Gary Fishfinger ‘I shat myself at Italia 90’ Linekunt (12)

Gary Lineker.

I’d like to cunt this goat-jugged stroker, please. This cunt is paid over one and a half million of Her Majesty’s Finest British Pounds for hosting Match Of The Day. Under two hours a fucking week. The idle gobshite doesn’t even host Match Of The Day 2 on a Sunday. The BBC shoehorn a token wimmin into that, usually Gabby ‘Mrs Punch’ Logan. So, for under two hours a fucking week and the odd international game, this big-eared, goatee-bearded parasite pulls in more loot a fucking year than the entire staff of my ambulance station. With the bunce this cunt is on, he should be presenting ANYTHING to do with football. Anything.

Nominated by DCI Gene Cunt

….and a belated follow up by Freddie the Frog

Oh yes, our old friend, lover of poor bearded refugee children, the BBC’s favourite money grabbing p*nce.

Has anyone seen his latest “fish and chips” video?
Unfortunately I don’t have the technical competence to post it myself but there are plenty of cunts on here that do.

Just take a look at it…….it requires no comment from me. You be the judge.

…and thirded by Cuntybollocks 


Gary Lineker

A deconstructionalist bullshite cunting please, for the jug eared goal hanging crisp muncher.

Yes, I dare any of you to watch his latest video claiming that Fish and Chips wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for refugees. First off, he’s wrong. The bloke was a honky (if it was him) who was a legal immigrant from France, not an illegal African taking his chances on a dingy for benefits. The first chippy may have opened elsewher (in Lancs), but he didn’t mention that.

Basically, he uses the post modern/deconstructionalist bullshit approach to break things down until they are nothing (for whitey/Britain). I reckon he’s dong this as he’s kiss arsing his woke employers, the BBC.

I can deconstruct that lions are the same as apples using this approach (go back to the big bang and we come from cosmic dust etc). It’s absolute bollocks.

I hear he’s taking in an invader. I bet he fucking doesn’t unless they’re carefuly vetted. I hope he gets an non vetted psychotic extremist who shits on his bed, ties him up, opens his arsehole to new levels and robs him blind, the bellend.

Another cunt trying to belittle the achievements of Britain. A traitor.

62 thoughts on “Gary Fishfinger ‘I shat myself at Italia 90’ Linekunt (12)

  1. Lineker certainly gave short measure. In a self-congratulatory interview when he agreed to take ONE gimmigrant he said he had 4 sons so was used to having “young men” around his house. If he is so fond of young men, why didn’t he take another 3?

    • As Cuntybollocks mentioned, the authorities will know all about who his ‘guest’ is, they will speak good English, be an engineer or a doctor and have a suitable sob story of fleeing war and poverty for this bearded tampon to cry over.

  2. I hope he gets an non vetted psychotic extremist who shits on his bed, ties him up, opens his arsehole to new levels and robs him blind, the bellend.

    hahahahahahahaha fucking brilliant.

  3. I used to like Lineker when he was centre forward for the finest England team in my lifetime. Should have won the fucking World Cup in 1990. Today he’s just another identikit BBC twat.

    Why do people feel ‘celebrities‘ have anything relevant to say outside their area of talent/expertise? Fucked if I know.

    Older cunters probably remember a time when the left liked democracy and hated the EU…

    • As I remember it the Labour left who opposed the EU were portrayed as “the extreme left” and demonised as you would expect. With every other politician cunt and the cunting media on the EU’s side there was never a chance of winning the 1975 referendum. Mind you, you could say the same for 2016 so something definitely changed. Worth noting that Corbyn opposed the EU on both occasions……..despite him trying to hide it the second time around.

      • I think the fact is that Labour in 1975 comprised people who had worked in industry, the pits and the public services both inside and outside Parliament, now it is stuffed full of poofters and feminists called Tarquin, Victoria and Hilary, and that includes both the MPs and the wankers who support them. There is precious little difference between ponces like Starmer and Dildo Hardon.

  4. He’s a frankly disgusting specimen of everything wrong with this country,particularly the bland corporate “celebrities” that infest the media.
    Immediate oven.

  5. That fish and chips video is the most dishonest, and yet at the same time, laughable, piece of shit i’ve ever seen. You have to be seriously retarded to take that seriously.
    Linekunt is Cunt of the Year in my book. It will take some serious cuntishness, possibly by Sparkletits, to shift me from that position.

  6. It’s all very well Lineker saying “Let them all come”,he won’t be the one who can’t get a Doctor’s appointment because Abdul,his child bride and their inbred children take precedence,has to send his kids to a school where English is a second language,has to live next door to a benefit-funded family of criminals, etc.

    Taking in one carefully selected migrant won’t change that.

    PS…the new fella at the BBC said that if people wanted to be Twitter warriors,they shouldn’t be working at the BBC….apparently this doesn’t apply to Lineker because he is,in effect, “self-employed” (probably a tax-dodge)…well here’s a suggestion for Mr.Davie that I’ve used before with great success… just tell the Cunt to Fuck Off,that you don’t require his services any more. If Lineker really is free to ignore the bosses’ wishes because he isn’t directly employed..well then he doesn’t have the same legal rights as an employee,surely?

    Can’t stand Lineker or the whole overpaid load of Wank that is Premier League football.

    • Mr Fiddler I take umbrage with your implication ‘self employed’ means tax dodger!
      Ok, in my case its true.
      But bet lots arent!

      • I’m registered self-employed and take every opportunity to “lessen my liability” ( to the degree of being the subject of 2 formal investigations)….so yes,I am a hypocrite…but I’m not the one demanding that the floodgates are opened to allow a new wave of people who require support at taxpayer expense.

        • PS….I’d as soon pay a good Jewish accountant to help me avoid paying my share than hand the money over to support wasters

    • PS…If “fish and chips” is the greatest achievement that he imagines migrants have ever brought to this Country the man is an idiot….it’s just more of the “let’s talk to the little people in terms of things they can understand” childish shite that seems so common these days.

      Fuck him and Fuck them.

    • The “self employed” excuse is bollocks. That’s what they used to say to justify his libtard rants. So how come they published his salary while withholding others because they are self employed? He’s not self employed, he’s a greedy grasping cunt who spouts BBC propaganda. They actually believe he is popular so they let him get away with it. The out of touch Islington/ Guardian bubble as usual.

  7. The jug eared cunt is right – Britain wouldnt be Britain without the refugees. Instead we’d be the country most of us on here grew up in (& personally speaking, love). Sure it had its problems – all countries do, but nothing on the scale of what is before us now. If refugees are so great, Gary, why dont you fuck off somewhere else and be one yourself. The only good Refugee was a short lived prog rock trio in the mid 70s. Good morning.

    • The rat will sit in his high mansion and look down on all the brown vermin from a great distance.
      With appropriate security naturally.
      I hope a blek criminal imports enriching and peaceful Ebola into him.

  8. Fried fish and fried potatoes something of worth. What about the latest lot? Inventors of the benefits sponge, antibiotic resistant clap and a strange malaise that makes many white middle class English people think that they the middle class white English people are responsible for every nasty, smelly incident that these poor broken souls have endured since the beginning of time. So these bastards betray their fellows to salve an imagined wrong and smile as a horde of grabby fuckers takes over. Always the traitors within.

  9. One of abaaaaaht 20,000 reasons to NOT pay for a ‘Licence’ to watch the damn telly you spent your money on in the first place.
    Isn’t he on almost two million a year for one nights work a week, who decided that wage? Not the licence payer’s…nah some cunt director of the BBC on abaaaaht £500,000 a year.
    BBC a truly rotten organisation (although Fiona ‘The’ Bruce would get it.)
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • If Linekunt does adopt a 30-year-old teenager it would shame and compel all other bleeding hearts to do similar, would it not? There’d be a Kasseem wandering around the homes of Lily Allen, Jude Law, etc wondering whether he should’ve shat in the bath instead of on the carpet.

  10. Hopefully the scholar he takes in will be some sort of deranged fundamentalist goat diddler. Would be a nice surprise to see the video online one day of Linekunt tied up on his knees as the swivel eyed nutter he takes in is sermonizing with a Quran in one hand and a scimitar in the other. Can imagine the fear on this cowardly cunt’s face as the Peaceful refugee is ranting and waving his arms around like some overworked Italian traffic cop before he gives Gary a close trim above the shoulders and makes the world a better place.

    Lineker is one of the biggest skidmarks on British society and his name is being pencilled into my “Cunts getting a rusty hatchet to the face in the event i develop a terminal illness” book. You’re number 10 Gary, like your shirt number, IQ and rating as a CUNT.

    • Linecunts claim that fish and chips was invented by immigrants is manufactured because fish & chips is our national dish.
      Now, to lefty thinking he hopes we think “oh didnt know that, maybe immigrants are great?
      Maybe theyre all inventors?”
      Its a fuckin lie.
      Anything english is attacked,
      As english as fish and chips, wonder why thats a saying?
      Oh and Gary?
      I wouldnt eat your shitty crisps for love or money.
      Go fuck your pet immigrant you wingnut headed patronising marxist fuck.

      • You’re right MNC. I’m not English and even i’m sick to death of seeing this anti English garbage. There is nothing more detestable than a traitor to their own people. This brainless cunt is worth 30 mil but takes ONE refugee? Of course the refugee will be carefully vetted and he will barely interact with the knuckle dragger outside of photo opportunities for the media.

        Here’s wishing his guest violently force feeds him his BBQ sauce Walkers Crisps until he chokes to death on the shit he flogs.

  11. Why doesn’t Gary organise a ‘take a family in’ scheme for all the Premier League players and mangers who are all multi millionaire’s?
    He won’t because they’d all make excuses like ‘Sorry Gary, I’m saving up for a Ferrari’.
    When the great depression kicks in after Christmas and the poor are poorer and the middle classes become the new poor, people might actually tell this cunt to go fuck himself.

  12. Good to see SNAKE 57 (ZZ507) and the Border Force drone G-TEKV on patrol. The drone seems to be interested in a point close to the Channel centreline, on our side.
    Unfortunately, it isn’t armed.

    • Perhaps it’s Lineker’s yacht searching for a less swarthy-looking 30-something teenager.

      What’s the point of drones over the Channel? To view/video/report nothing being done?

      • I think that’s the idea. Last seen at ~1100 feet, anyway. The RAF Beech may have been listening for relevant phones, though. Both gone now, the drone disappeared rather suddenly right after I posted: either ditched or switched its ADS-B off.

  13. Yes refugees have brought good things to us in the past. These dinghy riders aren’t refugees and they’re not migrants, they are illegal aliens/invaders and are more likely to rob you or rape you than invent something good.

    Lying, smug, disingenuous Lineker. Another one who needs to be taken out. Quite the list we have.

  14. Looking at this nauseating twat makes me thank God for cordless drills.

    Admin .. I read the nom, waddled into the bathroom, puffed up my face even more, waddled back, put both hands on my spare tyres and shouted “HOW DARE YOU” at the monitor in my best Swedish accent. Then I coughed up a lung and some pee went down my leg. It’s OK though, in ten minutes I won’t remember a thing, so.

  15. Money grabbing arse licker 👎👎
    One of my happiest moments will be when this cunt slips up and he will sooner or later 👍👍

  16. I have hated this cunt ever since January 1995. In the aftermath of the Selhurst incident (Fuck Palace), that odious cunt Lineker (and Garth fucking Crooks) was all all holier than thou and he only stopped short of demanding Cantona’s public execution. He never shut up about it and how ‘unprofessional’ and ‘unsporting’ it was. Sanctimonious wasn’t in it. Then in a flash Lineker would be all over ‘daft as a brush’ ‘lovable character’ Gazza, in spite of his excessive violence towards his then wife. The double standards cake and eat it gobshite we all know and hate was slithering about even in those days. The man is a complete and utter cunt.

    • Seconded: we all knew he was going to be the perfect white “simp” for all the blm cuntishness, too.

  17. I wonder if Linecunt would love immos as much if it was a) a Romanian Gypo who pickpockets his bulging wallet b) an africunt who brings TB and AIDS into the country and infects one of his family c) a career foreign criminal / burglar who nicks his England caps and then shits on his rug in the front room d) an immo cunt who blows up his innocent family or e) an illegal immigrant sex offender who sexually assaults one of his family……thought not Gary.

  18. Yeh this nonsense about not having the power to moderate Linecunt’s Twatter postings doesn’t seem logical to me.

    The excuse has been used that many BBC “stars’” salaries aren’t disclosed because they are in fact employed by a media company (their own!). 🤔 so how do we know Linecunt’s wage?

    I blame the idiotic cunt who offered him that large contract. Don’t forget Lineker retired from football with millions in the bank already!! I’d wager good money that if he was offered say a £100k pa in a take it or leave it manner, he’d accept it because knows the free exposure he gets is leveraged into much more lucrative work on the back of the free exposure.

    And I haven’t bought a pack of Walkers in fucking years

  19. Was it Linekunt who was the only player never to get “booked” in his professional career?
    Not surprising if true: no commitment, not a team player, just hangs around waiting to poach the glory.

  20. I sent this to Saint Gary on twatter:
    Gary – I am just submitting plans for a centre housing 400 asylum seekers but facing opposition because it’s right next door to your house – can I count on your assistance to get this approved and get building ASAP?

    To my disappointment Saint Gary has not responded! 😁

    • It’d be good to know where the cunt lives just to do this.
      It’d be worth (the small cost) of submitting something like this just to upset the cunt.
      You don’t have to own the land in question to submit such an application.

  21. I could expend some cogitation on coming up with something caustic or constructive to say about Leftiker.

    On the other hand, I could just say fuck it, the most satisfying outcome for me would be to see him hanging from the nearest gibbet.

    • Quick update – Saint Gary has blocked me on Twitter 😢 – so I have tweeted the same message to all of his Twitter contacts and retweeted it 🤣👍

  22. I think we all need to boycott all these arseholes and watch their viewing figures plummet.
    I see Britain’s Got No Talent are at it as well now with the umbongo dance group Diversity doing a dance to Chiggin George Floyd with the leader getting knelt on. Not for long enough for my liking as this cunt got up.
    I’m getting fucking sick and tired of this shit getting rimmed down my throat at every opportunity.
    I’m certainly going to be voting for the most extreme right wing party I can find at the next election.
    Well done Linekunt and your arsehole mates, you have successfully turned me into a Nazi.

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