Dr Emily Cousens

Emily Cousens

This piece of shit does not want the wise and clever people of Oxford university, where she claims to work, (it’s actually Oxford Brookes, the old Oxford Poly where she works) to come up with a coronavirus vaccine because that would once again allow them to demonstrate their supremacy over the world. She believes this because the research scientists may be mostly white and British and she would see their success as just another remnant of the British Empire. What a total cunt, maybe we should sit back and wait for those working at the university of Abuja to do it for us.

Well I don’t care who comes up with a vaccine but I propose this that if they do, we should make sure that Emily and all her family are denied the vaccine because it would have only been developed due to her vision of ‘white (probably male). privilege. That way she can have all of the ventilators developed by a white male ,by the way, all to herself. Fuck off you with your pathetic attempt at point scoring You cheeky and probably very privileged cunt.

Nominated by Cuntsince1066


I nominate ‘Dr.’ Emily Cousens as a cunt. She is an Oxford ‘academic’ with a Mickey Mouse Ph.D in ‘Diversity and Women’s Studies’ or ‘Gender Studies’ or some old nonsense, from Oxford Brookes University. (By the way – ANY subject which includes the word ‘studies’ is a bullshit Mickey Mouse subject!) She stated that she hopes the Oxford Vaccines Group fails to be the first to develop a Covid-19 vaccine, and that it isn’t discovered by a white male, as this would be ‘racist’, and would convey an image of the UK as the ‘saviour of the world’ against a threat from the big bad China.
For fuck’s sake- what planet is she on? The planet ‘Cunt’ I would suggest. A vaccine WOULD save millions of lives, and the threat DID originate from China. This silly bitch should wind her neck in and leave her whining politics at the door- and stop criticising the efforts of researchers with GENUINE academic credentials.
And just to make matters worse, she has got a really annoying smug face.
A candidate for a Ph.D in ‘Being-a-Cunt Cunt Studies’, I would suggest!

Nominated by Cunty McCuntface

92 thoughts on “Dr Emily Cousens

  1. News flash for Emily!
    Eh your white too luv.
    Best leave it to the renowned scientists of D.R.Congo, sure theyre almost there with a cure.
    Any day now.

    • The mind boggles at what these types will pull the racist card onto next. Its bad enough when they’re from a pallette of colours, but to hear such bollox from a whitey, and about such a serious thing, sometimes makes me wish i was 103 and drawing my last breath. What the hell can we collectively do to stamp out this nonsense? Can it really sink much lower?

      • Totally agree. Beggars belief. Some people haven’t got the brains they were born with. A terrifying display of utter idiocy.

    • I am begging people on this site to use:


      to get an alternate link to any news site that cunters want to post a link to on here because the cunts at for example the Huffington Post will be deprived of ad revenue which is their lifeblood.

      By us all clicking on the link to see the post, we are giving that despicable rag money.

  2. The only reason there are over a billion African is because white men stupidly gave them anti biotics. Africans have as much chance of producing a vaccine as Zaire’s Afronauts had of getting to the moon. Look it up it fucking hilarious.

      • Smug@
        Just looked it up!
        Made my day that has👍
        Used a tyre swing to simulate weightlessness in space!!😀
        Instructed not to enforce Christianity on the inhabitants of mars..

  3. If that’s how she wants to play things then that’s fine.

    Next time she needs surgery, we must make sure there’s no white staff in theatre.
    Next time she’s a victim of crime we must make sure no white police are there to help.
    Next time she needs an ambulance, we must make sure the paramedics are not white.
    Next time she wants anything from the State we must make sure no whites are involved in the various local and national government departments.
    Next time her car breaks down, or her central heating fails, or she needs a handyperson to fix a problem at her home we must make sure…….

    Dreadful woke oik!

  4. Her qualifications are about as much use to the world outside pseudo academia as a supercharger on a Flounder. This type of behaviour often manifests when the person so affected is living a basically stress free life and has access to sometimes large amounts of other people’s money ie most politicians fit this category. Living in the bubble of “academia “ allows a person to say and push ideas that in the normal World in which dwellers have to pay their way would result in a fucking good hoofing plus labelling as a mongtard. This righteous response is not tolerated in the somewhat tardy ivory towers so free reign is given to anything that fits the current revolutionary agenda the promogulation of which is achieved with the aid of vast amounts of YOUR money. She is a cunt, the system she feeds from is a cunt, a pox on their houses fuck them all ( please you in government, stop throwing money at these wankers)

    • Morning Creampuff, there is no chance of IsAC’s Cunt of the Year being cancelled due to bat flu, we will name and shame the cunts of 2020 regardless.

      • Morning LL. You keeping well?

        So long as Admin ensures our nominations stick to the 2 metre rule and there’s enough of us left alive to nominate, I see no problem holding COTY 2020.

        Please remember me and my benevolence at Christmas to your poor struggling family.

        don’t worry, we can set things on a timer, as it were. If it looks bad, we’ll set it up and COTY will be announced to a planet without humanity.

    • Morning RTCP and LL ,

      Although it’s a supremely cunty thing to have said I’m not sure it will carry her all the way to the crown of COTY , she’s definitely in the leading pack but it’s early days and we’ve got far too many Thoroughbred cunts who can perform at a consistently high standard , I can’t see this one trick pony pulling it off ……

      • Morning Q.

        We ISACers are such a fickle bunch, aren’t we? Anyway, she tops my list right now.

        I wonder if Lammy will break cover and accuse her of being a “white saviour”. Or does that only apply when white cunts are caught being nice to blicks, not yellows?

      • Morning Q, the fallout of the virus will surely unleash a wave of Boris/Tory hating vitriol with many cunts crawling out of the woodwork, some old faces and some rising ‘stars’. The teachers have started getting antsy already over lessons restarting, that’ll run and run.

        Creampuff, a gentleman as always, though some PPE might be more appreciated this year than our usual sack of coal.

      • Sack of coal? The way things are going you’ll be lucky to get a satsuma this year!

        PS: be sure to eat plenty of mushrooms, they provide immunity to Coronavirus.

  5. A great example of what is so wrong with the ‘academics’ (I use the term loosely) in this country.
    Let’s see if Professor M’tebbe comes up with the solution to bat flu from his laboratory in his mud hut. Not sure how a vaccine can be developed using bells and rattles though, but you never know

  6. An excellent heads up for potential employers.
    Save time and trouble by disregarding any applicant with Mickey Mouse qualifications from Oxford Brookes.

  7. So if she gets raped by a black man or Camel Shagger that doesn’t count as a crime just payback for centuries of colonialism and exploitation. Not to mention the coppers, judges, court officials and jurors involved who may well be part of the filthy white murdering race.
    Not Guilty!

  8. Normally all this shite would be water off a cunt’s back to me, but in light of what’s going on I’m starting to fear we’ve lost the war with these wankers. With everyone cowering in their living rooms, afraid to break cover in case a copper berates them for being outdoors, this poisonous crap is going to take root in the gullible and easily led; it’s like we’re being reprogrammed, ready for being ushered, blinking, into the new world order of Greta worship and unquestioning obedience to the state.
    I don’t often admit to being scared, but this shit terrifies me. I couldn’t care less about the virus – the most overhyped phenomenon of our lifetimes – but the way we’ve readily and willingly surrendered our freedom and brought societies and economies worldwide to their knees is astonishing. The likes of us dissenters won’t have a voice to respond with once we’re given permission to gratefully step into “the new normal”.

    Blimey, bit heavy for a Sunday morning – think I’ll have a wank to take the edge off.

      • I was on a park bench the other day, a WPO came over and said “Oh, for Christ’s sake get a grip on yourself!”
        But that’s exactly what I WAS doing, and she ended up with the DNA evidence on her uniform…

      • Fuck me, the megalomaniac nutter is even pulling the Jeebus pose on the photo – serene heavenward glance while bathed in a shaft of golden light. Unbe-fackin-lievable. Amazed he isn’t wearing a crown of thorns.

      • Cunt. Utter fucking cunt. I have a book that describes a hanging in one of Her Majesty’s grey-barred hotels before it was banned in this country. I imagine the ‘victim’ to be Tony Bliar. Never fails to cheer me up.

      • Got meself a nice 1080p copy of The Fog DCI! Made it 10 minutes in last night before falling asleep on the sofa, fucks sake – I’m turning into my dad…. memories of being out on the piss until 2am before quick kip and on the train for work at 6:15 seem a long time ago

      • Looks like Miranda’s got an eye problem.
        Probably picked it up from Gordon, the cunts.

  9. Deport her to the dark continent for crimes against common sense.

    Dr.Cousens: Hello, I feel your pain and I am here to help the downtrodden people of Fuckwana. I am with you as a global citizen, regardless of colour.

    Person of Fuckwana: Ooga-dooga. Give me your jewellery and take off clothes.

      • Morning Quissa-dilla. All well?

        Hmm. Might make a quesadilla for lunch.

      • Morning captain,
        All good thanks , wife’s working from home , I’ve turned into myself into a particularly unhandyman fucking up jobs around the house, the dog has kept us sane been doing 3 mile plus walks over the Sussex downs barely see another person……

        And you?

      • Rather well though I need a hair trim. I’m beginning to resemble an pop act from the 80s.

        Doesn’t matter how unHand the work is, at least you’re having a crack.
        The South Downs are marvellous. I’m nearer the North Downs which are decent but your views are sublime.

      • Blunty, I’m afraid I don’t know the Sweet.
        In a few more weeks it could be like Tina Turner.

      • That sounds so bloody good…
        I was never in Sussex Downs, but Surrey; regular Sunday walks with Da, Unc, collie and Sis round Boxhill, Leith Hill, Headley Heath &c… Great times…
        Coffee or tea from urns/brown enamel teapots, home-made shortbread and cakes… Please invent time travel!!

      • Are Quesadillas like pangolins?
        Im having roast beef like a englishman should on a sunday.

      • Afternoon, our Miserable.

        Not sure how eating a dead cow makes you more patriotic. You couldn’t be more English than me; I care about the English Premier League, the English language, English Springer Spaniels, and English muffins.

      • Hiya Cap, our greasy french friends even acknowledge im right by referring to englishmen as ‘ros-bif’ because they’re effeminate voice boxes cant pronounce roast beef,
        But glad to see you like other English things,
        I always encourage patriotism👍
        I love all things English when I was born there was a big storm and the sky turned red white and blue, cockerels crowed “rule Brittania!’
        And Stonehenge hummed in its leylines!
        I use Excalibur as a letter opener pal.😀🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧👍

      • Yes a quessilada is a Guatemalan recipe for armadillo (which is related sort of to pangolins), pit baked after being stuffed with guacamole and chillis and wrapped in mango leaves. The pit is heated with hot rocks, traditionally once the rocks are softened throw out the armadillo and eat the rocks

  10. Tell you what love, if you despise honkies that much I will gladly pay for your ticket to University of Mogadishu. I’m sure they will welcome you and your qualifications with open arms.
    Failing that, where do I sign up for a segregated society? You can fuck off and live in your happy clappy altruistic world and I can once again hear English spoken by people I pass in the street.

    Also, even if you did your hair and put a bit of lippy on I still wouldn’t touch you with the proverbial barge pole. Discuss that statement in your Gender Studies Class R304!

  11. ‘Doctor’, my fucking arse. Shouldn’t be allowed to call yourself ‘Doctor’ unless you’re a medical doctor.

    Dozy fucking tart.

    • Not even if I’m a Doctor of Psychotic Enlightenment, DCI?

      Morning mate.

      • ‘Mister’ doesn’t really have the same ring DCI.

        Besides, my patients like calling me Doctor, gives them a false sense of security thinking I know what the fuck I’m on abaaaaht.

      • How about professor Ruff?
        Thats got a ring to it!
        Im suspicious of doctors since Dr John did my facelift, never pick a surgeon from a record collection.

      • No way Miserable!

        I’m suspicious of professors, ever since Professor Longhair did my facelift. Never pick a surgeon from a record collection. 😃

      • I had the same problem when chartering a small boat and chose Capt Beefheart to make safe passage through the treacherous submerged rocks and riptides of the stockport estuary.
        Never tied a reef knot in his life.

      • Should have gone with Captain Sensible instead – level head on his shoulders

      • I’m sorry, and quite frankly surprised to hear of your unfortunate experience with Captain Beefheart at the helm, Miserable.

        After all, the good Captain used to be an old round house man, once took me down to the foaming brine and water, showed me the wooden tits on the goddess with the pole out full sail, made his seaman’s eyes flow out water, salt water.


    • I knew a bloke with a Ph.D in history. He refused to refer to himself as a doctor because he believed it should be a protected title.

  12. Quite right.

    If some bloke in a loin cloth, a bone through his nose and a big fuck off plate lip who uses clicks for words found the cure to the China virus, I’d take it. Even if it came out of his arse.

    When, inevitably, a honkey comes up with a cure, hopefully she’ll follow her ‘morals’ and refuse to take it.

    And for the same reason, she can stop using all those other honkey inventions like the internet, electric lighting, cookers, televisions, computers, phones, fridges, cars, most modern medicines etc.

    Like fuck she will. Unkle Terry knows what to do here.

    And white privilege? Well you steaming great tart, you didn’t see much of that in the trenches and battles of WWI and WWII. And the vast majority of white people lived in abject poverty up to the early 20th century. People used to check into lodging houses and ‘sleep’ on a lean to. Which was a fucking rope across the room that poor bastards fell onto to get a night’s ‘rest’. Kids were sent up chimneys or to unjam industrial machinery in mills and factories. Oh, honkies had it made, sweetheart.

  13. Downing Street Chinky virus press update observations ……….

    1 …. you definitely wouldn’t want to get stuck at a party with sir Patrick vallance and Chris witty

    2….. Jonathan van- tam looks like penfold from danger mouse and appears to be only 3 feet tall ? They’ve got him standing on a box ….FFS

    3….. it’s ground hog day 😡

    • It’s Priti Patels box, she left it behind after she did her bit the other day.

  14. Why would this doctor Cousens say such a thing? It’s cruel and unkind.
    I wonder what her parents think.

    Can of can’t.

  15. Great news, we’ve got more cycle lane investment and government vouchers to get our old broken bikes repaid so we can all cycle everywhere like the Chinese……I was slagging cyclists off the other week….ffs!

    • Leicester City Council don’t need any excuses to promote cycle and bus lanes at the expense of anything fucking useful. We have 24 hour bus lanes, with fines for using them at any time. Great, now provide 24 hour buses.

      • I used to venture up to watch the Tigers (for free of course)…I think in a few years it will be Rickshaw and Tuk Tuk lanes with the amount of Effinickals I witnessed moving around in herds. Oadby, Wigston, Glen Parva all looked a little more Civilised…..

      • When I started school at the end of the 60’s there was one black kid in the whole school and I don’t remember there being a single asian. Now I doubt there is a single school in the city where whites aren’t a minority.

  16. Fine Emily, let’s stop doing anything, let’s wait for a goat herder in Africa to come up with the next world changing piece of innovation.

    Educated? You don’t recognise the obvious truth that China is now building an empire at the expense of the west using inventions often stolen from the west.

    Being a feminist woke cunt I suspect she’d rather see a virus that killed white males.

    Wonder if she’d care what colour doctor saved her pointless life. For a first time cunt she’s already up there with the best.

    Another self loathing cunt who probably cries herself to sleep at night over black slavery. Probably wishes she was a slave

  17. Where’s Nurse C of ISAC website?

    Not seen her in a while. I’d like to know her opinion.

    Nurse C, come back please.

  18. What’s wrong with these people I bet they were wishing the were born black! Anyway its not bame its blame ie lets blame whitey for all our misfortunes

  19. This dope is listed as ‘researching vulnerability and gender’ at Oxford Brookes Uni. Says it all really. Bet she’s the life and soul down the pub.

  20. Fucking unbelievable when some fuckmonkey is letting her race views get in the way of something like this, as if something like this is going to get discovered, made ,sold from somewhere like Nigeria, and if it did it would give the standard corrupt Nigerian con men a chance to rip us off, because thats the only good thing they produce over there is con men and the same goes for the rest os Africe except south Africa, the home of the white racist, so that kind of throws a spanner in the works for dosnt it.
    Anyway if this cunt really is a doctor that mindset is at odds with what she is all about, surely vthe faster a cure is found by anybody the whole world will benefit from it, even if the Nigerians try to con poeple with it and the chinks get forgiven foe inflickting it in the first place( not going to happen).
    If she is so desperate about it Abuja would be a great way to get a real taste of a totally corupt, tribalist society, the Nigerians are the worst for hating other tribes, or even someone who’s blacker than them, its true, these muppets couldnt organine running a hot bath let alone a cure for Covid19.
    So get back in your plastice box and shut the fuck up you silly bitch, you dont know what the fuck your talking about…..cunt

  21. If that kind of thinking is a product of a university education, then we are unlikely to engineer a cure, because they are all thick as fuck brainwashed cunts.

  22. Haven’t we already had goat fucker assistance with CV19 – PPE from Turkey? That went well.

  23. Everything this cunt is only happened because of the sacrifices of generations of English people.
    Left to most other countries everywhere would resemble Botswana.
    Fuck off.

  24. I doubt 50 million people slouching outside mud huts throwing their shit at each other and trying to gang r*pe Stacey Dooley will produce a virus.
    And if Emily Cousens feels so strongly about it she will of course refuse treatment from a white medical professional and refuse any whitey invented medicines on principle when she becomes ill.
    I have a plan Emily – fuck off to Africa and wait for a cure there. (Not sure if a burning tyre around the neck or water filled with s*it cures Covid19 but I for one am more than happy for you to find out!). And no need to come back to the UK to use everything racist whitey has invented, you stay where you are, but no medicine for you – plenty of witch doctors out there, sorted.
    C*nt, and typical of the hateful acidic whitey race hate baiting shite we have to silently tolerate every day.
    Revolution here yet?
    Nobody hanging from lamposts?
    We can assume not then, not yet.
    And if the third World was any good at inventing anything, ever, it would not be the third World!
    Hateful f*cking b*tch.

  25. What on earth is this Oxford educated ignorant bastard thinking of?

    Vaccines come about from trial and error, discovery by accident or years of work by academic or medical experts. Many countries don’t have the facilities or expertise to do this. My money would be on a Scottish or Israeli University coming up with a vaccine. The Yanks will probably have a vaccine but it’ll cost a fortune.

  26. Did Dr Cousens think it might be racist to hope it fails, simply given the death rate is higher in BAME people?

    Or is it because, like a lot of these demented leftists, she is just a nasty resentful piece of shit?

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