“Hard to reach out” people.

I can’t exactly tell you who these “hard to reach” people are because by their very nature they are hard to reach.

I do know that this phrase is all over the media at the moment and has pissed me off to the point of a cunting.

They are hard to reach in order to offer them the vaccine, hard to reach in order to ensure they are claiming all the benefits they are entitled to or hard to reach to make them aware of employment opportunities. And so the list goes on.

Why the fuck is it government’s or any public bodies responsibility to “reach” these people when the rest of us have nowhere to hide? It’s funny how any cunt with something to sell, government, HMRC, local authorities etc. have no trouble ‘reaching’ the rest of us.

No, the plain truth is that these cunts don’t want to be reached, either because they are here illegally, they are engaged in criminal activity or quite simply don’t wish to integrate into society.

The onus is not on authorities to pander to these cunts but it’s certainly on the Government to find out who they are and kick the cunts out or kick their cunts in.(not in the footballing sense of the word.)


Nominated by: Bertie Blunt Tory Cunt

…and in direct contrast here’s one from Harold Steptoe

The phrase “Reaching out” and all of its permutations.

These days nobody contacts anyone, calls them, emails them, messages them etc. They all “Reach out”.

It’s corporate jargon being used to (falsely) convey that people actually give a shit when they don’t.

If anyone uses this phrase on me I’m going to burst into the Four Tops song.

33 thoughts on ““Hard to reach out” people.

  1. There’s nowt wrong with a good, old-fashioned reach-around.

    I have been told on good authority that it is simply good manners.

  2. I wish the taxman found me hard to reach.
    He doesn’t of course.

    What this phrase means is pandering to foreign vermin.

    Outreach by oven.
    Fuck Off.

  3. I’m not so sure…there are a lot of pensioners who either intimidated by the “Benefit System” or are unaware of some of the benefits to which they are entitled.Govt. Agencies should be “reaching out” to these people.

    To Fuck with the scroungers and illegal immigrants who seem to know every “entitlement” despite never contributing a fucking Penny.

      • I’d rather the coffin-dodging old bastards got my tax money than “Chardonnay” and her 5 kids or “Abdul” and his 8 year old wife.

        Old people need money to pay me for logs that they order and then struggle to pay for.


        PS….I like The Guardian…I can always find something in there to set my piss boiling.

      • How do you feel about reaching out? That’s another fucking phrase that tightens my sphincter. I feel happy when my horse wins, sad when it falls. I don’t “feel” about most things, though I may have thoughts or opinions on them. I think kittens and puppies are nice, I feel impotent rage and disgust when watching fat poikies wedding, love island and question time. I feel I may have fucked up my own point there. Pubs open 12th April! I feel fine! Btw Dick, the lad who sells logs down my way has the advertising slogan “I’ve got wood!” He probably wouldn’t mind if you nicked it.

    • Indeed sire.
      The Benefits System requires a First Class with Honours Degree to be successful.
      It appears our Foreign Friends are all professors.
      They need horse whipping into the sea.

  4. I hate that phrase. Only people allowed to say “Reach out to him” are The American Mafia.

  5. I don’t entirely agree with Berty’s portion of this cunting. The number of times years ago I attempted to “reach out” to the inland revenue to apply for a tax rebate but would be sat listening to a ring tone for over 30 minutes and never hear even a recording of a human voice was a fucking piss take.

    However, you can gurantee that if THEY want to “reach out” to you, they will move heaven and Earth to make it happen – Letters, e-mail, telephone, text massage, telegram, smoke signals, carrier fucking pigeon.

    No no, some people just want to be left the fuck alone.

    • That wasn’t my portion of the nom TITS.
      I gave my title “hard to reach people” and Admin added ‘out’ from the other nom.
      I have, today, taken out legal action against Admin for misrepresentation.

  6. I don’t know if teachers are “hard to reach out to”, but the funniest thing I have heard on Wireless 4 in years occurred on the 0700 news this morning. Talking about shortening the summer school holidays this year to allow pupils to catch up “teaching unions have said they are afraid teachers will burn out if they have to reduce the holiday period”.

    • Did you know teachers aren’t really paid for their holidays? Their salary is based on the time that they work and then spread out over 12 months to give them a monthly wage. Have a read of the Burgundy Book, fascinating stuff….

  7. My heart bleeds for the hard to reach påki’s and other immigrant groups, who’ve been here ( many illegally ) for donkeys years, can’t speak English and have no intention of integrating.

    It bleeds for the hordes of pikey filth, who thieve, kill and despoil, and are rapidly gaining a firm foothold in this country .

    It bleeds for the perpetually workshy, who contribute nothing, but take everything.

    Oh wait ! Hang on. No !
    It doesn’t bleed one iota for any of these cunts, who are slowly but surely, destroying this country, aided and abetted by an even bigger set of cunts who reside in the government and establishment, as well as do gooder organisations such as the Gypsy Council, and other left wing riddled bodies. NOTE : The tory party is no exception to this.
    But it does bleed, especially for the older section of society, who went through a world war, worked hard, payed their taxes ( and in many cases still do )and were rewarded with the shit show that is 21st century ‘ Great Britain ‘
    Who must surely wonder whether it was all worth it.
    Great nomination.
    Good morning.

  8. I had my jab a couple of weeks ago. The clinic is in the multicultural part of Scunny, admittedly not large but with a high concentration of peacefuls.

    In the 1/2 hour it took I didnt see one person of colour amongst the dozens attending.
    We should be offering extra benefits to these poor discriminated people to encourage them to get a jab. Perhaps St Marcus and renowned epidemiologist Doreen Lawrence could organise it.
    Reach out for Marcus and Doreen has a ring to it.

  9. Birmingham council for example have forms in 60 languages, even Welsh. Hard to reach my arse. They don’t struggle with benefits, taking interpreters with them to the office where the golden eagle shits.

  10. the health people have been reaching out to me for weeks now with 4 requests for me to have their poison – reach out there is met with fuck off here!!

  11. The phrase “reaching out” is another bit of management-speak that makes my piss boil. I hear it often at work amongst other bits of shit such as “circle back to you” (respond to you) and “rotate into a new role” (move to a new position/job).

    People don’t realise what cunts they are when they use fucking stupid phrases like this. I hope Unkle Terry has an industrial-sized shredder for disposing of these cunts.

  12. Almost as bad as “have a nice day” (meant as “have a nice day you cunt”). Of how about “boom”. How totally fucking annoying is that?!

    • Yeah I’ve noticed some young snowflake cunts using that term “Boom”
      Fuck off you idiotic cunts.
      I am a miserable cynical cunt who refuses to understand da yoof though.

  13. Hard to reach

    The local ‘leaders’ of P*ki communities are in charge, doesn’t matter what the government do or say.

    Fuck them and the piss they sit in.

    I had to laugh at one p*ki cunt who said that some of these people can’t even read their own language let alone English.

    • 85% of the planet’s peacefuls are illiterate, relying solely on their local chief beard wearer for information.

      Political views, dole scrounging scams, good places to molest underage girls, FGM, shouting at their food while it gets its throat cut, jihad and who wage it on etc.

      Our chavs look like mastermind contestants compared to your average carpet pilot.

  14. I first heard this irritating americanism while watching NYPD Blue (how long ago is that?) Some detective was talking about a guy (sorry) who could help him with his case, and he said “I’ll reach out to him”. I thought, what the fuck is he talking about? It must be easier just to say “I’ll ring him”. Everybody has been reaching out ever since.

  15. You mention vaccine in your post and in a rage of disgust I peed myself a little when I read this on Al Beeb:


    Having done a bit of digging I discovered the president Nana Akufo Addo (or cunto) has a personal fortune of: $1.2 billion. Yep, this is true, if unbelievable!

    You telling me this cunt fuck, if he gives a damn couldn’t dig into his own fucking pocket to pay for some of this. But no, he wants to make sure he, his family (probably has 50 wives) and the military have enough power to keep him in control of the country. Instead, other mugsy countries, who don’t have a policy of cooking each other in gumbo try and look after the own people end up being criticised for not helping out more.

    Al Bias Beeb then quoted the next three points:

    Ghana – with a population of 30 million – has recorded more than 80,700 cases of coronavirus and 580 deaths since the pandemic began. These numbers are believed to fall short of the actual toll because of low levels of testing.

    Well those figures had better almost 100,000 out cos that’s what’s died over here!

    Nana Kofi Quakyi, who is a health policy research fellow at New York University’s School of Global Public Health, told the BBC that Ghana would still struggle to compete with wealthier nations to make up the shortfall in doses it needed to find, even with the Covax initiative.

    “The challenge that countries like Ghana are having is that in an open market, our bargaining power for bilateral deals is just not competitive against other wealthier countries that… in some cases, are buying more than they even need.”

    The second paragraph I think is wrong. Mr Cup of Kofi – Ghana does have money, just in the wrong fucking hands.

    Second paragraph. I bet you’re fucking good at negotiating weapon deals, especially when you’re hiding diamonds up your fat arses and then trading them in for AK-47’s.

    Third point (and this has been mentioned before). Most of this cunts are in the UK anyway or want to get here!

    God damn!

  16. There’s a Parkin Stannit family that lives a few streets away. Anyway, one day I was passing when an ambulance was outside. The old lady of the family had fallen over and they were sorting her out. Out of politeness I asked the younger woman (I say younger, she’s in her 40s) how the old lady was. She spoke some peaceful gobbledigook and didn’t get a word I said.

    Thing is, they have been in that house for nearly 30 years.

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