Arnold Schwarzenegger [2]

And Arnold Schwarzenegger is a cunt.

Amongst the predictable and one sided ‘outrage’ and hysteria coming from Hollyweird and the MSM, we have Arnie actually comparing the recent shindig on Capitol Hill to the Kristallnacht of 1938. This bullet headed Kraut (Austrian?) said that the Proud Boys were the modern SS and that last week’s protest was on a par with Hitler’s firm led by Heiydrich persecuting and killing Jews. How this cunt – who isn’t even American for a start – has the fucking nerve to even think such utter shite, I will never know. A complete insult to every person who fought the Nazis or who suffered by their hands I would say.

This meat headed peanut brained cunt should stick to doing crap action movies. This uneducated knuckle dragger wants to watch episode 1 of The World At War and then see how ‘similar’ these events are. An early candidate for cunt of the year 2021.

(Given his name sounds a bit like the N word, shouldn’t he have been cancelled by now? News story is here – NA)

Nominated by: Norman

73 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger [2]

  1. He has no idea what the fuck he’s going on about.
    What fucking good are Austrians anyway?
    Cakes,mountains,cable cars and welcoming Hitler.
    So I suppose he is right after all.
    Closet Nazi trying to cover his tracks.
    Deport the cunt.

    • There was once a brilliant cartoon in the Telerag…
      Two NF skinheads standing next to a Tyrolean peasant-type, alps in the background caption?

      We come here for the appalling views.
      I had it enlarged, and framed in black and red. Thought it prudent to ditch before moving to Vienna.
      In Austria, they refer to TV licence bods as Nasztis…

  2. If Im looking for a insight into US current affairs my first stop wouldn’t be a monotone steroid swollen old knacker like Arnie.
    Hes not even a yank , and never done a proper job in his life the wooden acting cunt.
    Yes, not great in that people died, but mission accomplished in sending a message to US libtards.
    The sight of them cowering on the floor while a mob bangs on the barricaded door?
    Just magical.👍🇺🇸

  3. I do not recall The Proud Boys murdering millions of Jews and destroying a continent.
    Maybe this thick as pigshit meathead opportunist should take a break from his next “Friends of Mengeles pie and pea supper” and take a walk around Auschwitz.

  4. His bone-crunching 80s action films were great but he hung around with that uber-liberal cunt James Cameron too much.
    When he announced that he wanted to soften his image and go into politics (thus turning the terminator into a soft huggy wanker) it was all over.
    Fuck You Ass-Hurl!!!

  5. Austrians are Krauts. They are only Austrians in name only.
    Welcomed Hitler with open arms and Vienna witnessed something that was like Nazi Beatlemania. Even now, most ‘Austrians’ view Adolf as some sort of prodigal son. I have been to Vienna and Graz and both are full of fascist types.

    Austria is full of cunts and this is irrefutable proof:

    • I think Arnie’s trying to distance himself, as both of these sausage-eating cunts (Hitler and Arnie) were born in Austria, and it’s only a matter of time before he’s cancelled as an accessory after the fact.
      And he killed a black bloke (Bill Duke) in Commando, so he’s obviously a wacist.

    • Schwarzenegger: “He hass trrampled ze very prrinciples on vich our country VAS founded, yar.”

      What, the Hapsburg Empire?

      This bloated steroid-nosher should concentrate on impregnating housekeepers and making lowest common denominatir shite C movie comedies like Terminator or Commando.

    • I lived in eleventh district – Simmering – and local websites said the two local trad wine bars were full of Jackboot-worshippers… I used to drink in the centre. Adolf came from Linz, and “Alles Linz stinkt”…

    • It was the great triumph of the Austrian Tourist Board to convince everyone that Hitler was German and Beethoven was Austrian.

  6. Having relatives who are German (long story), I can honestly say like old Arny, they live in a perpetual state of Stockholm syndrome, be extra friendly to 4 by 2s, welcome räpügays by the trainload and feel constantly guilty for the sins of their predecessors, West Germans are by far the worst for this, East Germans suffered enough under the soviet jackbööt, Arny is just going through what is known as Kräütänrëgrettänküntashaffën!!!!

    • Alpine meadows, sausage butties, beer, yodelling, skiing, slapping your thighs to oompah music, funny little hats with a jaunty feather in,
      Reckon id like Austria,
      Fresh mountain air, nice cold climate, etc
      But theyve only 2 famous people!
      Hitler and Arnie.
      One a orrible cunt who caused misery to millions and the other a failed painter…

      • Fat men in leather shorts burping to the tune of “she’ll be coming round the mountain”
        According to Captain Blackadder…

      • MNC@ – Hermann Maier the Austrian skier – that guy was a fkin monster, he was the Hermannnator!

      • Good Afternoon MNC

        I love Austria both winter and summer. The people are friendly, stunning views, good plain and plentiful grub, everyone looks after each other in a real community spirit, they like getting pissed and if you know where to look ( in their spas) the women like taking their clothes off. Life doesn’t get better.

      • Wanksock@
        I’ve never been but does look beautiful.
        Always liked the look of the place, not many places id visit but would there.👍

  7. I think we need a tally ho,pip pip, kill all poor people, bread and butter pudding before a jolly good private school bumming, I’m related to the Queen, de Pfeffel super cunting for the spineless, straw haired jellyfish “running” or ruining the country – Bodge Job.
    Now we have a u turn (yet again) on the vaccine and it being available 24/7. People work shifts and have other commitments so it makes perfect sense to have it 24/7
    This a couple of days after he said there’s not much call for vaccines after 8 p.m.
    In what fucking world does the buffoon live in ?

  8. I’m sure his Dad was a member of the Nazi Party. The walnuts in a condom looking cunt should get his facts right. You would have thought the Proud Boys we’re carrying swastica’s and singing the Horst Wessel song according to Arnie. Another woke cunt twisting facts to suit his own narrative.

    • The comparison with Hitler and his henchmen is not overly exaggerated. When they burnt down the reichstag they blamed the communists just as some are trying to claim that Antifa and the BLM were involved in storming Capitol Hill. The nazi regime dealt in propaganda based on sheer lies and many deluded people were happy to believe that Hitler was a force for good, got folk back to work and the trains running on time and making Germany great again. Anyone who disagrees was shafted. Sounds familiar?

      Arnie is right.

  9. Blimey the amount of times Nazi gets banded about, its almost normalised as if the whole country is infected by them. What the actual fuck. Keep calling normal minded people Nazis and they wont think twice about becoming one you actual bonehead. What a cunt.

  10. Thick as fuck and probably a bit gay (Pumping Iron is gayer than Jimmy Somerville watching Queerrr as folk at a Barrymore pool party).

  11. Austrian? Yes, and Dad was a Hauptfeldwebel (CSM) who served at Stalingrad. Possibly had a bit more experience of Nazis than my esteemed co-cunters? In any event, he got the Simon Wiesenthal Centre to check out Daddy’s record, and it came up free of atrocities. The SWC is not noted for its lenient approach.

  12. I like Arnie.

    He readily sacrificed every member of his Platoon in “Predator” in order to make good his own escape.

  13. Schwartzenegger needs to wind his neck in. I certainly would think twice upsetting the “Proud Boys” with rhetoric like that. Arnie and his Tinel Town lovies are responsible for the present situation.

  14. A few things strike me about this cunt.
    1, Always thought he looked like a condom stuffed with walnuts.

    2, He is a Republican…..

    3, Where the fuck was he when the likes of BLM and Antifa were actually performing the kristallnacht in the summer. Causing billions in damage, killing and looting.
    4, It was Schwarzenegger who denied clemency for Stanley “Tookie” Williams (founder of the crips gang in LA) Oh how the left forget when it suits.

  15. I always preferred Stallone. He’s a top historian, philosopher and social commentator. His films provide excellent evidence of this. I recommend “Bullet to the Head” as an example.

    Arnie is a bit of a musclebound meathead cunt so I can support Norman’s nom.

    • Rocky and Rocky II. Pure classics. Cop Land is also a good ‘un.

      Remember that Twins film? Arnie and Danny Devito? What a load od cack that was. Pure Hollywood crap.

      • I like almost anything with Sly in tbh, Norman. The latest Rambo was a blast!

      • Remember that Twins film? Arnie and Danny Devito? What a load of cack that was. Pure Hollywood crap.

      • Nighthawks, Demolition Man, Cliffhanger and the original First Blood.
        Old Mumbles at his best…

      • Yeah, Norman, I remember, so called comedy. What shit. And Kindergarten Cop. Fuck off!

  16. The American right has some unpleasant factions, but they are at least patriotic. The American left is far worse and are capable of destroying the whole structure of American society. Much like Nazis.

  17. The destruction of businesses by the brown shirts is far more redolant to the 6 billion dollars of destruction of business with 32 dead by Antifa. All ignored over the last 8 months by these cunts. Fuck you Arnie. Dont come back, fuck off instead.

  18. Wasn’t Arnold’s dear old dad a real Nazi? Arnold who once said he dreams of running the world?

    Maybe I’m confusing him with another Arnold?

    • Why should we now think it makes any difference? They’ve all but a literal handful since fucked The President Of The United States over royally, continually and gleefully since the Steal on 3 November.

      There’s only one party in the US. If Trump did nothing else, at least he left so-called ‘voters’ in no doubt about that. Good luck to them with OBASTURD’S third term.

  19. Schwarzenegger is a raddled, terminally-constipated old cunt whose hair looks like it has been styled by a Morphy Richards electric carving knife.

    The shouty Austrian has been at loggerheads with Trump because Trump represents a more right wing part of the Republicans, whereas Ol’ Meathead is a moderate Republican and shares some views with the Demonrats, even going as far as to announce a warm welcome to Sleepy Joe.

    He should stick to making action movies in his later years, hobbling along like he needs a helping hand from senokot to help shift that large, impacted obstruction of digested Austrian sausage in his lower bowel.

  20. Take out the papers and the trash
    Or you don’t get no spendin’ cash
    If you don’t scrub that kitchen floor Mildred
    You ain’t gonna get no dick no more
    Yakety yak, now lick my sack

  21. Another cunt jumping ship and abandoning Trump.
    He kept his Austrian gob shut during the antifa riots didn’t he? They were wrecking America but like a rabbit he dug a hole and hid. I wonder if Sly will pop up soon and be an equally cowardly cunt.
    Just hedging his bets hoping he can float to the top of American politics like an unflushable turd.
    Act, fuck he can hardly speak?!
    Fuck of you sauerkraut munching cunt.

  22. Schwarzenegger is a Republican, yet he says that Trump will go down in history as the worst president ever. And that’s probably true. He also says that patriotism means to stand by the country, not the president, and that’s definitely true.

    One reason Trump was elected leader of the Republicans was because they thought he would appeal to blue collar voters. They couldn’t have known he would attempt to use his influence over the conspiracy theorists to illegally remain in power after his sell-by date.

    The only people in America Trump can now rely on for support are the brainless rabble he sent to Capitol Hill and the disingenuous self-serving politicians who hope to inherit his voter base in future elections. And fellow nutcase Rudy Giuliani.

    • Reinvigorating the US economy.
      Record numbers of jobs, businesses and mortgages for ethnic minorities.
      A blitz on child sex trafficking.
      A border wall.
      Jobs, business and industry brought back to America.
      Financial help for those with nothing.
      Removing US military from disastrous foreign conflicts.
      Slashing the price of medicines.
      Taking on Iran, the CCP and North Korea.
      A more stable middle east.
      Putting America and American interests first.
      Love or hate Trump in terms of performance he is the best US President since Reagan.

  23. Ignore the silly cunt he is after all a thespian and therefore prone to flights of ego. He may well have been governor of California but that meant polishing the arse of his trousers and sometimes striking a photogenic pose. He was in a few films and got lots of dosh none of these gave him anymore insight or reason than the average pub pisshead. Just ignore the twat and he will fade away. Fucking embarrassing when these cunts start bleating.

  24. This big thick cunts acting ability could have come straight from an early 70s Color Climax porno, he makes Bollywood actors look talented and still talks like a demented German pisshead even though he has spent all of his adult life wanking it off in land of the wooden tops.!

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