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Apologies for the length of this.

Disney+, Disney and Disney Lucasfilm.

When it was just Disney, it was, on the face of it at least, a wholesome, family entertainment company.

In modern era, it’s an evil, woke, money grabbing cesspit.

This is a company that filmed scenes for its live action version of Mulan in Xinjiang Province, China, close to the ‘detention’ centres where so many Uyghar Muslims are currently imprisoned.

This is a company that employs Kristina Arielle, the host of a webcast centring on the Star Wars: The High Republic, and who makes racist comments about white people, with Disney’s blessing.

This is a company, that to bend the knee to the Chinese and their hatred of black people, shrank Jon Boyega’s image on the promo posters for their shitty Star Wars sequel trilogy to give him a less prominent position.

This is also a company that hypocritically has just fired Gina Carano for a tweet she posted, after finally giving in to the Leftwaffe, who’ve been viciously on her case for the past 6/7 months.

It all started when she politely refused to put pronouns in her Twitter bio, to prove that she supported Trans people. Because it’s not enough to simply SAY that you support a certain group anymore, you now have to provide evidence. Every day. And if you refuse to do that, then you’re a transphobe/homophobe/racist etc etc.

The tweet she put out featured a photo from pre-war Germany and featured a terrified Jewish woman in her underwear, with the comment:

“Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors…. even by children,” She then followed it with:

“Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews.”

She was using as an allegory for what the far left are currently doing to anyone who disagrees with them. It’s not the best allegory, but she meant NO offence to Jews. She’s now actually working with Ben Shapiro, who describes himself as “the most Jewish Jew in the world” and his Daily Wire to make a movie. Of course, being woke, and therefore evil little wilfully ignorant retards, their narrative is that she’s comparing the Holocaust to Republicans. That is an out and out lie. The thing is she’s right.

The behaviour of the Leftwaffe, especially groups like Antifa and BLM are reminiscent of the behaviour of the Nazis in the 1940’s. Meanwhile, they’re political supporters, especially in the US and UK are busy demonising those who disagree with, or question them. That was the point she was trying to make.

One of the worst Disney Lucasfilm employees, is the top dog herself, Kathleen Kennedy. She is directly responsible for the sheer shiteness of the sequel trilogy and Solo. Was the fact they were terrible movies the fault of Kennedy and those she hired to make that crap? No. It was the fans. They were man babies. They were racist. They were misogynists. Then Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni were brought in to create The Mandalorian, which was it’s biggest Star Wars success to date. And Kennedy was barred from any involvement.

Disney Lucasfilm earned itself a LOT of goodwill when the final episode of season 2 featured a post Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker in a heavily CGI’d cameo. The CGI was pretty bad, but it didn’t matter to most fans. The Luke they wanted was back, rather than the miserable, contemptible piece of shit from the sequels. It just happened though that Kennedy’s faction at Lucasfilm had brought out the High Republic, set long before the prequels. It was immediately ridiculed, partly because the artwork was shite, but also because of one character in particular. A so called Jedi called Leo Gyasi. Leo was introduced in a very camp pose and wearing a deep cut V neck shirt. It didn’t help that his surname is an anagram of ‘is gay’. Though I suspect that was deliberate. Cue lots of photoshopped images of Leo as a Jedi hairdresser. And it’s not doing very well.

The wokists didn’t like that. And rather than take the goodwill that Star Wars were throwing at them, they decided to shoot themselves in the foot by ramping up the hate. Gina Carano is the latest casualty.

As a result, thousands of people have now cancelled their subscriptions to Disney+. Y’see, Gina was a very popular member of the Mandalorian cast. In fact, the merch for her character, Cara Dune, regular outsold the merch for other characters, with the possible exception of baby Yoda.

But now, on the basis of lie, they’ve lost that. The most egregious thing about this though, is the hypocrisy. As I mentioned earlier, Disney and many of its other employees have behaved abominably, but none of them have faced any sanction. That’s because they all follow the ‘correct’ path. Gina doesn’t. Gina likes to think. Gina likes to question. Gina likes to treat her fans with the respect they deserve. Disney doesn’t like that.

So, fuck you Disney. Cunts.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw


73 thoughts on “All Things Disney

  1. Disneyworld in Florida is great for families with young children but the films now are nothing but unimaginative bland regurgitated shite.

  2. Disney have also put warnings at the start of kids programmes like The Muppet Show over “offensive content” and “outdated views”. Maybe Statler and Waldorf are white supremacists, The Swedish Chef is a transphobe and Fozzie Bear voted Trump.

    • LL
      Part of the objection to the Muppets was the Johnny Cash episode where The Man in Black was singing Infront of a Confederate flag.
      I love Johnny Cash, hed of told them to get fucked.

      • The thing is Miserable, Disney are admitting their programmes contain so-called “offensive content” but are still happy to trouser the millions of Dollars that they generate in merchandising.

      • My son got me into Johnny cash a few years ago. I had heard him do ‘A Boy Named Sue’ back in the late 1960s and ‘One Piece at a Time’ from the mid 1970s but hadn’t really listened until M’Boy introduced me to more of his work.
        I am now quite a fan of his work.
        Disney ? A bunch of fucking muppets.

      • Johnny Cash was a good man with a few flaws which he readily admitted.
        How many Disney & Co. executives would measure up to him?

  3. Uncle Walt must be spinning in his cryogenic chamber! 😁
    The lovable old antisemite.

    My first film seen as a little kid was Jungle Book, love it too this day.
    When my son was a little tot it was the Lion King.
    Disney have made some great children’s and family entertainment films.
    But the cancer of WOKE has infected every facet of the modern world and is strangling common sense,free speech, and it hates traditional family values.
    Gina Carano didnt say anything anti-Semitic far from it,
    But her cards were marked for not supporting the tranny pronoun bollocks.
    A shame, im a big fan of a Mandolorean an she was good in it.
    If the woke had their way the next Disney film would show Cinderella licking out snow-white,
    The little mermaid would be a tranny and such.
    Herbie goes bananas?
    Too fuckin right.

  4. Well done indeed Mr McGraw.
    They seem to be be comitting commercial suicide with their lecturing woke nonsense.
    Might sound like a great script with half a kilo of cocaine up the hooter but audiences don’t give a fuck.
    I sincerely hope they carry on with their idiocy at a rate of knots.

    • Ah, Unkle , you’ve nailed it there; the strategy may appear sound in the boardroom but as you say, the audience doesn’t give a fuck for faux,transitory ‘values’.

  5. Try and get hold of ‘songs of the south’ youve no chance!!
    A Disney film telling the old deep south folk tales of Bre’er rabbit.
    The main man is a kindly old black guy called uncle Remus.
    But its based on the old cotton picking days, when black sharecroppers would sing spiritual songs to lighten the burden of working all day in the Fields.
    What the woke dont understand is it wasn’t just a black thing.
    It was a poor thing.
    Johnny Cash had scars all over his hands from picking cotton.
    But its cancelled anyway.
    They feel uncomfortable with it because it was THEIR great grandaddy that owned the fuckin fields!!

    • ‘Song of the South’ was ground-breaking mixing live action with animation. Part of cinema history. It paved the way for Disney’s greatest film imo, ‘Mary Poppins’. Disney dealt in masterpieces of entertainment like ‘Snow White’, which cheered millions as the world entered a period of horrific conflicts.

      Now it has been infiltrated and infested by leftist cunts, just like America in general. It is a sort of microcosm of all that is utterly diseased in our society.

      I will always remember Disney films from childhood as being special times spent with my Mum who loved Poppins, ‘Lady and the Tramp’ ‘Fantasia’ and ‘JungleBook.’

      Fuck the cunts who have poisoned the well for future generations of kids.

      • Good evening MNC, good evening everyone (as they used to say in primary school morning assemblies – which of course are now banned).

      • Evening Twenty,
        Good post by the way.
        As you say it reminds you of your mum👍
        When I saw Jungle Book my granny took me an my cousin’s.
        Saved her money to take us.
        I was very young and only ever seen a black&white telly,
        So seeing a huge screen in full colour genuinely overwhelmed me.
        Ever I hear the music, it reminds me of my gran.😁👍

  6. The old Disney, Peter Pan,Dumbo,Jungle Book etc…were good. Now it’s been hijacked by the lefty woke cunts. If it was made before 1985 or maybe even 1975 avoid it.
    The only good cartoon now is shrek or Family Guy.

  7. I had to watch Frozen for about the fourth time the other day with my little granddaughter.
    I couldn’t understand why she kept asking me to make a sound like a frog throughout the film. It was only just before her mother picked her up that I asked
    her “ why do you want me to make that sound?”
    She replied “mum said that when you croak, we get to go to Disneyworld.”
    Needless to say, I’ve cut the cunts out of my will.

  8. Convenient that Disney, and other gone-woke corporations, are now virtue signalling like there’s no tomorrow. And yet up until a year or two ago they really didn’t give a shit!

    Funny that.

    • If ‘go woke go broke’ is real then the ‘money men’ must be going apeshit.

      But if it is real that you make ‘woke’ you go broke there us hope for us all

      What Am I trying yo say? Just there is a terrible climate of fear of ‘woke’ not only in the creators but also in the consumers..

      Hannah and Jessica in the States will be so cool not only what they wear but the wilj films they watch. ‘woke’ books they read

      We must remember they have never had any real humour or any real pathos or any real life like situation in their movies, books

      I think we can honestly say that this has shown that
      Capitalism is not simply some amoral market mechanism but is morally corrupt

      Maybe even the main thing thing that is morally corrupting the culture

      back to the money men I am not sure ‘go woke ho broke’ is real the ‘money men’ wouldn’t allow it

  9. 🎶If Herr Disney’s woke say we need a safe space, we say heil, heil right in Herr Disney’s face.🎶
    The Nazi cunt’s head would be rolling about in its jar, the one next to Adolf’s waiting for Soros to reanimate them.
    Always preferred Warner brothers as a kid.

    • Warner Bros were great. The best Marx Brothers films were made while they were contracted to Warners. Their MGM stuff was still good, but not as flat out brilliant.

      • Is it true that Sam Goldwyn was once heard shouting at one of his writers ‘I didn’t say I wanted it good, I said I wanted it Thursday!’.

  10. The House of Mouse is also busy buying up the rights to as many classic films and film franchises as possible.
    Presumably so that any future streaming or Blu-ray releases can have their content “adjusted” for the “enlightened” modern audience…😝😝😝

  11. Disney get worse. Much worse.

    Aside from disgraceful treatment of Gina Carano, the Disney cunts are now repeating the Muppet Show. These are classic episodes from the 1970s, but now they come with a ‘Cultural Warning’ from Disney. Before each repeated episode, the following warning is now broadcast:

    ‘This programme includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures .This programme includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures. These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now.’

    This woke whine has been added to each of the episodes, including one where Johnny Cash sings in front of the Confederate flag. First off, this is a light entertainment programme that is over 40 years old. Second, instead of saying ‘Some soft snowflake cunts might be offended, but feel free to make up your own minds’ we get ‘These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now.’ So Disney are now giving orders and telling people what’s right and wrong. It makes Leni Riefenstahl’s stuff look tame for fuck’s sake. But the joke is they are stomping their jackboots about a 40 odd year old TV show that starred a load of puppets. This is dictatorial woke fascist lunacy at its very worst. And nobody does it better than Disney.

    They really are fucking cunts.

  12. Disney are also distributing Peter Jackson’s Beatles film. Apple (the original Apple, that is) must be fucking insane. After their experiences with Allen Klein and ABKCO, they get into bed with another notorious American corporate monster.

  13. Never was into Disney as a kid, too saccharin and sweet.
    The only good stuff was the jungle football match and rhe Krauts getting their arses kicked from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and the slightly disturbing Event Horizon style ending of The Black Hole.
    Aside from that, give me good old Tom and Jerry battering the shit out each other, while Diane Abbott stands on a stool screaming…

  14. As a child I never much cared for Disney. Mickey Mouse was utter shite.

    Fantasia was the biggest fucking yawnathon I’ve ever had to sit through.

    Tom & Jerry wiped the floor with Disney. As did the Flintstones, Top Cat, Yogi Bear.

    More recently, South Park, Beavis & Butthead, King of the Hill, Family Guy, American Dad, all blow Disney off the stage.

    • Im not little Mary Sunflower,
      No! Im Desmond Sunflower!
      Desmond Sunflower!
      Who happens to be a perfectly normal little boy.
      Who also happens to be a transvestite.
      Stewie Griffin
      Family Guy

      The greatest character ever invented 😁👍

  15. Didn’t like Disney as a kid, would rather have watched the Longest day or the Dambusters. Sickly crap. I just hope the cunts take a financial beating along with those cunts at Coca Cola trying to belittle its white workforce. Let’s prove the adage ‘go woke, go broke’

  16. Of course the great problem is that the Boomer and Gen X generations are either dying out or are no longer profitable – and therefore seen as a liability and toothless.

    Disney are gearing up for the Millennium and Gen Z generations, the latter of which have already been “brainless-washed” for all things woke, and will be around for another 30 or 40 years, to be followed by whatever Gen comes after – Gen Wank, perhaps!

    So Disney might see profits slide in the short term as the Boomers and Gen Zs still dominate the box-office and streaming, but in the mid term Disney will see profits rise again, along with an entire back-catalog of classic films and TV shows, all suitably “Fact Checked” and cleansed for those very same Generations.

    They’re just biding their time until us old cunts are wormfood or a bag of ashes

  17. One of the worst Disney Lucasfilm employees, is the top dog herself, Kathleen Kennedy.

    Top dog is absolutely right. Kennedy is an absolute mutt.

  18. The old Disney Cartoons like Snow white etc were a labour of love for the skilled animators that created them. Same goes for the Fliecher brothers cartoons
    The bland lifeless computer animated shite we see now is awful.

      • Well said, Miles. Give me the Janky aesthetic of the Disney films from The Jungle Book through to the Black Cauldron, or the 30s-40s style used in Pinocchio and Lady and the Tramp.

  19. ” Culture is upstream of politics”. They like to capture them young. Just like Moa, Adolf and uncle Joe, making Horst Wessel, Pavlik Morosov. Dont Know what the yellow chinky one is but their is bound to be one. Greta is a classic example. What could possibly go wrong!. Fuck you Disney, Nike, Premiere league, NFL, Paypal,Gillete, Burger King, non cocain cola (wish it had cocaine in it) , Ben and jerry poofs, Mcwank, Pepsi,adidas,Starshit coffee, Microsort, Marvel(not marvelous), Pornhub,twatter,Mastercard,Pinterest,Spotify,Apple cunts,youcunt,Victoria secret(wonder why),Facecunt,Aldi (Nazis), Hugo Boss(Nazis), Tesla(shit product kept alive by crony capitalism) Uber(cunts). The list goes on and on. Glad that I got that of my chest.

  20. Get Woke Go broke

    Not Disney, but Ben and Jerry’s. Their overpriced oversweetened, carb-laden lumpy vomit has taken a tumble in the UK. May it long continue. I hope the cunts go to the wall – lecturing us in the UK about our swarthy illegal problems. Why can’t these cunts just fuck off and stick to their primary business activities.

    With any luck Disney will go the same way.


    • Ben & Jerrys can get fucked.
      Plenty of great British manufacturers of ice cream.
      Some are small local business that takes pride in their product.
      Buy British 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
      Fuck the left.

    • If there was any sort of justice, there would be a boxing match between Gina and that Kennedy bitch. The Disney witch would get fucking pulped.

      Carano gives me the horn and no mistake.

      • Damn right. I’d pay good money to see her choking the life out of Kennedy and that Pelosi witch at the same time then smashing their skulls together.

  21. Sleeping beauty was certainly ‘woke’ when kissed.

    Excuse to slip in my favourite Xmas cracker joke.
    What did sleeping beauty say after she had her photo taken?
    One day my prints will come.

  22. I used to love Disney when I was a small kid – there was something almost magical about it.
    Now it’s bombing except with the Man children and vegan blue hairs – as soon as they realise there are a lot more sane people than Wokeflakes they will change their tune.
    Fuck them.

    • Please don’t get me started on the people I know in their thirties and forties who went to watch Toy Story 3 and Frozen, and don’t have children.

    • Evening CG…wouldn’t you just love to force Kathleen Kennedy and all her leftie comrades to sit down and watch a couple of episodes of “Love Thy Neighbour” and “Curry and chips”?!
      Those pricks heads would explode like in “Scanners”!

      • I would make Kennedy watch Till Death Us Do Part and also Spike’s Dalek sketch from Q.

        Then I would watch her cunt explode like the Death Star.

      • Make her watch “Birth of a Nation”- a masterpiece of cinema, showing just what happens when the “whip hand” is given to the “knee-grow”

    • I remember the theme tune more than the cartoon, CG.
      I do remember seeing it on the telly.

      And Disney are getting more absurd. They are now banning under 7s from watching Peter Pan because it’s ‘racist.’ The Aristocats, Swiss Family Robinson and Dumbo have also been removed from children’s accounts on Disney subscription channels for breaching ‘content advisories’.

      Disney are certainly going the right way about angering and alienating customers and losing money. Disney – like the BBC – now deserves to rot and perish.

    • CG@
      I remember wait till your father gets home well.
      The hippy son was called Chet.
      And they had a neighborhood militia type who was worried about a imminent commie attack!
      He’d not sound so mental nowadays 😀

      • Exactly-a national guard “Chevvy Chase” type in his tank, worried about “commies”.
        They laughed at that then. They laughed when they stole the election last year.
        Will they still be laughing in a year or so?

  23. They aren’t exactly winning over the masses with their woke fuckery.

    Mulan,firing big G for drawing political parallels (perhaps) and now muppets being offensive because Joan Baez used an Indian accent.

    Joan Fucking Baez! – the woman who melted the hearts of emotionally retarded nerds llike myself at the end of ‘Silent Running’

  24. What a great nomination, what a well presented case for the prosecution.
    They are cunts who are just following the money.
    I hope that they have misjudged it badly

  25. As an avid Star Wars fan, I have to say the last three films were just woke shit. Female leading part? Check. Black supporting part? Check. Multiple Chinese, Japanese, Outer Mongolian Supporting Parts? Check. Darth Vader’s Grandson with life issues? Check. As soon as the Force Awakens was announced I thought, these fuckers will ruin. Let’s be honest, Star Wars without Darth Vader? I’ll stick to the middle three films me thinks.

    • You forgot starship commander who was a lesbian✅

      Animal activist freeing race-animals✅

      White men as the bad guys / bane as the good guys ✅

      All the white hero’s: Leia, Luke, Solo-killed off. Symbolic of death of the old society-birth of the new👎

      Fucking cunts.
      Has that thick g.olliwog Boyega succumbed to covid yet😀

      • George Lucas shit the bed on star wars franchise it was suppose to be more darker after Empire arguably the best SW film and the one Lucas had the least amount of involvement in!

        The ewoks original sketch they were suppose to be scary looking like a alien race but Lucas turned them into fucking midget teddy bears and made Return of the Jedi more family friendly

  26. do all you happy people here know that the british govermint via the cabinet office have committed to spend millions of our hard earned collaborating with the disney foundation to introduce being ‘police cadets’ for our young people?

    It’s true, as our young people are introduced to the merry world of crime prevention via fun days out under the tutelage of disney’s finest – talk about micky mouse shit – this is it!!!

    • this is yet more evidence of the big american companies taking over this country under cover of covid – the nhs is already being privatised via american insurance company contracts being signed as we speak — who said this tyranny was about a virus???

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