who refuse it, then your sent straight back to your country of origin. Uptake would be 100% then.

  15. I had the jab last week. Was very quick process apart from sitting and waiting for 15 minutes after being jabbed. Had a sore arm the day after but was fine after that.

    • Um I wouldn’t be celebrating just yet m8 I’m glad you are optimistic about your vaccination panicking won’t do you any good but in a few weeks who knows what could happen with the mrna nanobots circulating in your bloodstream I only fear the worst but I’m sure you’ll be just fine…

      Months go by oh sure still feeling great but mark my words spoonigton by this time next year you’ll be watching musicals and singing show tunes and dressing in drag Also if this vaccine doesn’t turn you gay what about the next one you get?!

  16. i’m actually gobsmacked that any sane person would want unknown substances pumped into their body particularly as nobody knows what the long term effects will be

  17. Ricketts is a problem too with men wearing black dresses and women badly disguised as a postbox.

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