The XR Rainbow Surfer

Can I have a “I’m here for the trees, the bees, the seas, and the cats” cunting for the “ Rainbow surfer.

No, I’d never heard of this cunt either, but he’s made the news recently at a “ reparation rebellion “ protest.

Apparently, XR are joining farces with Black Lies Matter cunts and targeted Lloyd’s in Londonistan, because slavery was apparently “ manufactured and nurtured there.”

He was detained so the rozzers could issue him a fine for breach of COVID legislation related to organising mass gatherings.

He said,” I don’t understand your authority, I’m here for the trees, the bees, the seas, and the cats” . Why he mentions cats I have no idea, but then, he is a man of substantial cuntitude.

He was subsequently arrested for trying to walk away, which he was warned against.
The rozzers lead him away to a van and asked “ what’s your name “ to which this cunt of cunts replied “ you can refer to me as the Rainbow Surfer”.

Not only is he/it a cunt for being part of the Eco fascist XR, but the cunt was wearing a top hat, his face whitewashed, but he was wearing what looked like a fucking dress. Utter, utter cunt.

Nominated by: Cuntington Smythe 

55 thoughts on “The XR Rainbow Surfer

    • Reminds me of that voodoo cunt out of the Bond film.
      Trees, bees, cats, he slipped that cat bit in didnt he, not exactly endangered wildlife cats are they?
      Hes not taken his medication thats all, bit puddled.
      Nothing some physical labour and some flogging cant cure.
      Cat bummer.

      • Perhaps he was referring to big-game cats – like Clarence the cross-eyed lion – the sort cowardly rich American dentists like to drug then shoot and take selfies with?

        • Maybe, but hes leaving out a lot of wildlife,
          I think hes limited in his knowledge of the animal kingdom.
          Ive nothing against cats but would personally of said polar bears.
          To busy with the face painting to do his research.
          I wouldnt trust him around a cat, hed impregnate it.

    • Oh well id have nilsen was more in the same league as jeffrey dahlmer really /this fruitloop wanted to preserve life in one form or another as appossed to taking it.Still just another normal day in this great country of ours eh

  1. This is the same stupid prick who was photographed being arrested before lockdown, putting on a nice show of pretend police brutality.

    What it really needs is a size 10 steel cap workboot to the gonads.

    The irony of the workboot will of course be totally lost of the useless cunt.

  2. Have the cunt pick litter up for the next eighteen months.
    He can hardly complain at that punishment if he’s a tree hugger. If he’s made a good job of it after six months, issue a pair of gloves to him.

  3. Work experience from the local psychiatric hospital, bloody cheap and effective in the correct circumstances. If he is of the same way of thinking as one of my friends from the wards then not understanding the police authority is par for the lunacy. My friend took instructions from his torch, but not when torch was on. Extinction arseholes should be very careful in using such persons as the inherent instability of the unquiet mind especially the obsessive arsonist could lead to a huge spike in carbon emissions for the U.K. which if it was ER going up would be acceptable to many persons who are totally and heartily sick of these middle class wankers pretending to have an answer which they do not of course because they are cunts.

  4. Dump him 1000 miles into the Atlantic with a surfboard. If he makes it back to land then Indeed he is indeed the Rainbow surfer. What a rich daddies cunt……

  5. Serious question, cunters, if I may:
    Reading that this knobber refused to give the pigs his name has got me thinking:
    Presumably they’ll be endless chīnk flu lockdowns with each one getting increasingly vociferous, so if I’m out and about (sorry, B&WC, aaaht and abbbaaahhht) and the filth apprehends me, what happens if I simply refuse to tell them my name?
    Then if I’m arrested, what happens if I refuse to tell them my name at the police station?
    Any thoughts?

      • Because of equality laws etc the custody sgt may well be disabled he may have hooks instead of hands. His method of cavity searching is legend in certain quarters

    • They can’t actually do much apart from hold you in the cells for 24 hours without charge as an inconvenience.

      Unless they have proof that a crime was committed, then its 48 hours.

      Your lawyer will have got you out after 8-10 hours anyway, assuming you used your phonecall wisely.

      In the case of the rainbow cunt, Mummeh and Daddeh will have been on to the family barrister and he will have been back out within four hours. Five, if the golf club luncheon was too good to be missed.

    • Afternoon Mr Cunt Engine.

      My briefs tell me that if you’re arrested and you don’t give your name and address at the police station, they can hold you for 24 hours, after which they must either charge or release you, even if they don’t have your details.

      Have emailed you my invoice. Please pay immediately, otherwise you’ll be hearing from my solicitors in the morning.

      • Thomas, theyd be deeply suspicious if you wouldnt give them your details,
        Assuming you had something to hide.
        Do what I do.
        If apprehended say innocently in someones garden looking at their underwear on the washing line at 3am,
        Give Fiddlers details.

          • Or maybe you and Thomas are one and the same person, Miserable.

            Fiddler is known to suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder, Krâv being one of his more notorious alter egos, and I have long had my suspicions about Mr Cunt Engine being one of them.

            However, never for a second did I suspect you, Miserable, to be one of Dick’s degenerate personalities…. Am truly shocked! 😲

            Well you live and learn.

          • Now you’ve got me doubting my own existence?
            Descartes said “I think therefore I am”.
            But he was french so im ignoring him.

  6. These cunts have already started to eat themselves. I was reading that there is a feeling that they are not diverse enough. Too many white middle class tossers and no bruvs from da communidee.
    Fuck them.

  7. It’s reassuring to see that 20 plus years in the education system has produced a generation of young Britons that we can be proud of.
    His friend Zion Lights, she of the “Where’s Wally” demeanour, has trained him well.

    The twat in the hat
    Took to bed with his cat
    His bed in the trees
    With the birds and the bees
    The cat licked his nose
    Then his hands, feet and toes
    He pulled out his todger
    His intention to roger
    The cat in his bed
    Who’d been licking his head
    He realised his error
    When the cat in sheer terror
    Raised up her paws
    And unsheathed her claws
    Shredding his winkle
    The poor little twinkle
    He fell from the trees
    With the birds and the bees
    Fell from his high bed
    And smashed his dull head
    The twat in the hat
    Did not enjoy that
    Global warming he fights
    With his friend Zion Lights
    Who he’ll take to his bed
    Then find out instead
    Of partaking of lever
    She partakes of beaver
    Then the twat in the hat
    Will search out a new cat
    To live in the trees
    With the birds and the bees


  8. Ian Blackford: This is a direct result of Tory government care in the community policies.

    Ok he didn’t say it but it sounds like him and it is true in this case!

  9. This cunt looks like the voodoo practitioner I turned to, to create an effigy of my mother in law so I could inflict pain on her. After sticking pins in it for two weeks, all it did was cure her arthritis with acupuncture.

      • Interesting point that CG. It might have worked. Apparently, it’s been discovered that during Covid, parrots have been the most difficult pets to rehouse far more than cats or dogs.
        Parrots have an affinity based on the sex of their previous owner. As most are owned by men, they have to ensure that a man is chosen as the new owner(fact).
        I can now see why Percy dropped that bowling ball on Grandma’s head!

        • Every day is a school day Bertie👍
          No bowling balls here-do you think Percy could lift a 5kg dumbbell?
          Hypothetical question.
          Would he free next Tuesday?

          • Certainly CG. He’s very strong for his size.
            He lifted my mother in law off her feet once and she’s a dumb blonde!
            He’s still living with the wild parakeets near Stockport but I’ll give him your message when he’s back.

          • Cuntstable:

            Or radicalised Percy against peacefuls, hippies and the management team at Pickfords.

          • He did tell me he’d keep an eye on him CC so you’ve got me a bit concerned there. 😀

  10. With all the restrictions put upon us, the last thing you need is to be held up doing the the few things left permitted by these fucking unemployable wankers. If I was, I would wholeheartedly kick the living piss out of them.

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