Willie Walsh: boss of British Wankways (2)

A greedy Fat Cat, I’ve had all the cream, cunting for British Airways ‘Boss’ Willie Walsh.

While coronavirus has grounded most planes & passenger numbers fell by 98%, BA’s finances are in freefall. Thousands of pilots, crew & ground staff are being sacked or forced to take substantial pay cuts.

Walsh, meanwhile is taking a £833,000 annual ‘bonus’ which brings his 2019 BA salary to an eye watering £3.2 Million.

During his last 9 years in charge, he has pocketed £33 Million in salary & bonuses.

His parting gift to his disgruntled employees is to axe 12,000 staff, and to impose new contracts on those that remain, that include a clause where BA can ask staff to stay at home for indefinite periods, unpaid, if the airline deems it so. Sounds like a fancy way of putting all the staff on Zero Hour contracts to me.

What a massive Cunt !

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23 thoughts on “Willie Walsh: boss of British Wankways (2)

  1. The writing was on the wall with this cunt, years ago. When he unilaterally tore up an agreement with BA pilots.
    The rules he imposes on others don’t apply to him of course, he gets richer and richer.
    Same old story, leopards, spots, cunts.
    Fuck him.

    • Well if there is a god .hopefully some of those 12,000 disgruntled wotkers will teach him how to skydive refugee style from the undercarriage of one of many planes at 30,0000 ft

  2. Top rank capitalist cunt,
    Troughs never full enough.
    He could use his vast wealth to improve the lot of his loyal staff and long suffering customers.
    Well chinky flu would of put a dent in that,
    Hope he gets crushed by his own wallet the greedy little fucker.

  3. I have a relative who WAS a flight attendant with BA. Thousands of them were shafted by BA via email. The email never thanked them for their service and basically said fuck off, get re-trained and apply for your old job back at a lower salary and worse conditions if you like, otherwise fuck off. All she ever wanted to do was be a flight attendant and felt she’d really made it when she joined BA a few years ago. She was in tears when she handed her uniform back. Very sad.

    BA handled this whole affair in a mean spirited, unprofessional and callous way. Great cunting because that Walsh clown is indeed a massive cunt.

  4. Why is he being attacked by Widow Twanky and her sister?
    Has he cancelled the British Airways Christmas is to too? The cold hearted bastard.

    On the up side, most of the baggage handlers, catering assistants and ancillary staff at Heathrow are peacefuls-so some good news 😀😀😀😀😀

    I once shagged an air hostess, she was a fucking dirty bitch too. When she told me she worked for Virgin, I thought,”you must be fucking joking!”.

    He looks like a complete cunt.
    Unilever Terry, board him into first class, 4 pm London to oven👍

    • I have a friend who was a GP working near Heathrow. Never shag an air hostess she told me they have too many stopovers with pilots and ambidextrous male flight attendants. She said you wouldn’t believe some of the things they can give you and a bloody high rate of it too.

      Willie Walsh, his sole purpose on this world is to make that other Irish cunt O’ Leary look like a normal human being. British Airways is a very average airline for long haul flights, 1st being the equivalent of other airlines business class.

  5. I wonder how many BA staff could have been saved with that £833k bonus? Penis Walsh…er I mean Willie, irritates me as much as that other Walsh…Louis. Could they be brothers I wonder. A pair of willies, the cunts.

  6. “This your Captain speaking – due to staff and maintenance cuts I am now leaving the plane with my parachute, unfortunately as our only passenger as you insisted I can only hope that you are good at flying aircraft or swimming – and take a scarf – that Atlantic is cold. Enjoy your bonus, cunt”.

  7. Another grinning parasite.
    Probably be knighted soon.
    Head first into a 747 engine sounds about right for this goblin.
    As for the cunts who handle the dismissal of staff and other corporate subterfuge immediate oven.
    Fuck Them All.

  8. Never travelled with British Wankways and never will.Chuck him in the sea wearing concrete shoes

  9. I hate travel by plane, but would happily travel by hot air balloon 🎈
    Or sailboat.
    Everything’s a big rush nowadays, calm the fuck down.
    That little Greta should approve of that?
    Stop her fuckin whining.
    Yeah bring back retro travel!
    Spanish galleon to costa del sol,
    Viking longboat to Norway.
    Dug out log to Africa.
    Id be more willing to travel if I could piss over the side of the basket from a hot air balloon.

    • I think Train is the best way to travel MNC, I want to go on the Orient Express with my next worthy lady.
      It’ll be like being in a Poirot. 👍🏽

    • Yes preferably onto some refugee peacefuls below mnc
      Looks like rain(theyve never seen it)strange seems to smell like piss lol

  10. A bit dated but….

    What’s empty and goes round and round..?

    A Malaysia Airlines baggage carousel…

  11. What an ugly cunt, most definitely needs his bonus to pay for pussy the wanker.
    BA are a total joke, I heard somewhere they are thinking abaaaaht basing their operations in Spain (Madrid) I think…so are national airline is going to be based in…Spain.
    Is there anything we won’t sell off to any cunt or country with money.
    We are so far down the road of selling all our major institutions off and relying on services as our main export that we’ll be fucked in 50 years.
    I fly BA to Jamaica and they have gone downhill, the last time I flew there with them all but one of the female staff were old bags, and I was lumbered with a gay who fancied me I’m sure.
    However I got my own back, I ate some dodgy Lobster before the flight and my guts were not right, I went down the other end of the plane and did a wallpaper paste shit all over the toilet, the air pressured flush couldn’t shift that shite, and a poor Chinese lady was waiting aaahtside as I made my getaway. That shite was so bad it could have started Coronavirus and the poor Chinese woman probably got the blame.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • Lmfao at that
      Hes no handsome bugger this cunt/ugly christ this fat fuck mustve fell out the ugly fucking forest and broke every branch what a shame the cunt didnt end up decapitated as well.

  12. Why are nearly all airline tykuhns perma-tan types or bogtrotters, the Irish (especially the papists) are mostly insuffrable, lying, cheating greedy cunts, just like this ghastly fellow, the clue is in the name BRITISH airways, utter cunts!!!!!

    • Walsh didn’t get where he is today by caring about BA’s employees, he got there by being an insensitive bleeding shithouse. After all, what’s more important than money?

  13. In the old days this would be a perfect reason to bring out the meat grinder ….. byebye willy …..

  14. Another shitcunt using the overhyped Chinky Flu as an excuse to cull hardworking staff. This country really is the pits. Can it get any lower? Probably. Think I might move to Sweden. Herd immunity, life almost normal. Maybe the fop haired twat we have in charge should take a look instead of using his days to come out with shit phrases and sound bites. Latest one ‘Circuit break’. The cuntitude of our Government whilst Rome is burning is breathtaking.

  15. Most of the commercial aircraft in UK airspace these days seem to be Ryan and Wizz. Little BA presence to be seen, I imagine because it feels going broke is preferable to actually competing with the riffraff.

    Amazing how much a crafty exec can pay himself for fucking up, no?

    CO2-spewing cunts the lot of them, anyway.

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