Joe “The Puppet” Biden and Trade Deals (4)

A Stars and Stripes cunting please for the shitstain on the underpants of American politics.

The demented Mr B, who has decided, Obama-like that Britain, with whom they have a “special relationship” will put the UK “at the back of the queue” for a trade deal because the old coffin dodger is upset about Boris’ attitude to the EU:

We can only hope the old cunt’s carer comes and picks him up before November, and what the fuck has our attitude to the EU to do with that old dodderer?

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

Seconded by Smug Cunt

Id like to nominate Trade Deals as a bunch of bollocks, cuntish bullshit.

We have been trading with North America for four hundred years without a trade deal.China trades with the cunting eu worth trillions without one.

Guess what, people trade, its never been easier and governments have fuck all to do with it anymore, unless your a big business (keep everyone out of our market cunts, who make up all the rules) cunt.

I can get something sold and sent to Tasmania within a week by post. I can trade with Vietnam, although you have to fill out a form as they dont like imports from their customers. That took 5 minutes.

Trade deals are just politicians show boating as everyone else just gets on with it. Fuck the eu and fuck trade deals. Stick all your globalist, “international law” up your arse………….(there are so many of them its impossible to make a list)

47 thoughts on “Joe “The Puppet” Biden and Trade Deals (4)

  1. This fuckin yank corpse should mind his own business.
    Stick to forgetting stuff and being creepy round children you fucking skellington pee do.
    The UK and its dealings are none of your business, how would you like it if we rifled through that box under your floorboards containing childrens underwear?
    Fuckin old sex case.
    Drop dead.

  2. The Labour and liberal cunts should be cheering him on, no chlorinated (chlorine washed) chicken and ‘our NHS is not for sale’.
    He can stick a deal up his arse and then pass it on to Pelosi so she call lick the shit off it.
    There are conflicts al over the world, human rights abuses and genocide and these cunts are worried that we may upset a few extreme micks.


  3. Child groping and sniffing cunt.

    If the Dems win, Joe will be retired or dead within six months. Cameltoe Harris will be president and America will be fucked.

    • Fucked off to a care home sounds better fucking coffin dodger
      What day is today joe ?anymore bullshit on who.imvented the lightbulb

  4. Biden is simply shoring up his IRA voting base. The IRA /Catholic demographic has considerable influence in American politics, especially in the swing states, which is where the coming election will principally be fought.

    And I agree with Smug Cunt – we don’t need a trade deal with the U.S. In fact we’re better off without one. There’s no way we’d get a fair deal, whoever wins the presidency.

    (If they don’t get their way they will do what they always do – introduce embargos and/or eye-watering import taxes: typical one-dimensional cunts – DA)

    • Perfectly explained Ruff and especially the delusion that a country as historically rapacious in protecting its own interests is ever gonna favour lil ol’ England. Especially when we have so carelessly painted ourselves into such a corner and are desperate.

      Special Relationship-my arse.

      Our only purpose in US life is to add a fig leaf of credibility whenever the incumbent of the White House needs a paper ally to fight some pointless war. Equipment-wise, as a fighting force we are a fucking joke, it’s our poor squaddies in the uniforms I feel sorry for.

      And we are essentially the Yanks second vote on the Security Council.

    • Any concessions the US makes will be in order to retain a foothold in Europe. While Biden takes an anti Brexit stance, I’m reasonably sure that Trump is no different – he’d be a cunt to agree with Biden, so he’s saying nuffin. Us out of the EU = no useful idiot with guaranteed access to the EU = pure cunt to be shafted at will. Though I’m also certain Smug Cunt has the right picture overall.

      About time the UK did what everyone else does and stands up for its own interests regardless of diplomacy.

    • An American priest actually refused to give Biden Holy Communion at a mass last year because Biden supports abortion. Kamala Harris has also made pro-abortion and anti-Catholic remarks. This means that former altar boy Biden is not assured of the Catholic vote just as he is not assured of the black vote although he is so arrogant he thinks he has both communities in the bag.

      • In the 2016 election 47% of the Catholic vote went to Clinton, whereas only 27% voted for Trump. You can’t get more pro-abortion than Killary. I doubt the Fenian descendants are likely to see Biden as less electable than Clinton.

  5. Lackey: Erm Joe, this way. We’ve got your conference.
    Biden: Is Countdown nearly on?
    Lackey: You have to seem presidential, Joe.
    Biden: Will there be soup?
    Lackey: Don’t mention religion. Remember, the Democrats are pro-choice but your Catholicism means you’re against abortion. However, we need those Plastic Paddy cunts’ votes so say something about the Good Friday Agreement bullshit, blah blah Brexit bad blah blah. Alright Joe? Alright?
    Biden: Will Obama’s daughters be there?

  6. For a patriotic nation, or perhaps formerly now the Democrats have embraced victim, woke bullshit, the Irish descended (however fucking tenuous) Yanks have a strange attitude to Ireland. They have supported murder for decades. Why? I am half Irish. Born in Wales and brought up RC. I have never, ever supported the violence. I do think that the fuckers are more trouble than they are worth but that doesnt make me a ‘sympathiser’.
    Perhaps we should fund arms for BLM in Boston?

    • Maybe the answer is that Irish Americans have never quite absorbed their insane good luck in not having to live in Ireland?

      That said, ex-Norwegian, ex-German, ex-Polish, ex- whatever Americans always identify with the country their forebears either had to leave due to poverty or got thrown out of. The only exception is ex-English, who have to keep stum about once having owned the place…

      • That’s because they got their first and own it so the culture is Anglo-Saxon so no need for any name they just call themselves Americans and still even now is probably a big proportion of the population but just don’t think of themselves as anything other than American. The mass migration from England was between 1650 and 1750 so its been a long time now to still refer back to the motherland. Some pockets in remote fishing communities in N Carolina still sound like someone from Norfolk.

      • The English-Americans killed each other off fighting on either side in the American Civil War whilst the Irish rioted against the draft and lynched Negroes in the streets of Boston and New York. Cunts.

  7. Fucking old coffin dodger will have a lot more than trade on his hands if he wins. His commie mob will be expecting the socialist utopia overnight and when it doesn’t happen they ain’t gonna be happy. The slebs, corporates and other rich cunts who have backed these bastards are going to be shitting themselves……,”hold on, you didn’t really think you were going to get that free stuff did you? “ It will be a fucking farce and we will be about 4 years behind them. Tango needs to pull this one off.

    • Biden won’t win… Trump will lose.

      If Trump wins I’ll eat what’s left of Pâddy Ashdown’s rotting corpse.

      • I think Trump will win Ruff.
        Especially after BLM kicking off.
        If im wrong ill dig up Cyril Smith and eat his face.

      • Morning Miserable.

        You’re not sounding too confident there… only eating Cyril’s face. But ok, it’s a deal.

      • Trump will win. If I’m wrong I’ll exhume Heseltine’s withered corpse and feed it to some Romanian fruit-pickers.

      • Is that old wanker dead Captain? If he is please can my dogs have a nibble on his old and wrinkled corpse for revenge for killing his own mums dog by strangulation – what a CUNT!

      • Napoleon, last time I saw the old crone he looked like he was having a Weekend At Bernie’s-type ventriloquism done. Mind you, the EU has always worked his mouth like he were a real Spitting Image puppet.

        I’ll try to save you his leg; there never was much of a back bone.

  8. Will the silly old bugger do what Labour would do over hear namely lockdown for the next two years to ‘beat the virus’?
    And then give free stuff to everyone, especially the bame communi’y and then live in a disease free utopia forever more just like Corbyn and Abbott would have done if only we’d had the sense and foresight to have voted for them?

    • Yes the magic money tree that turned in to a magic fucking forest /hmmm im confused what with all this free stuff and magic money trees how come they bollocksed up coronavirus testing if money was no object ?i smell bullshit there for sure

  9. At least if any Bill Clinton style allegations surface he can sincerely say, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman. No really, I’m not even sure I have my incontinence pants on”.

  10. So some morally reprehensible old cunt, fronting a political party that would set its own country ablaze is threatening Britain economically for purely domestic political purposes. Sorry! I was thinking about the EU.

    • Im sure Creepy Joe tried to lure me into a car in the early 70s?!!
      Playing on the swings happily an some anorexic looking yank asked me to jump in the car in exchange for a chocolate bar!😳
      “What chocolate yer got pal? Said a 6yr old miserable.
      “Eh, ive Reeces pieces and twinkies” Joe said.

      “Get t fuck yer mong!
      Its Cadburys for this lad not that yank shite!
      Come back when yeve summat good or youll get my monkey boot up your shitetube.”
      He drove off but definitely creepy Joe.

      • I suspect you were a very fetching twink in your day, Miserable.

        Btw, that wasn’t Creepy Joe, that was Ted Heath in disguise. He was driving a Humber Super Snipe, yes?

        You’re lucky he didn’t have Maggie with him – she used to lure young chickens like yourself into Ted’s car with the promise of milk oozing from the erect nipples on her firm young breasts…

        She wasn’t known as ‘Maggie Thatcher milk snatcher’ for nothing, you know.

      • I was a right little head turner and no mistake!!
        Ted Heath always reminded me of a shark for some reason?

        “Its got black eyes, like a dolls eyes, when it comes at you it doesnt seem to be living.
        Until he bites you.
        And those black eyes roll over white.”

        Quint in Jaws

  11. Most Presidents find themselves, sooner or later, in the hot seat. In Biden’s case it would be the wet seat every day.

    You can imagine his address to the nation, with an increasingly large pool of water under the chair.

    I am sure, as somebody else said he is just a trojan horse for the darkie woman – even her supporters know that they wouldn’t vote for her after the disaster that was Obama, another Blair who though long out of power will not shut the fuck up.

  12. If this is the direction the leader of the free world (opinion polls have a margin of error I dare say..) is taking then we are all fucked.
    The Chinese,the Russians,the Koreans,the Iranians etc etc will poke him in the eye and steal his dinner money.
    What a joke this cunt is.
    Fuck Off into care.

  13. Don’t believe the MSM – the democ rats have descended into madness, BLM and Antifa are rampaging across America killing, burning (deliberate setting of forest fires is the latest) and causing chaos and increasingly homeowners and a group of ex vets called the proud boys are handing their arses to them. (It’s getting serious over there!).
    And none of it reported except the usual shite – “right wing extremist groups are attacking the kindly and peaceful rioters and armed looters of anti racist group BLM”, etc.
    A huge kickback is happening against the violence and I think Trump, for all his faults, needs to be re-elected – the alternative is pretty muck civil war.
    And creepy Joe and stunning Nancy can shut ordering and bullying up and fuck off before they get helped back across the Atlantic with a size 11 up their skeletal arses!

  14. This fucker will be pushed into a nursing home if the Dems win. They know they’ll lose putting a full on commie to the front to challenge an election. But they might win with a familiar old face and then push a commie like Kamala Harris to the front by saying, ”Poor Joe keeps shitting himself and talking to the curtains. ”

  15. Sirs:

    Joe Biden is a hack. On his best day, which was when he was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1972, he was a stunning mediocrity.

    And he has steadily disimproved ever since.

    Now he is a senile hack, which means he can’t even be relied on to distribute the graft to the right people.

    If he wins he will get shoved out — er, I mean he will have to retire early for medical reasons, which will leave the appalling Kamala Harris in charge of the free world.

    That’s pronounced “Comma-la,” by the way. Don’t mess it up, or the Diversity Battalion will be knocking on the door at 4:18 a.m. on a rainy Tuesday.

  16. This silly old wanker should keep his nose out of our business🇬🇧 He’s a bit like that other stupid Democrat wanker Obama when he said if We (UK) leave the EU you will have to go to the back of the queue? The President that talked a lot but didn’t deliver a lot. Democrats think they have the divine right to rule in the USA if they don’t they do their utmost to pour cold water on everything A bit like the same mentality as the Labour Party do here in the UK. Biden keep your nose out of UK matters nothing to do with you 🇬🇧🇬🇧

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