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A group of mainly young exhibitionist tarts and soy boy pansies have for the past couple of years, infested the internet, like flies found a cow’s arsehole. Bereft of any real intelligence, but blessed with a total lack of self awareness, chutzpah and brazen self-regard, they “earn” a fortune poncing off, and arse-licking international companies. The “social influencers”, however are finding life tough now:

Trust the BBC to concern itself with a boy who doesn’t know where his next expensive handbag is going to come from.

These people are ponces, pure and simple – the girl who wants you to send her a “gift” or money – why doesn;t she work for it, by hanging round Soho like honest prostitutes?

Hopefully the pandemic will result in a lot of unemployment – not the poor devils who work for minimum wage, often doing unpleasant and physically hard work, but these young cunts who think the world owes them a living and an affluent lifestyle for doing fuck all except mincing about with their cameras.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

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  1. The bird with the tits in the middle……..that looks like the Cuban flag to me so she can fuck off for a start. The bloke with the desert boots and the man bag is obviously a raving iron so fuck that wanker. Who exactly are these cunts supposed to be influencing?
    Not me, that’s for sure.

    • A good honest cunting of that there is absolutely no doubt. Worse than zero value they promote narcissistic self aggrandising images to anyone attracted to this vacuum. I’d sooner see a emerging nazi movement of young folk with the spunk to actually care and feel something. You could say ‘go fuck yourself’ but there already doing that along with anyone else who signs up for this false lifestyle BS of the highest order……the very epitome of mugging someone off

  2. I still don’t understand where the ‘social’ part comes in. I cant bear having a photo taken at the best of times and certainly don’t want to parade my mug and carcass on the internet, and I see nothing social at all in what they do. As much as I would miss this site and its utterly correct stance on ‘putting the world right’ perhaps a global EMP is worth it in ridding the planet of these attention seeking parasites once and for all. Good nom W.C.B.

  3. There is a whole marketing strategy called “influencer outreach” and even a concept called “micro influencer” to describe people with less following who are deemed “important” in their niche.

    I heard a story about a hotel owner posting a screenshot of an email he received from a travel “influencer”, asking for a free stay in return for “coverage”.
    He posted a sarcastic reply. He did not name the blogger and even hid her details from the screenshot. Yet somehow, with her getting “shamed” and “outed” it resulted in her posting a video that went viral to exact revenge. It is modern day extortion.

    It’s fucking endless “Did you enjoy your meal sir?”
    “Undecidedly average best describes the meal”
    “That’s great. Could you like or FB page and give us a ‘great’ review ?”
    “How about you go get fucked?”

  4. The cunts will have to start doing a bit of influencing with gardening gloves and donkey jackets with the odd away day to Clacton. They’ll all be over the hill before this shit is over, the cunts.

    • Became aware of these poseur types only recently, millenials love them, saw this show on tv, this social influencer lad, gym body, cool motorbike, putting up pictures online of his travels, shirt off in the desert,
      Shirt off with african kids,
      Shirt off on a mountain,
      Cunt loved hisself.
      Went on a spiritual quest(😀) in the Himalayas, met a holy man went for a walk on a sacred journey got murdered.
      What a berk.

      • Murdered you say? That’s cheered me up. Rich cunts shouldn’t go mixing with poor people, that’s asking for trouble. Do you see any of our politicians, rich cunts and slebs mixing with working class trash like us? Of course not. They’re not that fucking dumb.

  5. Fucking typical….The local paper once carried a photo of me on my way into Court to defend myself against charges of assaulting a trespasser,using vile language and malicious damage to a motorhome. As befits a Gentleman I was wearing my finest top-hat….did Lock & Co. ( Hatters to The Gentry) send me a free topper when I sent them a clipping showing me advertising their hat?….did they Fuck. In fact they closed my account and told me that I was a “Fucking Mental”…..I am currently trying to sue them for making me a “Fucking Mental”…I read somewhere that the phrase “Mad as a Hatter” came about because of the way some Gentleman’s hats used to be made….let’s see if their Royal Warrant does them any good when faced with a “Social Influencer” not afraid to write a scathing review of their behaviour on his blog…”Fiddled and Fucked” when I eventually learn how to set up a blog…..I expect the name of my blog alone will ensure pretty heavy “footfall” anyhow….and by the time people realise that it is actually just the deluded ravings of a complete fucking idiot, I will already have those all-important “clicks”….not such a “fucking Mental” now,am I Lock and Co. (Royal Warrant).

    Fuck Off.

    • Morning Fiddler, this could become a lucrative side line, top hats, swordsticks and shotguns, the gentry would love it. Maybe if you can shoehorn it in, Bushmills might send you a free crate as long its not bringing them into disrepute.

      • Bushmills unfortunately have already issued a statement on their website disassociating themselves from “Fucking Fiddler” since they got a mention in the notorious “Banned from the Other Pub” case.

        Morning LL
        Morning All.

    • Morning Mr F.
      Do you recall the name of the original miscreant who, rather amusingly, came up with “Dick Fiddled”, intimating that you had, perhaps, been interfered with by a male babysitter?!
      Your understandable indignation was most amusing!

      • I forget now,Mr. Cunt-Engine…but ,tbf., I’ve been called a lot worse since then…it’s just my natural placidness that keeps me from taking offence,of course.

          • No dishonour in being called a “farmer”.

            Sir Keir Shitstabber farms gerbils in Naarfolk you know.

            Morning lads.

    • Mercury was used in hat making back in the day, they eventually realised mercury is toxic and one manifestation of mercury poisoning is mental instability. Thy removed mercury and replaced it with something else, now mercury is to be found in some vaccines.

      • Sixdog@
        The phrase ‘mad as a hatter’ originated in Hyde, Few miles up the road from me.
        And your right it was because of the mercury used.
        We have a hat museum in stockport, and Christies Hatworks , they made bowler hats but the biggest buyer wasnt city gents in London it was peru.
        Peruvians are mad for bowler hats?!
        From miserables book of not very interesting facts.

        • What the Fuck would Peruvians want with bowler hats?….bowler hats are the headgear choice of pompous,middle-management, bank-clerk types…I would never wear a bowler hat,it’s an 8 inch tall topper or nothing for me.

          • Dunno Dick, but its true.
            Look it up, mad for a bowler the peruvians.
            I look like mr shifter from the old PGtips adverts in mine.

          • My dad wore a bowler hat, Dick. You described him to a T!

            Frank Zappa wore a bowler when he came to London in 1967. No doubt he thought it would make him look less conspicuous among the natives. 😂

          • Apparently, it’s something to do with Victorians building railways out there. A load of bowlers were sent out, but were too small, but the local girls took a fancy to the headgear in question.
            I rather like a bird in a hat…

      • Yes, the mercury used in hatting was the element, the shiny liquid metal.
        But for clarification, some vaccines contain a minuscule quantity of a mercury compound, not free metal, and this compound is not absorbed or retained in the body, so is harmless.
        Wouldn’t it be terrible if these “Influencers” caught the Influenza?

  6. Irritating cunts who pretend to be living a lifestyle they know they can’t afford.

    Frankly, none of these cunts could influence me to continue drawing breath, let alone buy whatever brand or product they whore themselves out to in the pursuit of ‘likes’.

    My favourites are the ones who fall off cliffs / balconies, or run up debts so massive in search of the approval of people who are equally thick and shallow.

    Removing themselves from the gene pool in the messiest way is the only thing that will ever get a ‘like’ from me.

  7. Influencer cunts have fucked over quite a small hoteliers and restaurants here by demanding free stuff for their patronage and positive feedback.

    When told to get fucked by the owners, these unemployable wasters, almost all of them millennials, have destroyed the business with vitriolic comments on any and all (anti)soshal meeja platform, which their “followers” then repost as often as they can.

    One poor owner was interviewed on the news and said he was completely stuck between a rock and a hard place; give in to one and all the freeloaders will be in town, but resist and the cunt “influencer” can ruin you overnight just by posting malicious crap online.

    These feckless cunts have become a law unto themselves and it’s about time they were reigned in.

    • Indeed, KiwiCunt.
      Also, surely the sites hosting their manipulations should also bear some responsibility?
      Youtube and Tripadvisor, etc. are aiding and abetting blackmail by providing a means to coerce, surely?

      • Evening Thomas.

        I agree that the websites mentioned are also culpable for this problem, but the situation wasn’t as bad, in my opinion, when it was just the Jones family posting about their holiday, or the Collins’ upticking a restaurant.

        Now the “influencers” make a living from denigrating establishments that don’t pander to their every whim and the websites have fallen into line with them, as the “influencers” can direct more online traffic to said websites.

        A viscous circle indeed.

  8. Yet another army of completely useless human baggage.
    Get them picking fruit year round and boot the fulling gyppos out.
    Brain dead cunts.

    • Haha, fuck “Dave” and his freeloading efforts. Score one for the mechanic 😂😂

      Sadly not all business owners are as forthright with their attitude or as fortunate with the parasite who’s trying his/her luck with them.

    • Great, it really does amaze me how these cunts think they are entitled to get free stuff, at their request, just because they want it.

      • I guess this is the result of mummy and daddy giving them whatever they wanted as babies and children immediately they demanded it to save the crying, screaming and bedwetting. Now they are “grown up” it is the rest of us who have to put up with their tantrums.

  9. Modern social day influences are a bit like latter day potatoes but with less variety and indeed versatility….Potato Daz?…If I may:-

    A most noteworthy read, “The History and Social Influence of the Potato” was first published in 1949, and considers the vast influence the humble potato has had over mankind. From early anthropological evidence through to the blight of Europe affecting none more so than the Irish bog trotting cunts.

    Christopher Burgess described the book as ‘a refulgent shrine of erudition to the populace’. He went on ‘Them bog trotting cunts were cunts though weren’t they’

    Following on, I am embarking on “The Origin and Influence of the Thoroughbred Horse” by Wm. Ridgeway. CUNTS!

  10. This is an unmitigated outrage Sir Fiddler – you are forced to teach working class oiks a stern lesson and the authorities have the barefaced temerity to demand your presence in Court?
    This will never do, and if my last Court appearance is anything to go by the blankets they cover your head with are very scratchy and the rocks the baying mob throw are very sharp 😢
    Although I think the profile pictures on your blog – “Hats of distinction with Sir Fiddler” of you throttling a rambler and bringing your antique swagger stick firmly down on the head of an errant cyclist could have possibly prejudiced your case!
    My local Magistrate would of course never be impertinent enough to prosecute me for my repeated and heinous crimes as I am captain of my local golf club!
    Social influencers? Like an itchy rear when your hands are full – untimely, uncalled for and a fucking pain in the arse.
    My blog “Batting bastards with the Fox” has been closed down on the advice of my enormous mental health team and orders from the Police – poor sports! 😀

    • Up in certain parts of Northumbria they deal with outraging public decency and foul and abusive language the time old way. An old soak is prodded awake on the village green by masked villagers holding flaming torches and pitchforks while a huge wooden Wicker Man effigy is built to ensure a good harvest for that year. Its a small wonder Fiddler is still here.

    • Beware Vernon….there are several rather “common” types on this website who fail to appreciate the difficulties that we better-bred have to endure…. there’s even one particularly “beyond the Pale” type who openly boasts about driving a van and threatened to turn my “wizened hide” into a loincloth!

      It’s an utter disgrace….they should be blackballed.

  11. I’ve always avoided any interaction on social media, the most I do is look at Twitter to see what the idiots (Flabbott) & cunts (Piddlecock) are thinking. And on that note, the lovely Diane just has tweeted that Covid 19 related deaths in the UK have just topped 330 billion.
    I have always said that all these platforms give cunts who have fuck all of any value to say, make a lot of annoying noise saying it. Who gives a flying FUCK what some fucking heemasex thinks about his handbags, & all I want from the blonde bint is a handjob – & I’ll happily let her do it for free too, so that when she blogs about it maybe all the other birds who read it will come along too.

  12. The problem Moggie, is caused by the fact that these so-called influencer cunts have a sense of unearned entitlement. It’s like the dark-keys blathering on about ‘respec’. what these pieces of shit never seem to grasp is that you can’t ‘disrespec’ a cunt who hasn’t earned any ‘respec’ in the first place.

    • This sort of attitude is pervasive in anybody under 30, they all believe they are somehow special and should be treated as such. I blame successive governments who ensured that everybody at school got a prize and any sort of discipline was verboten. Although I feel sorry for these people when they realise that employers don’t want people who want everything for free, including their wages for no work, I feel more sorry for companies who are discovering that this country’s young adults are becoming increasingly unemployable and have to turn to Eastern Europeans to fill the gap. The irony is that not only many of these people instilled with a much better work ethic, they often speak better English as well. To me, social ‘influencers’ are no different to some poor cunt sat on the pavement outside M & S with a plastic tub for people to throw change into.

  13. To be fair to Di, TSG, you must bear in mind that the number she quotes is only the provisional figure from Tottenham based on the deaths of people whose lives matter (i.e. close friends of David Lammy). When the other eleventy eight London boroughs (the only part of the UK that matters) submit their reports she fears the actual total could be much, much higher at around a dozen and 5/8ths.

    • Think I might become one of these social influencer types.
      People giving you free stuff!
      Gifts I accept 1)Hollands meat & potato pies.
      2) Boddies bitter, although will accept other ales
      3) beard oils
      4) Bovril
      5) sheepskin products from underpants to 3 peice suits
      6) warm socks must be wool sz 13 but 12s accepted.
      7) cash or store vouchers.
      Let the good times roll.👍

      • Ps anyone want to help me abduct and possibly torture Labours Jonathan Ashworth?*
        Hate this geeky little piss the bed, he sets my piss on fire.
        * not really considering this or condoning violence, sure mr Ashworth would die of a heart attack before I could drag him into the van.

        • If you must wank over Sophie Ridge on Sunday Miserable, at least have the foresight to record it and edit all the guests out prior to viewing. 😃

        • Sorry Admin on reflecting that seemed like incitement!
          I wholeheartedly apologise to mr Ashworth I wouldn’t harm a hair on his oily little head.
          Last I saw of him he was safe and well when I dropped him off at the mcCanns.

  14. Well seeing as the cunts will write bad reviews unless you give them loads of free stuff and kiss their arses, you might as well go the whole hog on them.

    If it was my hotel, I’d invite them to stay, free of charge. Then, in the middle of the night, I’d have a bunch of lads dressed as Isis barge into his room and gag the twat. Then I’d chain the cunt to a radiator and perform a few mock beheadings for the camera. Once he’d shit out the entire contents of his guts and thrown up several tones in utter terror, I’d tell him to leave, never come back, tell nobody of this and to get off the internet or we’ll be back for him and his entire family next time.

    This is obviously a joke by the way.

  15. The one good thing about the bat flu is that it’s fucked these cunts up good and proper. Restaurants closed, holidays a write off etc.

  16. One of the most bizarre “influencers” is UK fitness model CHAR BORLEY.
    Google her.
    Then just google “Charlene Hart Scat” and “Skye Blu Dog”
    Same chick just a lot younger.

  17. Quoting the cunt and article :
    “These were all 30 years-plus people internet bullying a 22-year-old girl who is just trying to run her own business and raise awareness of what appeared to be a stunning Dublin hotel.”

    Elle claimed to have “cried my eyes out in my car alone” after being shamed, and said that the response was an example of [older generations] “hindering the younger generation from doing what they enjoy”.

    Fucking meathead bitch, you grow old, that’s life . If you don’t grow old it’s because you’re brown fucking bread. Tell that to your 87k cerebrally challenged ,single cell fuckstick followers.
    There’s one thing that brings my blood to vapour point and that’s millennials. I can understand the vacuity of the idiocracy who ‘follow’ (stalk?) these zombies on Fagbook,Twatter and Instapillock being inherent in a society that demands safe spaces and jazz hand applause but the mere fact that people,living breathing human beings, actually feel the need to be told what to do by a complete stranger is disturbing to say the least.
    National service.
    No vote until 25 years have passed(I didn’t say old in case there’s an offended/threatened kiddy reading this).
    A fucking good shoeing once a week to keep them in their place.
    A total ban on social media until I fucking well say so.
    Cunts. Just cunts. Millennial cunts.
    And that’s swearing.
    Good afternoon people.

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