Gary Fishfinger ‘I shat myself at Italia 90’ Linekunt (12)

Gary Lineker.

I’d like to cunt this goat-jugged stroker, please. This cunt is paid over one and a half million of Her Majesty’s Finest British Pounds for hosting Match Of The Day. Under two hours a fucking week. The idle gobshite doesn’t even host Match Of The Day 2 on a Sunday. The BBC shoehorn a token wimmin into that, usually Gabby ‘Mrs Punch’ Logan. So, for under two hours a fucking week and the odd international game, this big-eared, goatee-bearded parasite pulls in more loot a fucking year than the entire staff of my ambulance station. With the bunce this cunt is on, he should be presenting ANYTHING to do with football. Anything.

Nominated by DCI Gene Cunt

….and a belated follow up by Freddie the Frog

Oh yes, our old friend, lover of poor bearded refugee children, the BBC’s favourite money grabbing p*nce.

Has anyone seen his latest “fish and chips” video?
Unfortunately I don’t have the technical competence to post it myself but there are plenty of cunts on here that do.

Just take a look at it…….it requires no comment from me. You be the judge.

…and thirded by Cuntybollocks 


Gary Lineker

A deconstructionalist bullshite cunting please, for the jug eared goal hanging crisp muncher.

Yes, I dare any of you to watch his latest video claiming that Fish and Chips wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for refugees. First off, he’s wrong. The bloke was a honky (if it was him) who was a legal immigrant from France, not an illegal African taking his chances on a dingy for benefits. The first chippy may have opened elsewher (in Lancs), but he didn’t mention that.

Basically, he uses the post modern/deconstructionalist bullshit approach to break things down until they are nothing (for whitey/Britain). I reckon he’s dong this as he’s kiss arsing his woke employers, the BBC.

I can deconstruct that lions are the same as apples using this approach (go back to the big bang and we come from cosmic dust etc). It’s absolute bollocks.

I hear he’s taking in an invader. I bet he fucking doesn’t unless they’re carefuly vetted. I hope he gets an non vetted psychotic extremist who shits on his bed, ties him up, opens his arsehole to new levels and robs him blind, the bellend.

Another cunt trying to belittle the achievements of Britain. A traitor.

62 thoughts on “Gary Fishfinger ‘I shat myself at Italia 90’ Linekunt (12)

  1. Was it Linekunt who was the only player never to get “booked” in his professional career?
    Not surprising if true: no commitment, not a team player, just hangs around waiting to poach the glory.

  2. I sent this to Saint Gary on twatter:
    Gary – I am just submitting plans for a centre housing 400 asylum seekers but facing opposition because it’s right next door to your house – can I count on your assistance to get this approved and get building ASAP?

    To my disappointment Saint Gary has not responded! 😁

    • It’d be good to know where the cunt lives just to do this.
      It’d be worth (the small cost) of submitting something like this just to upset the cunt.
      You don’t have to own the land in question to submit such an application.

  3. I could expend some cogitation on coming up with something caustic or constructive to say about Leftiker.

    On the other hand, I could just say fuck it, the most satisfying outcome for me would be to see him hanging from the nearest gibbet.

    • Quick update – Saint Gary has blocked me on Twitter 😢 – so I have tweeted the same message to all of his Twitter contacts and retweeted it 🤣👍

  4. I think we all need to boycott all these arseholes and watch their viewing figures plummet.
    I see Britain’s Got No Talent are at it as well now with the umbongo dance group Diversity doing a dance to Chiggin George Floyd with the leader getting knelt on. Not for long enough for my liking as this cunt got up.
    I’m getting fucking sick and tired of this shit getting rimmed down my throat at every opportunity.
    I’m certainly going to be voting for the most extreme right wing party I can find at the next election.
    Well done Linekunt and your arsehole mates, you have successfully turned me into a Nazi.

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