The “Independent” Parliamentary Standards Authority(IPSA)

MPs are expected to get a pay rise of more than £3,300 next year after the Commons watchdog recommended that it should go ahead.

The QUANGO, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority(IPSA) have proposed that MPs’ wages should carry on being linked to the average rise for public sector staff as it launched a consultation on salaries.

As a result, this would mean MPs, including those working at home, getting an extra £3,360 to their salaries of £81,932.

Fuckin’ hell, are these fuckin cunts brain dead?

After the debacle of Parliament over the last couple of years, it would be difficult to see any reason to give MP’s any rise. At a time of such hardship for many people, how could this rise be justified? MP’s in theory have no say in the matter but this government must not only turn this down but scrap the cunts that make up IPSA.

I’m finding now that very little shocks me and I‘m having to take double blood pressure tablets to retain my sanity. IPSA are fuckin’ cunts who don’t live in the real world.

Nominated by: Bertie Blunt Tory Cunt

37 thoughts on “The “Independent” Parliamentary Standards Authority(IPSA)

  1. Its surprising IPSA came to this conclusion?
    Youd think theyd almost be compromised or something?
    Funnily theyve never mentioned a slash in pay for the public good or freezing pay?

  2. Talking of pigs and troughs how about making the cunts pay market prices for the food and booze they neck in the bars and restaurants of the Palace of Westminster? Why the fuck does the taxpayer have to subsidise these wankers? In what other job does that happen?

    • Apparently none of the bars in the palace of westminster are subject to any lockdown rules the rest of the country has to put up with. So bars can stay open well past 10pm

      Not sure if that’s true or not, but wouldn’t surprise me

      • I don’t give a rats arse whether they are necking Gin&Tonics or a Britvic Orange – Why in the name of all that is Holy, am I & other tax paying plebs, paying for MP’s fucking refreshments.

        Anyone, doing any job, for anyone, pays for their own drinks, meals & snacks (unless you work for a very generous company).

        Why don’t these robbing bastards just get chauferred around in Gold Rolls Royce’s with a butler holding a Pyramid of Ferrero Rocher…

        I can’t think of anyone less deserving of ANY level of pay increase.

  3. £3,360.00
    That will purchase a considerable amount of Haffa Cakes for our favourite MP👍

  4. As I live in the states it might be inappropriate for me to comment on the merits of the House of Criminals (and presumably the House of Turds?) deserving a rise. Be that as it may, and for whatever it’s worth, I for one think they deserve a rise.

    Tie a noose around their necks…loop it over a branch…then pull…and watch them rise (slowly) off the ground.

    • Please help yourself General, all the cunters on here have a pop at Pelosi and Biden. Fair shares for all I say.
      Personally I would pay the cunts on results, Ho Hum no pay for any of the cunts.

      • Hey Mort,

        Fair shares it is.

        It strikes me that if you paid the cunts on results…they’d owe the taxpayers money.

  5. They don’t blink an eye, they don’t see a problem. Even the die hard ‘socialists’ are totally open in their belief some are more equal than others. Why do they do it? Because the country will moan a bit, shrug or shoulders and still buy the line we are all in it together.

    Unless we march on parliament in our millions flaming torches aloft they will continue to piss on our shoes and tell us it’s raining.

  6. That Margaret Ferrier still hasn’t resigned despite being a complete cunt carrying the virus on public transport while travelling from Jockland to London.

    Perhaps she’s hanging out for her pay rise and index-linked pension before she fucks off

    • Morning Techno, morning all.
      Yes she is still there and plod is not going to do anything.
      Not a peep from the media and to think of the meltdown from the usual suspects when Cùmmings went on his road trip.

      • She was one of those ‘usual suspects’ who had a go at Cummings. A fucking hypocrite as well as an SNP cunt, and a cunt in general.
        She’ll hang in until the death. Being an MP is such a more attractive prospect for her than cleaning the bogs in Asda.

      • Yep.
        These people have no scruples.
        Knowing you have covid, jump on a train, travel hundreds of miles in an enclosed environment and not resign.
        Fuck me she should be shot.

  7. ” MPs’ wages should carry on being linked to the average rise for public sector staff as it launched a consultation on salaries”….

    I wonder where they imagine that the money for all these Public Sector wage increases and inflation-proof pensions is going to come from when the Private Sector has been devastated ?

    When reality bites it’s going to come as a nasty shock to a lot of civil-“servants”…Good.

    • The money comes from the magic money tree known as Quantitative Easing – print more money, sell it to the banks, keeps interest rates low, prevents deflation and puts a hold on debt for a few more years.

      And then when inflation starts to rise and interest rates still low everything goes pop – savings and occupational pensions will be worthless, wealth inequality will increase; national debt will go through the roof even more. But the good thing is that if your pension is index linked to inflation (which MPs are) then you’ll be laughing even more to the bank when inflation rates rise.

      but that’s fine because as for today’s MPs and public sector union leaders are concerned, that’ll be someone elses problem a few years down the road.


    • That’s the pertinent point. The private sector generates the wealth that all of the unproductive leeches suck on.

    • The whole fucking bunch of them should just be grateful that they’re not paid what they’re actually worth.

      Morning All.

  8. What a shock !
    Some corrupt cunts award some other corrupt cunts a pay rise.
    It’s a good job their productivity is at record levels to pay for said rise.

  9. This is the same Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority that in April offered MPs a further £10,000 on top of the £26,000 they can already claim for office expenses.

    The extra £10k was allegedly to enable the poor lambs to “work” from home during the pandemic….

    Talk about taking the fucking piss!

    • Indeed, that buys a awful lot of paper clips.
      Meanwhile, the rest of the country tighten their belts.
      Maybe IPSA should be monitored by representatives with the right to veto from various businesses throughout the country?
      Sure Dave the pub landlord from coniston
      And kevin the taxi driver from Derby might see it in a different light?

  10. I can see now why IPSA want to put this recommendation under the wire if distraction.

    Jo Moore, said on the day of 9/11, “today is a good day to bury bad news!” (paraphrasing, but the sentiment is correct). Well with Covid and Brexit dominating the headlines, something as trivial as a £3,300 pay rise can be quietly pushed through without anyone really noticing or giving a shit

    Crafty fuckers

  11. £80K pa? Seems to me to be a salary designed only to attract those wishing to enrich themselves from the lobbyists that infest Whitehall (and sell us down the river). Add a zero to that sum and see if the ‘free market’ can offer an alternative to the scum fest? As a dink businessman remarked recently, you may hate the CCP but you can’t buy them; possibly why they hate the Don, he’s already minted.

  12. I’m encouraged to see you avoided words like “inbred” and “across multiple generations for a thousand years” and particularly “that nephew/aunt unions or those of niece/uncle where between the four of them there’s actually just 3 or 2 great-grandparents are EVEN WORSE THAN brother/sister or mother/son spawned progeny” as I say, suggesting that free healthcare includes prevention by anticipating those outcomes or that octupled NHS costs due to consanguinity mean that the project becomes non-viable more-or-less as if everyone started eating arsenic for cultural reasons or poking drills in their heads or giving themselves (and their daughters) rickets would not be culturally sensitive to all those alternative modes of being.

    Well, most of them arriving over the last century.

    Well, maybe there’s only one screaming and carrying on and pyrotechnically expressing themselves.

    But that’s not the point. As I say, I’m glad to see you avoided those (very stale) red herrings.

  13. The obscenely high salaries for people who know fuck all, have a diploma in arsehole crawling to their leader, whoever he happens to be, however different he is to the previous one they were arselickingly loyal to, for not having to get their hands dirty and sit on their arses most of the time, and telling people what to do, explains the very large number of poofters and wimmin queuing up to be MPs

  14. MPs don’t deserve a pay rise – they have taken the pee for the last 6/7 months – can’t even be arsed replying to mails – some, like Tobias Softwood should not even be MPs as he’s a part of the army action against the people (which is treason in my book) – they all should be taken out and shhhhhhhhhhhhhhht

  15. An extra 3k+ a year would make a huge difference to the lives of a lot of working people in the UK, esp. right now, but of course they won’t get a sniff.
    Wonder how many of our illustrious parliamentarians will decline the increase as a matter of principle?

  16. Cunts. We got the public clapping for us, these motherfuckers get three fucking grand that would make a massive difference to me. I know my fucking place.

  17. The increased above amount x 650 mps for doing what ?the country is fucked thru bat flu /many people have to close down premises etc and these cheeky bastards think they are entitled to a pay rise.
    As if funding and paying every business that has to close etc wasnt a major issue in its own right
    Talk about pigs at the trough

  18. Thieves. Thieves who laugh at us.
    Time for them to be gone, a reform of politics and a selection process which precludes crooks, fuckwits and the old school tie because I have seen political quality and integrity disappear into the gutter and we cannot carry on being fucked over like this.

  19. When the cunts leave the House and take up the lucrative nonexec directorships and consultancies directly related to their former cabinet function ….their reward for facilitating advantageous contracts for very large, not necessarily British or ethical, companies…the very least we should do is ask for a good bit of what we idiotically paid them back. If there is no alternative to electing cunts who will shaft you for their private gain, at least let’s share the graft equally.

    None of this should apply to dear Tony, wonderful Peter or any of their former spads, who should (while fully conscious) be converted into organic fertiliser and sent to Africa as an aid package.

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