Rehan Baig – Cluckity Cluck Cluck

Have you ever pondered the question ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’. Well in Bradford at least, it may be to avoid the unwelcome attentions of a certain ethnically persuaded individual by the name of Rehan Baig.

Last year the scuffers raided his house on a tip that the cunt was in possession of child porn, but found even more than they bargained for. Film was found (taken by Baig’s charmless wife Haleema) of him having intercourse with live chickens, and even inter-acting with his wife at the same time.

There was also film of the gruesome twosome ‘romping’ (as ‘The Stun’ might put it) with a dog. The images were stored on computer under ‘family vids’.

Baig has now been sent down (or as ‘The Stun’ might again put it, ‘Sex Beast Caged’) and put on the sex offenders’ register. Although the films suggested that Mrs B had been a willing participant, she of course claimed ‘domestic abuse’ and got off with a suspended sentence.

Blimey, I’d like to be a fly on the wall of the prison canteen, and can envisage a conversation something like this;

‘Basher Bloggs’; ‘wot yer in fer mate?’
Baig; ‘I am being here for possession of naughty kiddy images. And for having sexy fun with chickens and a dog’
‘Basher’; ‘fook me, did ya put ’em in’t curry after?. Right lads, ‘old this cunt down, an’ I’ll kick his fookin’ ribs in’

It’s really hard to fathom what makes people act the cunt like this. Part of a certain cultural heritage perhaps? Anyway, it’s clucking fowl is what it is.

Nominated by: Ron Knee


and seconded by: mystic maven

A KFC bargain bucket cunting for Rehan Baig, recently sentenced to three years for having sex with chickens, yes.

Not much more I can say here, so read the story for yourselves. His wife’s a cunt too for assisting him with his perversions.

(Chickens’ Lives Matter – DA)


and thirded by: Everyonesacunt

Rehan Baig. Aged 37and his wife Haleema.
Often I am overly Verbose when writing things however, this is one time that words are really failing me.

This piece of scum has been sentence for raping poultry to death while his dear wife filmed it. What the Fucking fuck fuck.
Other misdemeanours include sex with a dog and a catalogue of child pornographic pictures.
See link

He received 3 years inside at Bradford crown court she 6 months suspended. ( She claimed, possibly true? that he abused her)

WTFFF. I here by pass a new sentence that he attends all of Barrymore’s future pool parties. For a very long time. Fucking depraved Cunt.

(A bonus nom for Saturday evening, just to put you in a good (or fowl, ha!) mood for when you tuck into your Sunday Dinner of Roast Chicken & Rehan Baig stuffing. – DA)

100 thoughts on “Rehan Baig – Cluckity Cluck Cluck

      • Indeed Mr. Knee!

        I’ve heard of goat fuckers but this is the first chicken fucker I’ve ever heard of.

        Oh well. When it comes to the degenerate peacefuls, I guess “…a holes, a holes a hole…” (as Burton said in the recently mentioned “Where Eagles Dare.”)

      • If that had happened, they’d probably have put the dog down, while Baig would have been given the best of care by our NHS staff.
        This cunt will be kept at our expense, with his fucking halal diet and prayer mat. I bet there’ll be a few on the inside looking to kick his head in (tho all the inmates might be his peaceful brethen)

    • @Mis
      Maybe’s have tiny cocks.

      3 years? With kiddie porn as well? Sent the cunt back to goat fucking-Stan.
      The dirty cunt.

  1. For fucks sake, if they’re not raping our kids or chopping off teachers heads! Not medieval savages though. Not fucking much.

  2. It seems he loves cock (as well as hen), and I wonder what sort of a dog it was? – a sausage dog perhaps. The strange goings on behind the lace curtains of surburbia

      • Said dog has now become a police informer and is currently debreifing detectives(cut to alsation smoking and talking to old bill)i told ya he aint all there hes fucking nuts/fates supplied dog recalls 20 chickens being brought back for a hen party.Look like i told ya as the alsations finishing his smoke hes off his rocker

  3. An update to the story!!!

    Husband, 37, who was jailed for three years for making wife film him having sex with 29 CHICKENS can still keep hens as pets due to legal technicality
    Man jailed for three years for sex with 29 chickens is still allowed to keep hens
    Rehan Baig, 37, from Bradford was filmed violating the birds in sick home videos
    However, a legal technicality meant he wasn’t charged with any cruelty offences
    Judge forced into U-turn as he had ‘no power’ to ban pervert keeping animals

  4. I bet this fucking maggot will be requesting halal food in Nick, yet he was fucking his food on the outside. Dirty cunt. And the rancid wife, who must be buzzing if a chicken is a preferable fuck.

    • Apparently he took turns on his missus and a chicken, and then they took turns with the unidentified dog.
      Their families must be sick (or maybe they’re pleased; who knows?).

  5. If any cunters who contribute are doing so at her majesty’s pleasure (im guessing more than a few?)
    And they see this shitskinned animal raper and accidentally throw boiling water and sugar in his face,
    Well I’ll send you some ‘snout’ to cheer you up.
    Maybe a wankmag?
    Use them as currency dont you?

    • Are you ever concerned that the ever-so-slightly racist things we say on this site are being monitored, MNC?
      After all, the filth are always pulling people in for making anti-trān§bumder comments on Facebook.
      Can’t believe we’ve been under the radar for so long?!
      Admin, is the server as well hidden as Shannon Matthews?

      • Naw, not really Thomas.
        My motto is ‘if they cant take a joke fuck em’.
        Ive no doubt they wouldnt like what we say, but as a black lesbian midget I can say what I damn well please!
        And at the end of the day…
        Fiddler made me do it!!🙂

      • Naw, not really Thomas.
        My motto is ‘if they cant take a joke fuck em’.
        Ive no doubt they wouldnt like what we say, but as a black lesbian midget I can say what I damn well please!
        And at the end of the day…
        Fiddler made me do it!!🙂

      • @ Cunt Engine …I don’t think we’re under the radar at all. One day, ISAC will be all over the news.
        Headline …… ” Extreme right wing thugs arrested in dawn raids across the country ”
        ” Hotbed of anti inclusive, extremist reactionaries smashed by our marvelous security services, who work tirelessly to ensure we sleep safely in our beds. ” ….. A government minister ( deranged ) …
        They’ll never take me alive.
        Evening GCHQ.
        Evening all.

        • P.S. I’d willingly hose down these two sick cunts with a flamethrower.
          TBH, I’d willingly hose down the vast majority of the world’s population with a flamethrower.
          Get To Fuck.

        • The hounds will alert Fiddler to any raids Jack, it will be a long holdout with his stockpile of ammo, Bushmills and Fray Bentos steak and kidney pies.

          • Good evening Jack, if by any chance the rozzas discovered IsAC they would need a whole team trawling years worth of posts for any potential ‘hate crimes’. All the avatars on a white board with “Who is Percy?”, “Flabbott?” and “Ovens?” post it notes.

        • Evening Jack, that happens I suggest we hold our heads high, spit in their eye and refuse to apologise.
          In fact Im going to pose for the front page of the Guardian shouting “Seig Heil!!” An throwing a salute.
          Rather be hung for a wolf than a lamb.

  6. Dollars to doughnuts they ate the chicken afterwards, the evil brown devils.
    Chicken chassueur in a special creamy sauce 🤢

    • Hes gonna get some stick literally and a good kicking inside off some more old school types for the little kids alone never mind the fucking chickens!the dirty fucking bastard meks a ***** vicar look normal

  7. The dreadful wife escaped prison. Doubtless her lawyers argued that she should not be separated from her children as they need her as a role model.
    Yes, my fellow normals, the society we once admired and aspired to promote, no longer exists.

    • I wanna know more about this fucking legal-loophole that allows him to leave prison , and instantly buy a chicken as a pet.
      Utterly beyond comprehension.
      Are chefs licensed?
      Either way , he should be deported. Then his family have no right to be here , and can join him in Paki-country.

  8. 3 years inside?….he should have just joined his local kebab-shop/taxi-driving grooming gang and stuck to abusing children…no fear of the Authorities getting involved then.

    How very enriching.

    • Dick@
      You ever dated any of the local livestock?
      Had your head turned by a shapely ewe or the bulging udders of a sexy fresian?
      Maybe they initiated it and you just went along with it?

      • I once attempted to fuck a woman whose fanny was slacker than that of a cow that I’d helped calve a few days before…I do remember rather wistfully remembering just how tight that cow’s fanny felt on my arm compared to her slop-bucket of a minge felt on my cock.

        • Silly moo.😁
          Once when first met the missus
          the dog at the time must of wondered what we was doing and licked my ring!
          Nearly shot through the ceiling!!
          But dont make a habit of enticing pets to join in.

  9. The chicken f*cker and his hideous assistant.
    The mind boggles, but I can’t help thinking sub human beasts like this would be a lot better off living somewhere a bit more “brown and backward”.

  10. Can just imagine the clucking noises he’ll be subjected to for the rest of his life, the filthy sod.

    I would normally call bullshit on his wife’s excuse, but she’d probably have ended up ‘honor killed’ (murdered) if she’d refused to go along with it. The ‘communidy’ would’ve been on Mr Kfc’s side too.

    Still, can’t take any chances so deport the entire family.

    • He has obviously been persuaded that we celebrate diversity in this country and wanted to make his own contribution to the alphabet soup of identity. We can now add CF onto the end of LGBTQ etc.

    • 3-1 odds says the tiger would ass rape the cunt en all after hearing his perversions for wildlife then hopefully bite his head off and shit down his throat

  11. If this cunt tried to fuck my coloured hating ridgeback, he’d certainly be cockless in seconds!!! (I’ll get my coat)

  12. The dirty filthy fowl cunt. I bet when he used to go to KFC and they asked what way he wanted his chicken cooked he asked for it raw as he wanted to take it home and fuck it first. Dirty filthy animal.

  13. Bet this sand-n.ggr wanked himself stupid, watching Foghorn Leghorn cartoons.

    Favourite song-The chicken song, from spitting image.

    Stick yer cock into a cock
    Alan’s snackbar in the air
    Blow up a jumbo jet
    Then shave off all your hair

    Put some Semtex on your belt
    Then head off to London Town
    Incinerate some kids
    Only white ones, not shit-brown

    Then off to middle school
    Find white girls under thirteen
    Ply them with cheap alcohol
    Then rape them till they scream

    When police come after you
    It’s time to make a plan
    You pack up all your clothes
    And fuck off to PAKISTAN

    All together now,
    Stick your cock into a cock…


  14. Very bad for poultry and one would posit the poor dog had to be shot. They don’t care these ethnics. Was one done for fucking a corpse in a funeral home not long back? Great benefit to society.

  15. Of course this piece of crap will get all the perks his ‘relgion’ demands in the nick. He will also be out in less than three years. He will also be on every benefit in the book and get a free house when he gets out.

    Britain is shit!

  16. Good nomination, Ron. Perhaps he should join up with that fox-killing lawyer cunt Joylon Maughm for some chicken rompy.

  17. Lends new insight into “choking your chicken”.

    Perhaps he’s now “playing chicken” in “chokey” – but more likely he’s currently “on the block” in HMP Franklands (or is it Wakey-Wakey?) pending shipping out into dispersal, probably Long Lartin.


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